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We rarely get any crime here. When we do the police are on it, and every is usually safe.
Its a good place in the middle of the major cities. Its small and everyone is friendly. Anyone is welcome and its an easy commute to Raleigh, Durham, Oxford, Butner, and Wake Forest.
It's a really safe and quiet neighborhood.
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I've always felt safe whenever I choose to go out.
Education isn't great but it's a quiet, nice town.
Rex Hospital is absolutely amazing!!! When my grandma went to Rex for her health problems, the doctors and staff were there to make sure she had everything she needed to help her tp h=get better. They encouraged her and took care of her as if she were family.
Obviously, every town is going to have crime. I personally feel very safe where I live, which is in the country.
The weather here is amazing! North Carolina receives both ends of the thermometer.
Raleigh, North Carolina has a large amount of restaurants that are amazing. There is also a large variety of fine dining restaurants.
There are a lot of jobs here in the Raleigh/Wake Forest area. I have always been fortunate enough to find a job in the area.
The mom-and-pop shops here are terrific!
I have sent applications to various different businesses, however none of them have gotten back to me.
This is a very open area. There are a plenty of fast food restaurants, and the occasional dinner, but it's not a town I would come to visit because of the booming tourism.
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