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Very calm area to live in, family oriented and it's growing and expanding. Great place if you want to invest in property.
Close knit community, in Elementary & Middle School the teachers up to the principal knew all the kids. Parks & Rec was a great way to network and meet all the parents, it definitely takes a village!
Braselton is a growing city. The diversity and construction demonstrate a city that will be a cultural melting pot in the near future. It is a family friendly environment, and the communities are involved.
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This is my hometown so of course it has a special place in my heart. It is very similar to the small towns you see in movies and the only thing to dislike about it is that because there is never any crimes, the police right tickets left and right in order to pay their salary.
Braselton is a small town, if you're looking for somewhere to retire and live out your life, it's the perfect place. Located near the Winery of Chateau Elan. Perfect for the wine fanatics.
Braselton is a small town about 50 miles outside Atlanta, GA. The area has a small town feel but with prominent neighborhoods and a significant number of local employers. Good schools, great restaurants, and no big-city commutes (unless you choose to). Housing varies from very inexpensive to huge multi-million dollar mansions. I would like to see an expansion of "downtown" Braselton and the addition of more shopping and eating options.
Braselton is a neat little town. They have festivals every so often and we love the lighting of the Christmas tree. I would change how much distribution centers are entering the city limits.
Great way to get connected to colleges and available scholarships! Would highly recommend to all those searching for their match!
I've never seen any major crime or disasters past the occasional car accident or high school kid caught with marijuana.
The area is nice, but also very quiet and gives off the feeling of "dead-end."
We barely have any crime. However, like all places, people make mistakes and do things without thinking.
Everyone is really friendly, and sweet. It is a very family oriented place.
Several years ago the builders in our subdivision went bankrupt and lots set empty. In the last 15 months new builders have come in and now we have new houses poping up. This is helping the value of our houses to go up.
Everyone helps each other. We all watch each other's kids. It very safe in our area. We all keep watch on each other.
We have had a few problems with kids getting into stuff, but the police have jumped on it and stopped it.
I love the small town feel. We have a new hospital just within a mile. Lots of new businesses moving in. Love all the festivals that we have.
There is a lot of green around here, there is a park 3 minutes away and there is also one walking distance from here. The nearest state park is 30 minutes away.
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It is a very safe neighborhood, and we have pool and park in the back of the neighborhood, but it is pretty empty around here usually, but if you like that you will really enjoy this neighborhood.
There is a cardioclub which i assist that is roughly 10 minutes away and a gym that is about 15 minutes away. There is also a park which a great track about 3 minutes away.
There is a pretty park about 3 minutes from the neighborhood, and a small town near us too which is responible for hosting most of our city events.
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