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I have never heard of any crimebin this area some bar fights every once in a while but not much everything is kept under control
Its easy going everybody knows everybody I would like to live out here and eventually get my own place. I could set the store here expanding and maybe getting a gas station
It's an okay town to raise a family, although the school system is not the best. Pretty nice people in a decent area.
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We are home of one of the better haunted houses in mid-Michigan and one very small bowling alley. Other than that, not much happens in this small town.
Summers are hot, Winters are cold. With Michigan you can't predict the weather as accurately as you'd like. One day it could be 70 degrees (F) and sunny, the next you could wake up to a foot of snow. Living in a valley makes floods a common occurrence in the Spring and roads tend to close because of it. In other news, we've just had our first 4.0 earthquake in many, many years. Looks like we can add that to the list of unpredictable things in Michigan.
Not much to pick from. The local Tony's has gone downhill fast since their original cooks retired. The Rustic has equally disappointing food. The best food option in this town would, surprisingly enough, be the local Citgo gas station. They make the best pizza! Made fresh to order and it is not overpowered with grease. They have pretty decent prices to begin with, however, their specials are great!
Granted there are job opportunities in the area, the opportunities are not everyone's first choice. Working grill at McDonald's, bagging groceries at the local grocery store, or tending bar at the town's tavern seem to be the extent of "career" options. The town is full of jobs great for kids fresh out of high school, but it doesn't leave much to support a family or pay your way through college. With that said, job openings are on the rise. With a new franchise dollar store going up and other businesses renting out the open space in town those looking for a job in town can rest assured there will be more opportunities heading their way soon.
Overall, I'm pleased with the family owned businesses in my area. The local greenhouse, ice cream shop, and even the pizzeria have great owners that show pride in their business and take care of their customers. The grocery store has pretty decent pricing, but I would say it's sub-par. This is mostly due to the poor attitudes of the staff and owner. The owners of the local Citgo are very friendly and accommodating. Can't find your favorite pop in their coolers? They will gladly special order it so they have it in stock for you! Great guys and they make great pizza! Who knew? Gas station pizza would become a favorite of mine.
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