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Growing up in Branford since the age of 12 , I can definitely say that this town is a community. Like some Neighboring towns, we have a "Center of Town," with your typical average joe stores, bars, and restaurants.

Being a health nut, there's your GNC and Planet Fitness, but there's also plenty of organic stores, and a 5 star vegan restaurant right in the center.

The safety isn't a concern for the most-part. It has a capable police department, who also attend several recreation center events for kids, which I've seen first-hand as a volunteer. They feel like they care.

As a young adult, I may have to look elsewhere to live when I do decide move. I would love to live here, but knowing that it is costly, I might have to consider other options.

All told, it is a great place to grow up. From the age of 12, I haven't regretted the move and would recommend it to anyone looking for a safe and friendly suburb.
Branford is a lovely place to live, tons to do, safe & inviting with a good school system for little ones.
My boyfriend and I love the town of Branford and I feel like it's a great place for everyone! Whether you have a big family or you are a single person, the town is a fun yet safe place for everyone. Homes are a little pricey and I would like to see a little more diversity.
I moved to Branford eleven years ago with my husband and son while I was pregnant with our first daughter. My son was in elementary school in a different town having difficulty with reading at t he time and we transferred him to Branford schools and he improved tremendously. Branford's town green is wonderful. There are great little shops that are affordable and very good restaurants. During the summer months Branford holds Jazz on the green. It's a great time where people from surrounding communities come to listen to different jazz bands every week.
Crime has very recently gone up, especially violent crimes. Less petty crimes arrests, more serious arrests (i.e. sexual molestation, etc.). You only know about it if you know or know of the criminal or read about it.
People are pretty rude and stuck up here. If you're not a rich white person then you get crucified. Typical.
I really like how businesses are consistent. You're not too far from from a bus stop or anything to get to where you're going.
I feel like the crime and safety could be improved in this area
Its a great place to live! a bunch of friendly people here!
This is a very safe and comfortable place to live.
The shoreline is certainly the place to be in the beautiful summer months, but in all seasons it has an indescribable feel that eventually draws everyone back.
There are police in several areas of the streets keeping watch. Not too much crime occurs regularly in the area.
I haven't lived in many other areas so i can't elaborate but it's better than living in the city where it's busy 24/7. It's a boring place but that has it's upsides as well.
The police aren't fantastic, but they do their job
It's where I grew up, so I enjoy the homey feeling
I love where I live. I grew up in this town and I have moved back. My family is here. There is not to much to do except for shop but it's a very nice quiet town
The area is beautiful. There is much to see and do all around the whole town.
Living in Branford is great because it's the perfect beach town. Everyone knows everyone and it is a very close knit community with beautiful scenery.
Housing costs are way too high now s although I would choose o live here again, the costs would probably be prohibitive.
My neighbors are great but the residents outside my immediate neighborhood seem to be a bit phony to me
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