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I have lived in Branford for the past 20 years. I can't say that I've had the best experience nor have I had the worst. Life is what you make out of the experiences in your life and even though they all haven't been great and I didn't have the best school experience, it made me who I am today and I will continue to preserver until I am able to move out of Branford and have a place of my own.
Beautiful town with quaint center. Wonderful school systems and caring community. Family friendly town offering free activities on the town green for kids and family's. Great place to raise kids or retire.
I have lived in Branford since I was about 3 years old. It is a very nice town and I was fortunate enough to get a job with the local recreation department. There are many opportunities to have fun and enjoy the beauty of this town. There are many family friendly parks and beaches within our town.
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People are rude. Pretty town. Everyone is fake so be careful who you make friends with. A lot of pretty things to look at.
It's a very nice and peaceful neighborhood, not too big or crowded so I always feel safe walking around the neighborhood any time of day. People are easy to approach and greet and is a friendly community all around.
Have lived here for 17 years. Love it. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Beautiful shoreline and neighboring towns as well.
Great community- friendly people, economic diversity, many resources if you seek them. School systems are not run by great leaders, but most of the teachers are fantastic.
Branford is an amazing community with much to offer all ages and ethnic groups. There are always many ways to join activities provided by the community, Branford is a great place to raise children.
It is hard to live here and make friends or feel like a part of the community if you have not been there since birth. The high school kids are very mean, and the parents of all the kids in Branford are rude and narrow-minded. The scenic parts of town and the easy accessibility to food and parks are wonderful, but the people make living here less fun.
A true community. Amazing place for singles or families. Very diverse town with a beautiful shoreline, wonderful schools, tons of parks, lots of town events like jazz on the green, the fireworks on the beach for Independence Day, the Christmas Parade Saturday after Thanksgiving, and the Branford Fedtival just to name a few. Our daughter is thriving here.
Branford is a beautiful New England town I'd recommend to anyone who's interested in exploring or visiting. The cost of living is reasonable for most regardless of one's current socioeconomic status. The town itself captures all the typical scenery one would expect to encounter in the north eastern area of the US.
My experience in Branford has always been very pleasant. It is a very nice town. The shore line areas are very scenic. I grew up in Branford and had the pleasure of going to the public schools which are still some of the best in the area. There is a lot I like about the town of Branford. The center and the town green is a very nice area filled with shops and restaurants. The town green is host to many events like music festivals and the annual town festival. Branford also has many walking trails through marsh and wooded areas which are very pleasant. If you enjoy any thing to do with water or boating Branford could be the place for you. The Branford river is filled with marinas that lead directly into Long Island Sound. In the summer the shore line is host to boaters, swimmers, beach goers, kayakers, and more. What I would like to change about Branford is the cost of living is high and the town population has been raising causing a higher cost of living and traffic.
Close knit town with New England feel. Beautiful scenery and great beaches. Many restaurants to choose from. School system is great and everyone knows everyone.
Excellent, safe family community! Lots of low cost or free activities year-round for the kids. Excellent schools! Many support services for low-income and mental health needs. Close to beaches, Yale New Haven Hospital, train, and I95. Many wonderful opportunities for kids to learn and grow. I absolutely love this town and am so fortunate to be able to raise my kids here.
Sights are amazing. It's a pretty old town so it has a lot of character and history. Looks beautiful in all seasons. People here are pretty rich and snotty though, and the school system, while challenging and rigorous, is full of teachers who take favorites and will ignore you if you're not one of them. The police department is too focused on completing their quota to take into consideration if you deserve a ticket or harassment.
Branford is a quaint little town in Connecticut, it is beautiful and filled with shops and various beaches. I recommend a visit to Branford whenever anyone is in Connecticut visiting.
Branford is a little town on the Connecticut shoreline. There is something for everyone: for those craving the quaint, small-town feel, there are beautiful beaches and a town green surrounded by little shops; for those who prefer the convenience of a more developed community, there is "the hill" where you can buy your groceries, visit numerous restaurants, and shop at chain retailers like Kohl's.
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Branford is a great family town. It has a small town feel but yet there is a lot of entertaining things to do. Great restaurants, beautiful shoreline, shopping, and it is a safe community. The public school system is above average and has teachers that really care about their students. There are several direct waterfront shoreline communities in Branford where everyone is very close knit. Pine Orchard, Stony Creek, Indian Neck, Short Beach. One of the cons of living on the shoreline is the I-95 corridor has many congestion problems, especially when traveling through the New Haven area. Alternate routes are available however to the locals who know how to get around.
Growing up in Branford since the age of 12 , I can definitely say that this town is a community. Like some Neighboring towns, we have a "Center of Town," with your typical average joe stores, bars, and restaurants.

Being a health nut, there's your GNC and Planet Fitness, but there's also plenty of organic stores, and a 5 star vegan restaurant right in the center.

The safety isn't a concern for the most-part. It has a capable police department, who also attend several recreation center events for kids, which I've seen first-hand as a volunteer. They feel like they care.

As a young adult, I may have to look elsewhere to live when I do decide move. I would love to live here, but knowing that it is costly, I might have to consider other options.

All told, it is a great place to grow up. From the age of 12, I haven't regretted the move and would recommend it to anyone looking for a safe and friendly suburb.
Branford is a lovely place to live, tons to do, safe & inviting with a good school system for little ones.
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