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Brandon is quiet little town where everyone knows just about everyone. I love my town but it could be a bit more updated with the latest things the world provides.
I have been living in Brandon, MS for 5 years. It is a very nice and safe town. My wife and I live near the reservoir
I've lived here all my life and there is no better place! The school system is amazing, I feel very confident with my children enrolled here. Our crime rate is very low and our officers are very well respected!
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I enjoy living in Brandon. It is quiet, and everyone is nice! This is a town where you are close to grocery stores, movie theaters, church, restaurants, parks, medical facilities, veterinary clinics, and the list goes on. Anything you need in a town, you could most likely find it in Brandon.
Brandon is a town full of good and amazing people. It is great and can't be beat. It offers the pleasures of good southern life and with an assortment of malls and stores. The people help each other and it is just a good place to live.
Brandon is quiet, calm, and affordable place to live. I've lived here for almost six years and have enjoyed almost every minute of it.
Brandon is a great city in the suburbs of the capital of Jackson, MS. It is safe, great schools, and lots of retail nearby. I have lived here most of my life and love it!
I like to go shopping in Brandon. I mainly go to dogwood because it has accommodations like food, hair salons, nail salons, and stores everywhere. The people in Brandon are extremely nice and help you if you ever have questions. The police is always within an area so you never feel unsafe. I would definitely recommend this city to anybody who wants to visit Mississippi one day.
I like the schooling and safety of Brandon. I would change the diversity and the healthy living for a better life style. It has a lot of fast food areas but not many healthy restaurants to promote a healthier life style.
Brandon public school, especially Brandon high school, have many opportunities that other schools in other areas lack such as a dual credit program with hinds community college. They have amazing teachers & coaches. Their extracurricular activities excell in categories and often earn kids scholarships based on that activity and academics! It has great schools, tasty and healthy places to eat, and is near to larger cities that have outlet malls and theaters for fun nights out! Brandon also has a nice park with a trail for hiking located right behind a library for a day of fun and healthy leisure! This park salsa has a basketball and tennis court at it and is located right by police station! If you ask me, all of these qualities make Brandon the perfect place to raise a family!
Brandon is an awesome place to live. It has a great 6A school system. It probably is one of the safest places to live and raise a family. It also has great food and dining.
Brandon, MS is a tight knit town right outside Jackson. I love the small town feel while still being nearby to wonderful shopping and a variety of dining options. There are several public parks that the kids love to play at.
Brandon, MS is a great town to have a family in. Brandon is a smaller town but has of the desired amenities needed. The school system is fantastic and it is a very safe area to live in. Brandon really has a small town, family feel to it.
Brandon is a safe, friendly place to live that offers many food and shopping opportunities. In addition, the fire and police are hard working who love their town.
community is very nice and active. people do not just sit around all day and do nothing they get out and help people
I love the area. I moved here in 5th grade. Being from a small town like Laurel, it was a whole new world to me. I live not too far from Dogwood Mall. When I moved here, there was only the section with Belk. I love how it has expanded. There's so much to do and see. Its a great family area. Great school district.
I adore this community. Low crime rate, safe neighborhoods, thriving local businesses. Minutes to everything you need!
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Brandon, Mississippi is a wonderful, safe place to live and raise a family. The schools, law enforcement, library, restaurants, and shopping centers are all top notch. I was raised in a small community south of Brandon called Star. Once I graduated from high school, we moved to Brandon. As Americans, we have a lot of worries about our safety today. I know that by living in Brandon, my safety is a top priority, along with every other resident. I also know my child will get an excellent education by attending a school in Brandon, MS.
Brandon is a nice kind of large city that has great people and schools. There is not much to do in brandon, because it does not have any movie theaters, roller skating rings, or any big stores. All of that is found in Pearl and Flowood areas, but if you like the outdoors and are looking for work; Brandon is a good place to be. There is a library, and Shiloh park where all sports are played. In order to have any livestock though, you need to live outside the city limits. Brandon is still a growing community with many new roads and buildings being added to it, so there is no telling what will be brought up in the near future.
The area is very safe. There actually really isn't a need for police officers to patrol the area because everyone in the area are very civilized. There were only two incidents where the police had to come to the area and the reason was some of the neighborhoods were making loud noises. Other than that everything is peaceful.
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