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The town of Brandon is very close-knit. This is a great town to raise a family, there are many different schools and opportunities that arise in the town. It is a small enough town that you know a lot of people and the community is close, but big enough so that you can be involved in great things.
Brandon is a town next to Sioux Falls. Brandon has the small town feel to it. People are friendly and kind.
Brandon is a quiet town with one of the best school districts. With the increasing number of impants, Brandon continues to grow with potential. The neighborhoods are quiet and safe.
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I have had a great experience growing up in Brandon. It has a small town feel, but is located right outside South Dakota's largest city, Sioux Falls. The schools are wonderful and everything you need is just a short drive/walk away.
With a growing town the crime rate grows as well but the police seem to have it under control
Nice small town but not much to do unless you take a drive to Sioux Falls
The police in my area have always been extremely responsive and I have no worries for the crime and safety.
I absolutely love the environment of the area I was born and raised in. If I were to settle down and have a family right now I would choose to come back to this environment to raise my children in. I can see this small town growing more tightly bond as a community and that is what I love most about this area.
The only thing I see is that crime may be going up a bit -- drug related.
I liked growing up here, the school system was really great. Amazing teachers! The only thing I didn't like is the weather and the terrain. I love the mountains! That is why I left. I would live here again only because I am going to go to school to be a teacher and would love teaching in the Brandon Valley School District!
There are always police patrolling and you never have to worry. There have been known petty crimes, but overall there usually isn't much to worry about when kids and families are out strolling the streets of my small town. You can easily leave your doors unlocked and not have to worry about people walking into your home and steal your personal belongings.
The school system is good, however a lot of the town is like a high school clique which gets very annoying. Overall, it's a great community to raise a family in.
Crime and safety is not a huge concern in this area
The growth in the area is strong and positive.
Large city nearby for job opportunities
Some flooding along the river. Snow storms and tornadoes occasionally
The businesses are very great here. The prices can be a bit overpriced, but overall the diversity between shops is grand! We are very fortune enough to have them!
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There are a handful of restaurants where mostly all high school work at. The food is not the best, because the students do not understand people are coming to the restaurant to EAT, not see THEM.
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