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Brandon is a multi-cultural and thriving community in the suburbs of Tampa. The area has a mixed economy but is very reliant on car ownership for transportation.
I lived there in high school. A lot has changed since then and it's definitely built up and more sprawling than the early 2000s. I would recommend now, but not based on my previous experience. I believe Hillsborough county has the hightest taxes in that area.
Brandon is a wonderful suburb of Tampa. Close enough to the city to participate in many activities, but still has a small town feel. Brandon is also less than an hour for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fl.
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Brandon has many things to do and is very close to downtown Tampa, Clearwater, and Saint Petersburg. However, if you don't have a car, it is very difficult to do anything. This is because the public transit is lacking in efficiency and availability.
I do not like the Brandon area too much. I have moved here in 2008,but I did not like it. However, I had to stay because my husband had a job offer close to Brandon.
Brandon is a family friendly, sociable place to live and work. It's close enough to Tampa to attend athletic events but far enough to enjoy suburban life style
I live in a quite, friendly neighborhood. Great location to all the eating restaurants and shopping area. What I would change is traffic. Making more lanes and put an traffic light coming from out of my community.
My experience with Brandon is not too bad. It is an awesome place to live ,because it is a very convenient. There is really no need to travel all over to go to.the grocery stores, the mall and even restaurants. The traffic is very conjested, so leaving early to go to work is a must. I must say the cost of living is rather on the high end, but that's ok, because I feel safe and so does my family.
There are a lot of different choices of food and they are all within a good distance to each other. Also lots of places to shop. There's a mall and also mini shopping centers around so you can find pretty much anything that you want without having to travel to the heart of Tampa. Unfortunately there is no night life at all, you would have to travel to Ybor or downtown Tampa to be able to have any nightlife.
Brandon is a growing community, 10 miles out from downtown Tampa. New businesses are starting to open in the heart of Brandon like SkyZone and Dave and Busters. There is also the Brandon Mall located centrally and Brandon Regional Hospital.
I love Brandon. There are lots of family places to eat, and it is near the crosstown which is an expressway that is literally 15-20 minutes away from everywhere you want to go in Tampa. Brandon is fulled with all types of people who are striving to make something of themselves. A very productive locations. Be prepared to have a bachelor's degree in order to find good paying jobs.
The area is convenient as it is close to major highways, theme parks and shopping malls. Most of the schools are rated above average.
Very convenient location. Everything I need is very close by. I feel safe. I love the people around me and enjoy living here.
Brandon was a small town and now has grown into a wonderful city. It has many shops and restaurants to choose from. I've been living in Brandon and the area around it for almost 10 years. I like the area because it makes me feel like home. It's an area that is wonderful for families and starting families.
I first moved to Brandon 12 years ago. I loved the fact that it was close enough to the "big city" without being part of the big city. Brandon has grown quite a bit in those 12 years. I feel it is a little too congested now; however, it has everything you could possible need close by.
I've lived in Brandon or within a close proximity for my entire life, so I have watched it grow. It is a great, safe place for families. The area is very affordable and there is always something to do around the area.
Brandon is a fun town not too far away from Tampa . They are really building up the town with fun restaurants and entertainment such as this place called TopGolf, a new concept on a driving range that is fun for the whole family
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Brandon, a suburb of Tampa, Florida is accessible to Tampa via: Public Transportation, local streets and freeways. It has a small time feel, with Urban city entertainment. Grocery stores, malls, and shopping are centrally located to residents. Neighbors are multi-cultural and friendly! A few Fortune 500 companies have offices in the area. I have contracted with Coca-Cola and Citi-Bank (which is across the street from Chase Bank). Brandon's access to major freeways, leads residents to other major attractions; from Tampa to Orlando with destinations near and far. Key West is a 4 hour drive south and Jacksonville is a 4 hour drive, north.
I love Brandon, Florida because it is in the metro area between Tampa and Orlando. There is plenty to do such as: Topgolf, Indoor skydiving, plenty of restaurants, water front views, and gorgeous beaches! The only thing that I would change about the area is that there needs to be more things to do late at night. Around ten o'clock is when everything in the area starts to shut down and it would be great to see some late night potential whether it be live music somewhere or even some type of social meet-up.
I was raised here. It is a great town for young families, with stores and resturants close by. There parks throughout the area as well.
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