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Brandon was a small town and now has grown into a wonderful city. It has many shops and restaurants to choose from. I've been living in Brandon and the area around it for almost 10 years. I like the area because it makes me feel like home. It's an area that is wonderful for families and starting families.
I first moved to Brandon 12 years ago. I loved the fact that it was close enough to the "big city" without being part of the big city. Brandon has grown quite a bit in those 12 years. I feel it is a little too congested now; however, it has everything you could possible need close by.
I've lived in Brandon or within a close proximity for my entire life, so I have watched it grow. It is a great, safe place for families. The area is very affordable and there is always something to do around the area.
Brandon is a fun town not too far away from Tampa . They are really building up the town with fun restaurants and entertainment such as this place called TopGolf, a new concept on a driving range that is fun for the whole family
Brandon, a suburb of Tampa, Florida is accessible to Tampa via: Public Transportation, local streets and freeways. It has a small time feel, with Urban city entertainment. Grocery stores, malls, and shopping are centrally located to residents. Neighbors are multi-cultural and friendly! A few Fortune 500 companies have offices in the area. I have contracted with Coca-Cola and Citi-Bank (which is across the street from Chase Bank). Brandon's access to major freeways, leads residents to other major attractions; from Tampa to Orlando with destinations near and far. Key West is a 4 hour drive south and Jacksonville is a 4 hour drive, north.
I love Brandon, Florida because it is in the metro area between Tampa and Orlando. There is plenty to do such as: Topgolf, Indoor skydiving, plenty of restaurants, water front views, and gorgeous beaches! The only thing that I would change about the area is that there needs to be more things to do late at night. Around ten o'clock is when everything in the area starts to shut down and it would be great to see some late night potential whether it be live music somewhere or even some type of social meet-up.
I was raised here. It is a great town for young families, with stores and resturants close by. There parks throughout the area as well.
Brandon is an expanding community.It is family and friendly oriented and has a lot to offer from shopping centers, restaurants,and various types of activities.
Brandon is a beautiful area, family friendly, awesome churches and friendly neighbors. The area is full of potential and opportunities. It can however be a little congested at times. Nice areas to walk around and walk with family as well as with your pets.
I have lived in Brandon for almost two decades. Throughout the years, Brandon was a small town that began to grow. It is a great town to live in. There are many places to eat, shop, and have fun (the beaches are close by as well). It is a great family environment with excellent schools around. I would recommend this town.
The area is mostly safe, and the close proximity to shopping centers, malls, and restaurants is highly convenient. If you like apartments or gated communities, then Brandon is a good place to find them.
There has been a lot of positive development. Businesses are coming in and prospering. Everything is nearby and is convenient to get to. It is very safe and there are a lot of good schools near me.
I love living in Brandon. The town has been building up and adding more stores, apartments, etc. Where i live is fairly quiet. My daughter attends Mintz Elementary and its a great school. The teachers are amazing with communicating.
Brandon Florida is a place to hang out with friends. There are movies theaters and shopping malls and many different places to sit down and enjoy a meal. There are also places to get some ice cream. The schools are good too. Not too bad but not on top of everything either. But yet it is still a place to live and enjoy because everything is close together but not too close.
Brandon gets really congested with traffic. It gets worse during the winter months. There are a lot of roads that can benefit from having a separate turning lane from the lane that is going straight.
I've lived in Brandon for most of my life and it's been great. You have the suburban life with many stores nearby and within an hour or two of many attractions like Tampa, Orlando, and the beach. It's a great suburb to be in.
I love Living in Brandon.So many positive people and productive things to be doing😊 Moving here has been one of the greatest choices i made!
Born and raised in Brandon. Its been a great town and its close to many attractions - Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens, Legoland, etc. My only complaint is that Brandon is overpopulated.
Brandon is nice its just becoming over crowded. If you love shopping and eating out though this is your city
Brandon has everything from low income to high income neighborhoods. Brandon is very central as it has a local mall, downtown Tampa is not far and the beaches are about an hour away.
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