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Crime is very little in this area, and the type of place where you'd feel safe leaving doors unlocked or windows open.
I love Oxford. While things are changing everywhere, I feel that Oxford is the place to live and grow up
I haven't heard of any crimes around this area.
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The houses are not too close together so you get a lot of privacy, but you are still close enough to hang out with your neighbors frequently.
I think our public services are average much like any other area, everything could probably improve.
I love the amount of parks in my area, especially the fact that there is a large dog park as well. There are plenty of trails for biking and running also. There is an abundance of lakes around me and it is amazing to go swim, fish, ski, etc. There are a few mountains near me wear one can ski, or snowboard. My friends are also always snowmobiling.
There are not a lot of crimes in my area. The most I hear of people getting into trouble is when high school kids do silly things but that is about it. Sometimes a major crime happens but it is handled well and it is kept quiet.
It is Michigan, nobody really expects the weather to be consistent. It has actually been pretty warm lately and I love thunderstorms so I cannot complain.
I really do love the restaurants in my town. I used to work in one and there is a nice variety of restaurants. There are a couple of bars too that serve great food and have great prices. It makes it more fun to walk around town because people are usually always going out to drink or to eat. Sadly, we are such a small town that a club is not an option.
It is difficult to find employment close to my home. Typically I have to commute thirty minutes to an hour to get to my job. It is even more difficult for a college student to find work relevant to my major. Usually I get stuck working menial jobs just for the money and not for the experience, which is not the best.
There are a lot of small stores in my area. Sadly, they are not frequented. There are some clothing boutiques but they are too expensive for our town. There is a quaint bakery that makes the best cannolis and they are to die for. The only large store near us is Meijer really. There are a few fast food restaurants everywhere but quite a few small restaurants in town. They add character to the town, I wish they got more business.
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