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Lots of places to run/walk (though I wish there were more walking paths spread throughout or sidewalks). It's well lit at night. Playgrounds are nice, but could be better (more equipment for different age groups). Neighbors are friendly. Overall, very nice place.
Brandermill is a beautiful, nature-inspired planned urban development (PUD) integrated into the forest with a 1,700 acre water reservoir, which is for residents only. The community association only allows electric engines on boats so the reservoir stays quiet and clean. There are paved paths throughout the entire PUD, so there are plenty of dog walkers, joggers, etc. The schools are wonderful. There is plenty of shopping nearby, but Brandermill is residential only, which maintains the safe, quiet, natural setting.
Some areas have larger houses than others, but that is just for variety. There is an option for everyone: apartments, townhouses, single-story homes, multi-story homes, etc.
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This is a nice area filled with nice people. Residents stay in the area for many years.
The police are very responsive. Neighborhood watches are in place to deter crime.
I have lived in this area for all my life. It is a very nice place to grow up.
If you like being near big cities but not in them, Midlothian is the place to be. It has a ton of people and a ton of nice homes, so also make sure you have money if you want to live here. There are lower-cost homes, but they're not in good condition at all.
I lived right across the street from Clover Hill high school and it was the best 4 years of my life. The area is nice and I wouldn't change anything about it.
There's a lot of big company stores like Walmart, Target, Kroger, Kohl's, Home Depot, etc. You can find a store for almost anything.
There's a wide variety of opportunities.
It has been difficult for me to find many people who share the same standards and values as me. However, the few people I have met that share those same values are very agreeable, kind, fun, and genuine. Because of this, I prefer having a few close friends rather than having many acquaintances.
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