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Lots of crime, the mall was shot up, and the motel six had a shooting, every year there is some one getting murdered, and the overdoses in braintree is another problem, more crime then the neighboring town of weymouth with braintree having 971 thefts and weymouth having only 563, and also Braintree having 145 auto thefts and weymouth only having 68. When I lived here I noticed it was also a very diverse neighborhood, but the school systems are not that great compared to weymouth, with weymouth having a higher percentage of college attendants then braintree. And braintree having lower test scores and more dropouts then weymouth. The only thing that makes weymouth worse than Braintree is the heroine problem which is also a big problem in braintree.
Braintree is my home and forever will be. I remember growing up saying "MAN, I can't wait to leave"(so regret saying that). Looking back on it now, it really is wicked pissah (as us Bostonians would say). Neighborhoods are safe; the worst crime you'll hear is a bunch of kids drinking beer in the woods. It's very quiet at night; yes, you will hear the crickets and beetles. So if you're used to the city, don't panic, it's just bugs! Dunkin' Donuts is really on every corner in every city. LOTS of mom and pop places to eat. No "nightlife" here but you are about 10 minutes from Quincy and plenty of bars. The schools are some of the best and are top rated. Cost of living is average for what you pay in MA and I'll tell ya, it's worth the money to raise a family here. There's a commuter rail line/red line station that will bring you North into/beyond Boston. If you aren't one to use your blinka and scared of the crazies cutting you off, the MBTA is right up your alley!
I grew up in Braintree. It is a family centered town that puts great emphasis on families, children, and education. The town is diverse, with communities ranging from Irish, Italian, Latino, Polish, and so many others. Braintree invests in safety in regards to a highly respected and effective police and fire departments. Housing is expensive but worth it if you can afford it. Close to Boston, last line on the red line, yet far enough away that you don't see the "city effects." Great options for public parks and youth sports.
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Braintree is a wonderful town all around. It is a great place to raise a family in and has an excellent school system.
Braintree is a great place to go to hang out with friends. There are a lot of places to eat and go shopping. Braintree also has very nice neighborhoods. Nice houses for families and for single people. If you want to get somewhere in Braintree it does not take long to get there, travel time is relatively short. The school system is decent. The top rated schools are generally elementary schools. Overall Braintree is a nice town to spend time doing whatever you desire.
I have lived in Braintree my entire life and have enjoyed every minute of it! Braintree is a town that is community oriented and has great schools. Safety is never an issue. There are lots of stores, malls, and activities to become engaged in.
My family moved here when I started the second grade, my thought when I moved here was "is this place called Braintree because they have a lot of trees or something?" I love it here, it's a small and peaceful community. There's a lot of activities you can do here as well, like shopping, painting, restaurants and movies! There's nothing better than living in the suburbs with a lot of fun activities you can do!
Braintree has a mall, train station, variety of different restaurants, movie theater, etc. It's certainly not a nightlife area but great for people who like simple things, going to the mall or movies. Braintree itself, is okay with diversity but the majority is white. Schools here are also pretty good and safe!
I love Braintree, the town is beautiful and the community is vibrant. I have lived here my whole life and have enjoyed everything about the town. The historical background, the beautiful homes, the blue hills recreation area, and more.
I like how the town has a couple of large supermarkets to choose from, a large shopping mall, public transportation to downtown, local parks and library, top notch schools and a beautification program in town.
It is an odd place filled with many different people from all economic classes,
It is an alright place to retire to, but if you have kids it can be a boring area.
It's not the very best place to live but it's certainly a very quiet small town. It's popular with celebrities as well since the mall is well known to them.
They are good neighborhoods with few bad ones
never really been involved or cared much for it
Never really threatened or feel unsafe
There are many things that are good about the area
Review Braintree
I would not live here again because it is not very diverse at all and lacks a sense of community and creativity that I crave. Suburgatory comes to mind....people worked hard or came from salt of the earth working class families and then got some money, did well for themselves and forgot their sense of community. There is a definite townie-cliq mentality here. I do not see it changing anytime soon
HOusing is very expensive, good deals are possible but hard to find, rentals for 3 bedrooms and up are far and few in between, houses for sale rarely stay on sale for longer than a month before they are scooped up
This is a very family and pet friendly community. the community has monthly events and an active PTO but in terms of a genuine sense of community, I find it lacking
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