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There aren't many crimes that happen because the town is quite small
Vicksburg is a great place to live. There are a lot of friendly people and beautiful landscapes to see
Indian Lake is amazing. It is beautiful. I love being able to go outside every day and to see the gorgeous water. Water sports are the best, and being on the lake makes winter sports amazing too. Our neighbors are the best in the world, and our neighborhood is outstanding.
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Lots of diversity for food and drink around here and most of it is very good.
Vicksburg isn't all that bad but Dowtown Kalamazoo has really gotten pretty bad since Detroit went Bankrupt and people left to other cities like Chicago and Kalamazoo or Battle Creek.
Local business in the are is usually owned and operated by local families and the atmosphere is always friendly and well-maintained.
There aren't many jobs in the area that are available, but depending on how determined the person is to work, that could factor in to whether or not they get a good job that requires a lot of hard work or easy work. It all depends on the person, place, the situation those people are in, and how their living conditions are.
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