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I can not wait until my financial situation is good enough to leave here. There are more and more drugs and drug addicts in the area and no rehab facilities or programs to help stop this. Adding a Walmart Supercenter to this area has killed small businesses and the grocery stores in the area. The people in the area are disgusting and poor. The cost of living is low, but it shows. The recent budget cuts have heavily impacted the schools. There is no control over the children and several years ago there were protests with the students. It's impossible to find a good paying job here. I do not see anything positive for the future of this area.
Occasionally, there are some minor crimes, but for the most part crime is non-existent.
The weather here is wonderful. We had a major flood 2 years ago, but that was the most recent natural disaster. The only issue would be the snow. We have our fair share of winter storms.
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The restaurants are good for families. There are a few bar options, but if you're looking to go clubbing, this isn't the town for you.
It's a small local town, so depending on the field of work, there is a descent amount of activity.
The shops are wonderful. There are a lot of locally owned restaurants with great food. There are a bunch of different grocery stores, gas stations, and corporate chained restaurants. The only downside is that there aren't a lot of popular shops in the mall for young adults and there is only one theater that is in poor shape.
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