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Most of the time the law is only in a couple of places during the day and in the morning. They are very repetitive in there line of duty. For instance, someone may get pulled over for a license plate light being out of a trailer license plate not being where the cop wants it to be. Not to mention all the drugs being dealt around town. They do nothing about it but send the kid home and slap him on the wrist.
I don't recommend someone to move there. It is a very boring place, I wouldn't want to raise my children there simply because there is nothing to do in the town but get into trouble or have a kid for that matter. As for the future of the area, I don't see it growing significantly at all.
The area is pretty safe. There are a few break-ins around the city. There is a very bad drug problem in Brady.
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The bluebonnets around here are gorgeous. You can drive around the lake of an evening and easily see many deer just walking around.
Brady is a great place to raise a family. It has very good schools, a very good hospital and the community cares about the kids.
For the most part, transportation is on your own. There is an older adult transportation bus for our elderly. That is the only public transportation available.
Very nice climate. Summers can be very warm. Winter is mostly mild. It may occasionally snow a little at night, but it will be gone by noon.
Brady has some very good places to eat. Liquor by the drink, not tied to food, just passed in May of 2015. Our choices are looking up in the near future.
The Brady area is primarily agricultural. It has several sand mines(used in the oil field) that are very large employers. There is some light manufacturing and one large manufacturing plant which makes oil rigs and trailers. Brady also has a very active airport which houses a couple of airplane painting/refurbishing/restoring companies.
For the size of our community we have some very nice stores.
Hard to find a decent job that pays good.
Nothing much to talk about. Small town and small businesses that have limited offerings and are overpriced.
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