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Bradley is overall a very quiet town. I have loved here my whole life and do like it. It is cheap to live and has made me who I am.
We have lived in Bradley, IL for about 7 years now. We haven't had many issues in our neighborhood. We live hear Bradley Bourbonnais High School which is good and bad. The traffic during the mornings and afternoons are rough sometimes, but overall its a good area.
For the most part, it is pretty quiet. I like the elementary schools. It is a nice town to raise a family.
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There is a lot of growth happening all around the community. I would like to see more coming back from the local administrative authorities as far as giving back to community. I would like to see the local authorities staff the firehouse properly as there are not enough full time employees to properly man the fire department; so if me or my family needed a fire engine and an ambulance there is not enough staff to carry out the safety for the community. The experience with the schools has been great and wonderful. The teachers and administration has been so helpful with any situation, and are very easy to communicate with and are there for the students.
I would not choose to live here again because of the lack of job opportunies
There's not really any crime in the area, but some of the rental units are unkempt and makes some areas a look a little run down.
This area is close to a lot of different restaurants and a variety of stores, but some of the homes are more run down than others. Overall, a pretty good area, but could use some improvements.
The crime in the area has gone up recently. The police officers are out a good amount of time. There will be random days where you will see five or more police officers and days where you see none.
The community is medium in terms of size. The people are generally friendly. We are constantly growing. A downside is that there has been a slight rise in crime in the are recently.
There is a bus system that goes everywhere.
This area will be very nice for many years to come.
The winters can get very cold and last into April.
For a college town there aren't many clubs.
Cigna is a major employer in the area.
This is not a location for a fun nightlife.
Many businesses such as IHOP in which I have worked at are not good to work at. I used to have my tips stolen by a certain manager. Minimum wage jobs here are not all amazing.
All we have in Bradley Bourbonnais Illinois are restaurants and shops. There is only franchises to eat at all over the place. I am just sick of the big businesses.
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I haven't live here very long. At the house I stayed at in Kankakee, I ended up making friends with the neighbors I shared a driveway with. They were an old couple and I helped them shovel the driveway during the winter. The wife cooked me brownies a couple times and I visited them a couple times in their home before I moved out of the house during a 3 month period.
This review is about Grapes & Hops. It is a new local wine and craft beer "restaurant." I'm not sure if restaurant is the right word for it. They serve cheese platters but there is no kitchen. I also wouldn't call it a bar either. It has very comfortable and modern atmosphere. When you walk in, you immediately feel at home and relaxed, almost like a coffee shop. They have an excellent selection of wine, and craft beers on tap. They also host entertainment and have a comedy open mic every third Thursday of the month!
I'd say move to the Bourbonnais area. Kankakee, Bradley, and Bourbonnais are pretty much all one big town but at the same time they are all very different. The towns run into each other but you'll get a totally different feeling depending which town you are in. They have some nice parks and trails in Bradley and Bourbonnais. They hold quite a few events including 5ks/walks to help raise money for certain charities like autism. Olivet Nazarene University is in the area which helps in bringing a more positive atmosphere to the town.
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