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Bradenton is more for an older audience. For a young person to sprout and really take advantage of opportunities to succeed, they have to move away from Bradenton.
Bradenton is a descent city with lots of walking trails. It could use more affordable housing as the rent is slowly become astronomical.
It is a place with lots of potential and it just needs some tlc. There are many things to do and places to see and experience.
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I've lived in Bradenton, Florida my whole life and I love it here. It's a quiet city and there's plenty to do here. I've never had a problem with safety and it's a family friendly city with good public schools. Bradenton is a Florida city on the Manatee River, south of Tampa. The South Florida Museum has natural and cultural history exhibits. It also encompasses the Bishop Planetarium and Parker Manatee Aquarium. The nearby Riverwalk park stretches along the water. Galleries, studios and shops occupy colorfully restored 1920s and ‘30s cottages in the Village of the Arts. is a city in Manatee County, Florida, United States. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated the city's 2016 population to be 54,437. Bradenton is a principal city of the Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area, which had a 2007 estimated population of 682,833.
Not the worst town I've lived in; it is definitely getting better. Lot's of new construction, has definitely been expanding since I first moved here in 2002. Very eclectic.
Bradenton is a great place for family. There is plenty to do for children as well as adults, young and old. New houses and old houses to choose from as well.
I've had a wonderful experience living In Bradenton area. I've been here my entire 23 years of living the beaches are wonderful. The events are wonderful it's so much to do in this town. The only thing I would change is bringing something additional for the kids to go to.
Coming from a town that never had much to do, I feel like there are many things to do in Bradenton. You would never be bored, there's a new thing every night! People are so kind and generous to others, it's quiet when it needs to be quiet.
I would like to feel more safer in the city of bradenton, and I would like to see more open opportunities or help for children who are less fortunate.
Bradenton is a great place to raise a family in! It lacks shopping centers and fun things for young adults to do but is overall a great town to live in.
I currently live in the Bradenton area and I enjoy the fact that the healthcare system is good regarding employment. As a young individual I do wish that Bradenton was more diverse, but the people are friendly. The education system is in good standards, and a lot of trade schools to choose from!
Bradenton is a beautiful city. It is close to the world's number one beach siesta key and has lots of things to do. In some parts it has a younger population and in other parts it has an older population so I would say it has very nice mix of all ages. Schooling choices are pretty good but you are limited on your high school choices. Overall it is very nice and I love it here!
This town is perhaps the most drug infested city in Florida. The infrastructure is collapsing, businesses are pulling out at an alarming rate. Investment in the downtown area is null. Please visit before you move.
It can be a nice town from time to time but the crime rates are rising and drivers her are either too impatient and speed or are way too slow. we have great beaches though.
Bradenton is still a sleepy retirement town which seems to have all of the old bad habits of a southern town, without any of the good ones. Everything requires driving from one side of town to another. Stores, restaurants, and most other business close early, because there aren't many young or even middle aged adults to support a "night life". Since the business economy is held up by older generations and seasonal tourists, you end up driving to St. Pete, Lakewood Ranch, or Sarasota for shopping, entertainment and work, but the commute is dreadful since the geriatric drivers average mph is 10 under the posted limit and there seem to be only banks and insurance companies lining Manatee Avenue.
East Bradenton is a wonderful place to live and work with plenty of activities for the whole family.
I currently reside in Bradenton for school and haven't been "WOW'd". I'd have to say there's quite a few Starbucks and everything is within distance of each other. I-75 definitely helps commuting to Sarasota and stays at a constant speed. I've been to two state parks Bradenton has to offer and love them both. The individuals that reside here aren't well-off or too polished. It gives you a small town feel; until you hit the Lakewood Ranch Area.
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At this moment I have lived in Bradenton for about 12 years and it is great overall. The only complaint I have is that after living in places like New York and Seattle for school I've noticed that everything here is very spread out. Not quite like living in the middle of the dessert spread out but maybe a twenty minute drive to your favorite restaurant and an hour to the big airport. Other than that, the beaches are close the mall is even closer and the people are friendly. Crowded with state parks, boat ramps, and room to stretch your legs I would say that Bradenton is a great place to hang out or even settle down.
Great area to grow up in. Close to beaches, shopping, churches, schools, etc. Crime rate is moderate due to increase in population. Years ago, crime rate was low. Lakewood Ranch area is awesome with all its new development.
Something for everyone in this bustling area.
My overall experience with Bradenton was great, the community is friendly and helpful. The schools were great and very informative.
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