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We love the area. It's safe, close to many beautiful beaches, close to museums and interesting local attractions. There are several wildlife preserves within easy travel distance too. We like to ride or hike through the parks nearby, which also accommodate our one year old with equipment to play on.
Bradenton is an up-and-coming City lots of things to do great beaches Riverfront Park lots of Library just a great area for tours as well as those moving in
Bradenton is a fantastic place to live. Granted we are 10 minutes from the beach and only have a handful of days that we have to worry about grabbing a jacket! The only downfall to Bradenton, FL is the overcrowded mess, there is way to many people that live here for the small town it is, traffic is a nightmare. Although, when you live that close to an island it is pretty much expected but worth it.
Its ok alot of traffic . Lots parks and play grounds. Lots of friendly.................................................................................................................................ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo999999999099099999999999999
Bradenton has a lot of potential but, like most cities, there is a certain portion of town that has a lot of neglected streets, homes and buildings. I'd love to see more participation from the community to make it better. The school systems and school bus transportation office also needs much improvement and organization. The public schools have given up on kids who don't seem to have much support at home, which most definitely doesn't add a positive aspect to the teaching environment.
The people in Bradenton are friendly. The beaches are within a 30 minute drive. The weather is always nice -- plenty of sunshine. There hasn't been a hurricane in this area of Florida in many, many years.
The cost of living is reasonable.
I used to live in Miami, FL by the time I was 17 my parents decided to move to Bradenton, FL. Before the move I swore that when I turned 18 I would move out back to Miami. When we finally moved over and I started school I realized Bradenton wasn't that bad. It's a nice small town, you have everything you need close to you. I was able to find a job here, while in Miami it was difficult to get an opportunity to apply for a job. Gas is definitely less expensive here and so if everything else. You have great places to go, like River Walk, GT Bray park, Anna Maria Island, Siesta Key beach, and the malls aren't so far of a drive. I definitely recommend you visit or move to Bradenton.
i think they need to open up more homeless shelters and more jobs and to help more with student education
The friendly environment is amazing, everywhere you go you will meet genuine people. The public schools are amazing. Each of the teachers I had was invested into their students and wanted to succeed and continue their education. I have meet life long friends here, and have been friends with them for 20+ years. There is not a big nightlife, which is great for those with young families. It is a quiet city with beautiful beaches! One thing I would change is the construction going on because traffic gets a little crazier.
Its nice how the town is right along the water and it does have a little city area as well as a very nice beach but It would definitely benefit the town if city was built up a little more.
Wonderful, lively and full of secret gems. This city is bound for greatness. The ares downtown has so much to do and its all walking distance. Villiage of the Arts has a wonderful breakfast spot and there is always the first donut shop ever "Turners"
Farmers market has wonderful choices of vegetables.
Bradenton is a nice place to live and build a family. He is very quiet and relaxing. I enjoy being 10-15 mins away from most of the beaches here. If I could move my whole family here I would.
Bradenton is an exceptionally small town, filled with unique characters and immense beauty. The town is filled with a close community that often takes pride in anything that pertains to its name. Bradenton is often recognized for its beautiful beaches, which serve as a great source for tourism. The town is often acknowledged for its active and healthy lifestyles. On any day of the year you could find many of its residents walking the local nature trails or kayaking down the intercostal. There are always things to do within this special place.
I love that no matter where you are in bradenton. You are never more than 20mins away from the beach.
Bradenton have lovely beaches and historical landmarks. The schools are very nice and friendly. I been a resident for 30 years.
I moved to Bradenton Fl about nine years ago. It is a very small and country area in comparison to my hometown. Bradenton is very quaint where everyone mostly knows everyone or at least a family member. The schools are not as challenging as what I am accustomed to. The neighborhoods presents as family oriented and football fanatics. The children play outside at will free from the thoughts of danger. Within the last few years the crime rate has increased and the number of children in Foster care has increased, which is sad. I am hoping with the increase in the awareness of drug overdoses and the availability of treatment will decrease the amount of children in states custody allowing this town to maintain its family oriented motif.
It's a nice and quiet place to live. There is not much of a night life which is ok for people who work a lot.
I like the beaches the restaurants and the festivals . I don't like the drug rates and I wish there were more community activities to keep people out of trouble.
I was born and raised in Bradenton, Florida and it is a great place to live. We have some of the world's finest beaches and attractions close by. It is a great place to vacation and spend time with family. I love the fact that there are churches all around on every corner. I am so happy to call Bradenton my home.
I have lived for 5 years in this town. It is very clean as well as filled with diversity. Like any other city has its good and bad. I like that it is affordable, and the jobs are decent paying. I would like to see a younger population with political body of the city.
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