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I've lived in Bradenton all 22 years of my life, it beautiful, quiet, and so family oriented! I'm now married with a daughter of my own and couldn't think of a more perfect place to raise her. The community is so welcoming, the schools are outstanding, and the weather is always good!
Bradenton would be a great place if the residents cared about how the town looked. A lot of times while driving through town I notice piles of litter, dry lawns, and piles of furniture or debris on people's lawn. It makes me sad because I know Bradenton can be a very beautiful place. I don't think there's very much to do here either. Many times people will go to Sarasota where they have a main street full of bars and clubs. I will say that Bradenton is a family friendly place. There are plenty of family restaurants, playgrounds, strip malls, and kid friendly activities.
I recently moved to Bradenton in February of this year. So far I really enjoy where I live. I live 10 minutes from Sarasota (University Pkwy), about 15 minutes from Lakewood Ranch, 45 minutes from Tampa, and about an hour and a half from Orlando. We are surrounded by exciting fun things to do as a family, for example, beaches, breweries, restaurants and bars, shopping, site seeing, horseback riding, as well as plenty of schools and colleges.

Many of the neighborhoods near me are newly built and either gated or deed-restricted. There are also countless new apartment complexes all around so depending on where want to live there is always an option.
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The schools aren't bad, and the education seems to be on point. The town itself is a bit of a different story. Areas near the beach, bay, or river seem to be very nice; while everywhere else needs some "perking". Malls and local parks are usual places people hang out, ours happens to be well known for drugs and crime. We have high amounts of drug addicts and dealers, kids being shot and the murderers getting away with it, careless drivers galore. Oh, and almost all of 41 and 14th look like the roads have never been worked on. The whole town needs a HUGE upgrade. Nothing interesting is here, and the teens are bored. The beach is beautiful to someone who isn't used to seeing it on an ongoing basis. The town spends all the tax dollars on more and more apartments that we really don't need. And please, stop overcrowding the place with banks, I promise you we already have enough.
Bradenton is a small town area where people come to relax, although the place is becoming more populated by the second.
I recently moved down here for a new job and to start a new career with school. My time here has not been long, but I enjoy the new environment, as well as the cultural differences that the city of Bradenton has to offer. It's a change since moving down from Tallahassee in northern Florida.
I have lived here my entire life and have seen many changes in our once little town.
I still love being here even with all the growth!
Bradenton is a good place to live if you want a "family'' environment. It is very close knit and have a lot of family owned restaurants . The only thing that I would change about Bradenton would be the traffic, we need more roads or something to have more flowing traffic.
Beautiful area with friendly people. People are easy to approach and they are very helpful to visitors.
Home is where the heart is. You grow to love it here and realize there's good and bad everywhere. Always got to love the beaches we have. There's always a bad part of town anywhere you go it's the connection and love you have for the surrounding areas and great memories to have and to hold.
Bradention is a town full of life. We have movie theaters,Riverwalk park,along with many other amazing sites.
I am so pleased with the healthy living aspect of FL. In Bradenton everywhere you go Parks, Schools, Housing developments it is all geared towards the outside. Examples being walking and bike paths, also the roads all have bike lanes, it is also very clean and well kept. Good job Bradenton FL - a great place to live !!
Being new in the Bradenton area, I have not seen much activity. I normally share my personal time in Tampa, St Petersburg or Sarasota where there is more events and social activities
Great city. Safety is worrisome but the people are nice and helpful. Went to middle school and high school in Bradenton and I loved the experience.
I love Bradentons proximity to Anna maria Island. Generally the environment in Bradenton is not as "stuffy" as Sarasota. However, there are many areas of bradenton I consider run-down and unsafe.
Bradenton has turned in to a huge and unpleasant place to live. The population growth is out of control with very little new infrastructure. Its now a tourist trap instead of the beautiful paradise it use to be.
Bradenton is a friendly atmosphere and is a great place to grow your children. There is more that will be built in the coming future, but was an ok place to grow up and graduate high school from.
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I have been born and raised in Florida so of course, it has a very special place in my heart. It is probably one of the most perfect places to grow up because it is 20 minutes away from one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. It is a city with continuous growth and new opportunities through community activities and job opportunity for all ages.
I grew up in Bradenton, Florida and my experience was mediocre at best. Although many of my family members are from the area, I do not recommend this area for a young family. I have lived in Orlando and New York City and my experiences afar help me in coming to this conclusion about Bradenton. The beaches are a good attraction and that's about it. If you're looking to stay in Florida, venture farther North and try Orlando.
Great place to live, lots to do and everything is close by, Bradenton beach and Ann Marie Island are the best tourist spots and downtown Bradenton atmosphere is always live.
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