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I like that it's a small town! I would love for the buildings that need torn down removed and nice buildings replaced. Need more places to shop and eat.
This is a great neighborhood, especially if you are new to Highlands School District. Since the houses are so close together, it's almost impossible to meet your neighbors. With this, you constantly have an eye watching out for you - which in my opinion is a great perk! Since I was younger, I have always felt comfortable enough to walk outside with my dog without a problem. I feel extra safe because the police are driving around different parts of town constantly. Although I could talk about how friendly and safe this town is, the only problem would be drugs. It's not that I have ever seen a drug deal on the street, but I have read in the newspapers in the past about the problem. For the most part, Brackenridge is an family friendly neighborhood that is very welcoming!
Within the past month there have been three armed robberies take place within two miles of my home that I am aware of. Just two weeks ago, a man attempted to break into my neighbor's home. A large heroin epidemic has swept over my town. Police are typically visible and drive around our streets often. However, when they are called they take a little while to arrive at the scene. I'm worried about the youth that are growing up in this town that is nothing like the one I grew up in. I'm worried about local store employees, and the safety of them and their patrons. I worry for the officers that have to deal with these criminals every day, and risk their lives to protect us. I am worried about my family, and the uneasiness that we all feel.
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I've lived here for 15 years, 75% of my life. I can honestly say that I no longer feel safe here. There has been a large increase in crime in the area; including multiple armed robberies and a heroin epidemic. I jump every time I hear a noise outside my doors. I lock my doors when I drive through most parts of town, including my own street. I no longer feel like I can take my dog for a walk by myself after the sun begins to set. It wasn't always this way, but I see this area worsening every day. My family can't wait to leave and regain a feeling of safety.
There are more than one plaza in this area and is in walking distance.
Depending on the person they can easily find a job.
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