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I read the description of Bozeman and it is pretty well done, HOWEVER, Bozeman is far from conservative. Bozeman has a very progressive feel and attracts bright people who embrace and support environmental protection, diversity, community, education, taxes that go directly toward improving our living standards and so on. Montana State University is a healthy, growing hub of intellect, progress, diversity and opportunity that is an integral part of the fabric of the town. If you're looking to move to a western town that has the "Me Now" culture of a more conservative place, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a place where people believe in giving back to their community, accept diversity in all its forms and strongly support the environment, education and giving back for the greater good and for future generations, then Bozeman is right for you.
I am currently attending college in Bozeman and have 100% loved it here. I chose this town because it is a very friendly and artsy place. I am studying art so it means a lot that there are artists in the town that are successful. I also enjoy that you can bike basically everywhere and trails and the outdoor adventures and really close by. Especially Yellowstone, its about 2hrs from Bozeman.
I've only recently moved here, but it seems a lot more peaceful and relaxed than where I came from. The mountains are beautiful, the songbirds wake me up in the morning. I'd have to say the only crazy thing I've noticed is drivers.
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This is a gorgeous town, however, if you are on a budget-it is extremely hard to find affordable living, unless you want 5 roommates!
Bozeman is a very active town with a large part of the economy here being for outdoor activities and supporting work. As a growing city, there is still a largely rural and small-town culture that I enjoy. Farming and ranching holds a place in the economy across the Gallatin Valley which many people are still connected to. The community in and around Bozeman is very friendly; it's a general courtesy to say "hello" and wave to pass by'ers on trails and outdoor activities. All the trails and areas in and around Bozeman are very clean and kept well for the positive experience of all people. I am very happy a moved here to transfer to Montana State University. MSU is a very good university that has many great professors because Bozeman is the place they want to live and not just for the grant and research oportunities.
Bozeman is a hub for outdoor adventures. There are numerous trail heads and many options to recreate outside. This town is very family friendly and safe. The only down fall to Bozeman is the influx of people which has caused housing prices to increase.
I love Bozeman because of the many outdoor activities that are available as well as a very friendly community of people. I would love to see Bozeman not grow as fast as it is and hold onto the "small town feel" as much as possible.
I consider Bozeman, Montana to be my home town even though I was not born there, I have lived there almost my entire life. I love the feeling of being so close to nature, the mountains are our backyard we like to say. I love being outside so its been a pretty perfect fit. This little town is beautiful and has such a lively community. However, it is growing and changing very fast in both good and not so good ways. I love that 'small town' feel it used to have, everyone was friendly and knew most people. Now, with more people moving from other states it is changing the feel of the town. Don't get me wrong though, I still love it and it will always hold a special place in my heart as my home.
Bozeman is a great place. Great schools, culture, food, and people. I love living here, but I have found that it is a very pricey place to live, especially for Montana.
Everything in Bozeman is close, but pricey. But there are stores in the Gallatin
Valley Mall that has very good sales.
It is a cute small college town. It is very up and coming. More people are moving here which is driving up living costs. It is very beautiful.
Bozeman is really awesome if you love outdoor activities. There're so many opportunities around here for you to explore the town. Amazing trails, rivers, hills and mountains. The view on hills and higher up places are mesmerizing. I'm more introverted, so the public library, bookstores, and teahouse/cafes are also good places to visit. Me and my outdoorsy friend can both find things here that's best a fit for us to do. One thing I will say though is that there're aren't much do to at night. Maybe I'm just not as creative, but me and my friend always struggles to find a nice place to hangout and chill at evening/night. but overall, Bozeman is pretty and awesome all year round.
Amazing mountain town, but expensive. Lots of scenic hikes and outdoor activities sich as camping, fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking, birdwatching, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, and other.
Overall, Bozeman is a great town to live in. It's small, but not too small, and is surrounded by mountains and the great outdoors. There is always some way to get outside, whether that's skiing in the winter at Bridger Bowl or hiking the "M" during the summertime.
Growing up in Bozeman, I have always cherished the gorgeous landscape, hospitable people, and quaint town. The schools are good, and it is a growing college town. The mountains that surround the town make for great skiing, hiking, and all other outdoor adventures.
What I love most about Bozeman are the opportunities is provides. Not only do we have a top-ranked education system, but outdoor opportunities surround us. From mountains and rivers to lakes and bike trails, I couldn't ask for a more beautiful place to grow up.
I have lived in Bozeman for over 10 years now. I've seen it grow and grow and grow, with no signs of slowing down.

You can't beat the summer weather here. Super low humidity, and if it does get warm during the day, once the sun starts to set, there is always a gentle breeze that cools everything down coming from the mountains. There is so much to do from hiking, fishing, camping, museums, hunting, climbing, biking. The views are incredible and people here are genuinely nice.
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The town and the people are so unique, it’s unlike anywhere I’ve visited. With people flocking here from around the country, for fun, work, or retirement, they contribute to the mindful, yet carefree nature of this city. So many people are coming, and it is affecting the town: the infrastructure is not capable of handling this massive amount of people, and will have to adapt soon.
I am in Bozeman to go to school. I thought the amazing snowboarding opportunities would be enough for me to live in a small town when I'm really a city type of person, but it's just not. This town is very very "granola", yet the locals think that this is diverse. This town is the opposite of diverse, everywhere you look it's white people, raised almost the same, with almost the same current lives.
Living in Bozeman has shown me the true meaning of community. Bozeman, MT is a very community oriented town that is very supportive of the local population. Bozeman is a beautiful place with loads of potential.
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