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Bozeman is a wonderful town as an outdoor enthusiast perusing a passion in education. The local shops in town are incredible, and every one is so incredibly friendly! Bozeman has truly been my first home!
Bozeman is a dream community that is being over taken by wealthy out of staters who drive up the cost of living but do not contribute anything else to the community. A great location for active people. I can ski, hike, climb, and camp all in the same Saturday.
Montana western feel but with all the amenities, college town, great skiing, and outdoors recreation.

City infrastructure is becoming too small to handle the influx of population, growth is becoming crazy.
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If you are a senior by yourself don't go to Bozeman. Public transportation is a nightmare. Taxi drivers are outlaws. If you are poor Bozemans attitude is you are a lower form of life. The only thing that matters is money here. It takes years to get into decent HUD housing. The one HUD apt that is open is a dark smelly place that caters to dogs and smokers. The medical is suspect. Don't move here.
The beauty that surrounds my college town is breathtaking. Recreational opportunities are right at my doorstep. Hiking and snowboarding are two of my favorite activities and in under an hour I can be in the backcountry enjoying these hobbies. Bozeman has shopping and dining for all kinds of tastes. It is a very friendly place with tons of culture. Bike friendly. Cool downtown. Super educational opportunities at Montana State campus.
It's a big growing city in Montana, with many delicious restaurants and plenty of luxurious hotels. It's but a 45 minute drive from Big Sky where the skii resort is located in south-western Montana.
I currently go to school at MSU and I absolutely love it. I have had so much fun hiking, camping, and hanging out with friends. Bozeman gives so many opportunities to be involved.
I love Bozeman! It a great college town with copious amounts of outdoor activities for everyone! I call it my home
Bozeman is great although the winters can be cold. The univeristy means a lot of young people are around town which means lots of great restaurants and businesses. Also ridiculously easy access to nature and outdoor sports.
Expensive housing. Crowded. Crime doesn't seem to be taken seriously. Not just in Bozeman but you read about people getting off easy with crimes they commit, so you will routinely see people in the news with 3 or 4 DUIs and many drug and theft charges. Very cold most of the year, be prepared for that. Is a pretty typical college town.
Bozeman is great. Many outdoor activities are available close by. You can go to Yellowstone. You can go skiing at Big Sky or Bridger Bowl. You can fly fish in any of the several rivers and streams. You can hike the mountains to lakes.
Bozeman has all the amenities of a city with the small town feel. It has beautiful views and is close to the mountains and accessible for all manner of outdoor recreation. It is a university town so you have some rowdy college students downtown sometimes. It is health conscious and has great restaurants.
love it here. I can walk back from my late lab and I feel completely safe. The nightlife is a great time and there is so much to do in town during the day as well. The mountains are not hard to get to and the skiing is great!
I love how beautiful the scenery is in the city of Bozeman. The snow glimmers in the winter and summer, although short, is nothing short of spectacular. I would love to see more diversity and more opportunities for activities for our community.
Bozeman is a nice town. Lots of things to do for a town in Montana. Honestly feels more like a thriving city than cowboy town in Montana. The people are really nice and help will be given if asked for. Lots of snow. Finding a cheap apartment is difficult because the town population is expanding faster than housing is expanding.
Bozeman is a fun open community when it comes to outside activities however they lack in other fun activities for young adults which leads to a lot of underage parties. Most people are very nice but sometimes you run into some mean people here and there.
Great town to live in with great outdoor activities but bad traffic and nothing to do at night. The town strives on Montana State University students for most of the year, with summer tourists flying in to visit Yellowstone National Park. One downside is that there is nothing to do in the evenings besides the one crowded movie theater and the bars downtown.
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i LOVE Bozeman, but i have to say that the only thing i dislike is the cost of living. most 1 bedrooms are over $1100 and two bedrooms jump up to $1800, if youre a college student at MSU, youll probably love it bc you dont mind living with others, but even with the living wages being higher, the rent/cost of living is gastronomical. if you drive a diesel though youll benefit bc your gas is normally cheaper than regular unleaded! but you can also save on gas bc almost everywhere in bozeman is in walking distance, the whole town is on a grid and it makes getting around almost foolproof. when i strike it rich, ill move back to bozeman...but until then im going to have to try to find a town similar to hold me over in the meantime :(
Bozeman is a spectacular place for students. Especially when we consider the affordability of life and safety. I feel like Bozeman is a perfect place to begin a new life and to start at the bottom. Life is super easy compared to big cities.
I want to rate Bozeman "Avg" but I am unable to due to the beauty. My complaints lie w/ housing prices, traffic & wages ppl are paid 2 "live". Bozo is 2 small for all the ppl that are here. Traffic is unbearable. Wages people are stupid low. U have some very unhappy ppl that have 2 live w/ a quite a few roommates 2 even survive! For as "rich" as Bozo is, they sure degrade the employees w/ pocket change payroll.
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