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Bozeman is an amazing place to live in. There are countless outdoor activities you can participate in, such as skiing, rafting, hiking, rock climbing; the list could go on and on. There are tons of fun, hole-in-the-wall style places to dine at. I have not had a poor food experience here yet! I have always felt safe here in Bozeman; it has the friendly-neighborhood feel of a small town, but still has all of the fun things to do in a big town or city. Bozeman is also home to Montana State University, ranked #1 in Montana Colleges. I am proud to call this place my home!
Bozeman has free transportation for the public. It is extremely helpful for off-campus students who need to get to campus on a daily basis. During the summer, Bozeman holds several events to explore such as Music on Main. It has an outdoorsy aesthetic. Since it is in the mountains, Bozeman has a plethora of hiking trails to explore as well. Highly recommend!
Bozeman is such an active and lively city to live in, especially for college. A person can find that traffic is not as awful as you would think a college town should be and there are numerous activities to do in and around the Bozeman area. For every season there are outdoor hobbies from skiing to white water rafting.
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Bozeman is an interesting town in that it’s growing so rapidly it feels like a city but it keeps its small town feel. It’s right under the mountains and your simply a short drive away from hikes, fishing, and outdoor fun. It’s a college town so it has a nightlife scene. However, everything closes at 2am. There isn’t a place that’s open 24/7.
Bozeman is a fun medium sized college town with tons of nature to enjoy. Hundreds of hiking trails, multiple ski resorts, and several rivers are all nearby. There are lots of job opportunities, and loads of social events. The only downsides are the traffic and the high rent prices.
Bozeman is a rapidly growing town surrounded by mountains and vast stretches of public land. It is a great location for getting out and exploring much of south west Montana. Although growth is good for some things (better food options) it is not that diverse and housing prices are high.
Bozeman was an amazing community, the locals are kind and welcoming, offering up tips for the best hikes and restuarants. The weekly town events are well planned and fun to go to.
I love how outdoor friendly Bozeman is. The hardest part for me so far has honestly been how brutely cold the winter can be.
I have lived my entire life exploring and loving Bozeman, MT. From the nearby hiking, skiing, and camping to the amazing food, events, and people, it is unmatched. I have met my closest friends and made my favorite memories here. There is no better place than Bozeman.
The outdoor adventures are endless. There are so many different activities in and around Bozeman for people of all different areas of interest, you are bound to find something you enjoy. The people are welcoming and the views are breathtaking.
I like Bozeman because it has a lot of cafes and stores. I don't like Bozeman because there is always the threat of Yellowstone burying us. And there is too much traffic for such a small area. And Bozeman is one of the most expensive Montana cities to live in and housing is impossible to live around here. Too cold not any summer time for gardens up here!
Overpriced community which is run by greedy developers and flooded with out-of-state money from the West Coast which has driven up the cost of living for locals. It has changed from a friendly cow-town to a pretentious over-rated place. Local wages do not allow for the average Montana paid family to survive, let along buy a house at the median price of $435k. It is a beautiful place, but becoming overrun, and continues to mismanage its growth. Very Sad.
Bozeman is the perfect town for people who love the outdoors and a ton of snow. The skiing in Bozeman and Big Sky is excellent all winter, and the summers here are unmatched. If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or climbing, this is a great community. As far as politics go, the people here are very diverse. Both cowboys and van-dwelling hippies are welcome. Racially and culturally, however, the town is lacking. Almost everyone who lives here is white and there isn't a single good Mexican restaurant.
Bozeman is not your average Montana city. It is more mainstream America with a diverse cultural background. It's not mainstream Montana as far as the Native American population goes. It is a fast-paced growing city with a population uprise and numerous construction projects.
Friendly and beautiful. You are close to the mountains and so many other beautiful sites. you can ski in the winter and go to Yellowstone in the summer. Lot's of friendly faces and college students. MSU is a beautiful university and living in a college town is fun. This town is also very dog friendly so you see them everywhere which is great. Overall it has a lot to offer away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Bozeman is a nice college town in Montana. There are a lot of young people. There are a lot of outdoor activities.
I love being able to drive 5 minutes and be in the mountains. I want to see change is better road/city planning as we grow.
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Bozeman is a great college town with plenty of job opportunities. It could be more diverse and have healthier options in terms of food and nutrition. However, it is a family friendly place and is affordable to live.
Very pretty, nice for outdoors activities but that's IT. There's pretty much nothing else to do unless you want to spend money.
Some of the items I find interesting about Bozeman, aside from the gratuitous expansion of various infrastructures accommodating new homes & such, are the multitude of outdoor activities readily available. There are various hiking trails & several locations for general outdoors adventure. With the right equipment, one can rejoice in the all-terrain topography Montana has to offer. I also like that there is a demand for skilled workers as the city gradually stretches out. The town offers many downtown inquiries in regard to many shops offering merchandise, jewelry, & of course food. Some of the historical houses around Bozeman offer an informative narrative about who may have owned or built the residence.
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