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Bozeman is a lovely city with countless things to do including phenomenal hiking and outdoor recreation in every direction. It is a steadily growing city; one of the fastest in the country, so it is due for more development both residential and commercial. Of all the places I've been, it's the most beautiful and serene. However, the cost of living can be high.
Bozeman is a beautiful and friendly place to live. However, the real estate/rental market and job market is insanely competitive due to the town's fast growth. This also makes the cost of living higher/increasing in comparison to average pay.
Bozeman is such a beautiful place to live. Two ski resorts with an hour of the town. Many hiking trails that are truly beautiful. World class ice climbing. Basically any outdoor activity you want Bozeman has.
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Lots of unique shops and restaurants, always easy to find something local. Downtown Bozeman has very few chain stores and is almost entirely local and small business owners.
Bozeman, Montana is a gorgeous town! There are mountains all around the town and an abundant source of beautiful nature within a short drive from town. The culture and diversity of Bozeman is growing everyday and has its own quirks that make it a fun town to live in!
Bozeman is a nice little place in Montana. It has changed in the last couple of years. The price of living/housing is going up dramatically, which then in turn makes living in town unobtainable for a growing number of people.
I visited Bozeman in Summer 2017 and stayed there about a Month for a cultural exchange program . It is one of my favorite places. I visited other cities in Montana and other states but Bozeman was the place that I felt home the most. The people there were very welcoming, almost everyone knows the other for the fact the Bozeman is a small cozy city. This place fits everyone, the youth and the elder people. It is also am affordble place to live in since there is no taxes in Montana and it also has free public trasportation for everone. GRANNY'S DONUTS HAS THE BEST DONUTS IN THE WORLD.
I love Bozeman for many reasons. There is a multitude of outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, fishing and hunting. However one down fall is the amount of people moving to Bozeman, trying to change it from the humble ranching community that it was to California.
Bozeman is a wonderful town where you can easily access both trails and cultures. I love living in a place that values time spent outdoors. Since Bozeman is such an incredible place, it is also experiencing some growing pains. Right now, the cost of living is increasing and housing is becoming less accessible.
I love how Bozeman is surrounded by beautiful mountains and is less than an hour away from Yellowstone National Park. It is quickly growing into the bigger city, so the only thing I would change is more affordable rent prices with more options for pet-friendly housing.
Unbelievably beautiful, but plagued by Red-state politics and Big Fish in small pond syndrome. The economy is bustling here, and the Gallatin Valley is rapidly undergoing development. You will not find a better location to ice climb in the morning and then downhill ski in the afternoon. The local Museum of the Rockies offers free lecture series and there is always something happening on Main Street. The best of the West, indeed.
Bozeman is very clean and safe. There are dozens of outdoor activities and access to wilderness. The scenery is picturesque! This town is lacking in the arts. Most of the downtown galleries showcase generic, local themes. There is virtually no diversity. Most people in Montana in general don't see much cultural diversity but, Bozeman is a bubble of affluence that has the curious assumption that they ARE exposed to diversity. They are not. This place would be accused of gentrification if you didn't know its always been this white. The real estate market is terribly inflated and local business are not keeping pace with wages. You are lucky to find a job that pays more than $10/hour as an entry level employee and when you do its probably McDonalds. Beautiful place. Quality of living must be defined by your outdoor ambitions.
Bozeman is an urban small town. There is so much to do here and the town is absolutely beautiful! Bozeman is fairly expensive place to live and it can be hard to find housing, but if you are persistent, you will be able to find what you need! The biggest industries here are healthcare and construction, along with real estate and contracting.
Bozeman is the best place to live. I moved here 3 and a half years ago without a job or place to stay (but I had money in my savings) because I wanted to be by the mountains. It was like a bucket list thing. I never want to leave. It is ery beautiful, safe and peaceful. For all of those that reviewed it badly because of the rental prices: you get what you pay for. I hear downtown Detroit is pretty cheap and I wonder why that is :)
I love Bozeman. There is a lot of outdoor activities and many grade schools to choose from. However, there is only one high school and the drivers are pretty terrible.
I attend Montana State University. I plan to live in Bozeman after graduation. I love the nature and the aesthetic of the town; the mountains are great. The only downfall is the lack of snow removal, so the roads are just sheets of ice. Traffic can also be a bit hectic around five o’clock. Bozeman people are friendly and inviting.
Relatively small community with all the niceties of a bigger community. Great school with a national high school championship cross country team. Great first class restaurants, skiing and of course outdoor activities!
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Bozeman is great. It has great access to outdoors and restaurants. The only thing that can be annoying is the traffic.
Bozeman Montana stole my heart continuously over the 18 years that I have lived there. Not only the kind hearted people and great businesses kept a steady stream of tourists and new residents coming, but the beautiful scenery and the access to rivers, lakes, mountains and resorts. I really do look forward to the day I get to call it my home once more.
Very nice atmosphere, the people are nice, not as welcoming to people from other states but overall not too bad.
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