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Bozeman is a really fun town to live in with many things to do. You will never be bored here. There is lots of options for eating out such as my favorite Olive Garden. Need a quick stop for food? No worries there are plenty of fast food drive troughs.
Bozeman is a very helpful community. However, the cost of living here is extremely high, the college takes up most of the rental housing space, and the community is slow moving to catch up with the rest of America.
Bozeman is a great little town with lots of great outdoor activities around the city during the whole year. There are also lots of great restaurants to eat at. The people are also very friendly and polite.
If one wants to live within 15 minutes of the mountains, where they can get outside everyday, Bozeman is the place to do it.
The one element of Bozeman that stands out to me is how the city and area warmly welcome all walks of life. Everyone, young and old, adventurous or quiet-spirited, can enjoy everything that Bozeman has to offer with a bright smile any day of the year! I have had numerous of my friends from outside of Montana come visit me and they have fallen in love with the place I have the luck of calling home. The people of Bozeman make this mountain paradise all the more beautiful!
Bozeman is an adorable little mountain based city that is constantly growing and modernizing. There are so many things to do here and overall everyone is fairly nice!
I moved here from Great Falls and I have loved it so far. I am staying close to campus so getting to class is easy. My favorite restaurant is Olive Garden
Bozeman is an expensive town that lacks infrastructure. I t has great potential, but unfortunately it is slowly becoming the same as the horrible places many of the new residents escaped from. If we cold get it back to where it was years ago it would be great.
Bozeman is an outdoor lovers town. There's an incredible amount of things to do in the immediate Bozeman area or the surrounding. The thing that struck me most about this town is that everyone has a passion for the outdoors and that is the norm set for the residents. Everyone around you is like minded and makes the outdoors a priority in their lives. The only thing that can be difficult about the area is a touch of elitism; because everyone has such a passion for their particular sport or activity it can create an environment to where you may not be taken seriously if you are not devout to your sport. Bozeman is a lovely, fast growing community with a lot to offer anyone from any where!
Bozeman has been an amazing town to experience my college experience in. It may be a small town, but it is full of diverse and exciting things to do. There are multiple yoga studios, as well as an all local organic grocery store. Adventures such as hiking and skiing are just minutes away! Bozeman is full of kind people and is a very supportive community.
Bozeman is a great place with a lot of character and is an ideal place for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.
Bozeman is the perfect place for singles, families and all those in between. With trail systems, recreational land, and rivers within your reach it's easy for the whole family to stay active and involved in the community.
Bozeman is beautiful. there is skiing in the winter or swimming in the summer. mountains to hike and rivers to float. anything a student or adult might want to do can be done here.
Bozeman is a great place for the outdoor man or women. With beautiful mountains and rivers in very close distance this is the ultimate destination with anyone wanting to look for adventure. Bozeman is becoming more and more of a visitor friendly town with more restaurants and shopping coming in every year. One would not be disappointed in visiting this city.
Bozeman is a wonderful little town that is rapidly growing. Although the size is steadily increasing, it continues to have that small town feeling. People help one another still and its a great place to raise kids with many resources available for a single parent such as myself! It is a perfect blend of corporate business and small business owners that provides a variety of options for shopping and family fun. There are so many opportunities for my children to have a fulfilling, active life and the school system here is marvelous!
Bozeman is a small exciting town near the Yellowstone National Park. Many people come here for the skiing and natural beauty that it has to offer.
Bozeman is a wonderful, thriving community that is growing at an incredible rate. It has nearly everything that one could find in a larger city while still maintaining that small-town charm.

People from all walks of life are attracted to Bozeman's vibrant personality, whether they're here for the world-class skiing, the university, or just the caring and familiarity of a small community.
Bozeman is a beautiful college town located in the midst of some of the most beautiful mountain ranges I have had the privilege of laying eyes upon. That said, living here can be expensive!
Great area for the outdoors, especially winter. Bridger Bowl less than 10 miles out of town and Big Sky less than 40 miles away. Excellent hiking trails. Still constant growth. Many job opportunities in the construction industry. Very low crime.
Bozeman, MT is a beautiful city located in southwestern Montana. While maintaining its small western town atmosphere (especially along Main St. downtown) it offers the amenities of larger US cities. The city boasts a wide array of recreational activities and a short drive to Yellowstone National Park.
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