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Bozeman is an urban small town. There is so much to do here and the town is absolutely beautiful! Bozeman is fairly expensive place to live and it can be hard to find housing, but if you are persistent, you will be able to find what you need! The biggest industries here are healthcare and construction, along with real estate and contracting.
Bozeman is the best place to live. I moved here 3 and a half years ago without a job or place to stay (but I had money in my savings) because I wanted to be by the mountains. It was like a bucket list thing. I never want to leave. It is ery beautiful, safe and peaceful. For all of those that reviewed it badly because of the rental prices: you get what you pay for. I hear downtown Detroit is pretty cheap and I wonder why that is :)
I love Bozeman. There is a lot of outdoor activities and many grade schools to choose from. However, there is only one high school and the drivers are pretty terrible.
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I attend Montana State University. I plan to live in Bozeman after graduation. I love the nature and the aesthetic of the town; the mountains are great. The only downfall is the lack of snow removal, so the roads are just sheets of ice. Traffic can also be a bit hectic around five o’clock. Bozeman people are friendly and inviting.
Relatively small community with all the niceties of a bigger community. Great school with a national high school championship cross country team. Great first class restaurants, skiing and of course outdoor activities!
Bozeman is great. It has great access to outdoors and restaurants. The only thing that can be annoying is the traffic.
Bozeman Montana stole my heart continuously over the 18 years that I have lived there. Not only the kind hearted people and great businesses kept a steady stream of tourists and new residents coming, but the beautiful scenery and the access to rivers, lakes, mountains and resorts. I really do look forward to the day I get to call it my home once more.
Very nice atmosphere, the people are nice, not as welcoming to people from other states but overall not too bad.
Bozeman is one of the BEST towns in Montana. It is so beautiful and there's so much to do! If I could, I would live in Bozeman for the rest of my life.
I love the friendliness of the town, big city amenities, good nightlife and excellent food. It is also a great town for people with dogs and also people who love the outdoors.
Bozeman is an absolutely wonderful and thriving community set in a gorgeous location. There are ample opportunities for both inner and outer growth. It's growing quickly though, and this is causing housing expenses to rise.
It is a wonderful friendly small community that embraces everyone that arrives. Really happy for being able call this place home as well!
Great town for those who like the outdoors. If you like skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, or hiking then this is a place for you.
Bozeman is a really great community for arts and outdoor activities. But is is hard to meet people and make friends.
Bozeman has so much to offer, see, and do! Everyday I find something new to discover. On top of all of that, the people here in Bozeman will treat you like family no matter what! Great place to be!
Bozeman is one of Montana's few cities, but still has an almost small-town feel. It's surrounded by mountains, and filled with students.
Bozeman is a small town, with a nice atmosphere nestled up beside the mountains. It is mostly college students and wealthier middle class due to the cost of living here, which is a bit high. It has nice shops though and a good food selection for the middle of Montana. If you're an outdoors person, it's a perfect spot, with plenty to do in every season.
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Bozeman is a very fun town in Montana, full of some of the nicest, friendliest people I have ever met. The views are beautiful and if you like doing anything outside, any time of the year, this is the place to do it! There are plenty of small breweries and fun local bars for after your hike, campout, or skiing.
Bozeman has a great opportunity for education with Montana State University roaring with incoming freshman, transferring undergraduate students and some graduate options. This university really focuses on "Mountains and Minds" and bringing education and environment into light for students.
If you like quick access to the outdoors, Bozeman is the town for you. Bozeman is a friendly city with an upbeat vibe yet still has that homey feeling to it.
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