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I love Bozeman and everything it has to offer for an active life style. Tho town offers a verity of outdoor activities from ice climbing in the winter to backpacking during the summer. It has the best views and friendliest of people.
Bozeman has almost endless recreational opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. It is a large town by Montana standards (small by those of densely populated states), but is surrounded by hills, mountains, fields, forests, etc. The city itself has a very simple and easy to navigate layout and is filled with quite friendly people and college students. The main complaints I have are a shortage of decent sized lakes in the area, and an extreme lack of options for acquiring food (dine-in, take-out, or delivery) after 8 pm on weekdays and after 5 on Sundays.
Bozeman is a wonderful town tucked in an area that allows people who enjoy the outdoors get lost a little bit
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Bozeman has been a wonderful welcoming town to live in. It has really become home over the past 4 years here. The community is very friendly, and the town is beautiful.
Very nice place to live! Unfortunately it's very white washed... Definitely visit! It's great and so close to beautiful mountains!
A perfect college town! A great university with lots of access to outdoor activities, skiing, horseback riding, float the rivers, Yellowstone Park and don't miss all the local craft breweries!
Bozeman is a wonderful place to live. t is an up and coming city that still feels like your old hometown. There are many outdoor activities at your fingertips; floating the river, boating, fishing, hiking, skiing/snowboarding. Perfect & beautiful place for lovers of the outdoors! The only complaint I have is the cost to rent housing. There are lots of newly developed apartment buildings and condos.. BEAUTIFUL. A bit too expensive. Especially for an independent college student. There are other options that aren't completely brand new, but it is difficult to find an updated place to live for a reasonable cost. Overall, I love Bozeman. Would recommend to anyone.
Bozeman is a cute college town, nestled in the picturesque Gallatin Valley. We've enjoyed the ample outdoor opportunities (hiking and biking trails, rafting, skiing, snowmobiling), access to Yellowstone National Park (only about 1.5 hours away), and cultural events and opportunities that are not always available in Montana. While Bozeman is growing rapidly, it is still considered a small town, with all the positives and negatives that come along with that.
The surrounding valley of Bozeman is great. There are a lot of outdoor activities to do and a surprising amount of events to do in such a small place. It's a very community driven place where people are less in a hurry than they would be in a city.
The only bad thing is the booming population size and extremely expensive housing market.
I enjoy the mountains and the weather! Excellent place to go to be outdoors! If I could change anything it would be the amount of people. Less people means more fun on the trails!
I like how the zoning code makes everything appear nice. people are friendly and really into the outdoors. I great place to live. the cost of living would main thing I would like to change. the town is ever growing so rent is climbing!
It's very nice if you like smaller cities and the outdoors. There's a lot of natural beauty around. It's a fast expanding town, so there's more places being built for more social people. The most difficult thing to deal with is the snow usually.
Love the variety of outdoor activities it provides. There is a really nice sense of community. It is very safe, and doesn't have a lot of traffic.
It is a beautiful city with lots of outdoor recreation opportunities. There is too much traffic and it is very expensive.
Great hiking up to the M. Explored museums and spent hours looking at the exhibits. Enjoyed walking around MSU and it's a beautiful campus.
Bozeman is a really fun town to live in with many things to do. You will never be bored here. There is lots of options for eating out such as my favorite Olive Garden. Need a quick stop for food? No worries there are plenty of fast food drive troughs.
Bozeman is a very helpful community. However, the cost of living here is extremely high, the college takes up most of the rental housing space, and the community is slow moving to catch up with the rest of America.
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Bozeman is a great little town with lots of great outdoor activities around the city during the whole year. There are also lots of great restaurants to eat at. The people are also very friendly and polite.
If one wants to live within 15 minutes of the mountains, where they can get outside everyday, Bozeman is the place to do it.
The one element of Bozeman that stands out to me is how the city and area warmly welcome all walks of life. Everyone, young and old, adventurous or quiet-spirited, can enjoy everything that Bozeman has to offer with a bright smile any day of the year! I have had numerous of my friends from outside of Montana come visit me and they have fallen in love with the place I have the luck of calling home. The people of Bozeman make this mountain paradise all the more beautiful!
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