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Bozeman has a great opportunity for education with Montana State University roaring with incoming freshman, transferring undergraduate students and some graduate options. This university really focuses on "Mountains and Minds" and bringing education and environment into light for students.
If you like quick access to the outdoors, Bozeman is the town for you. Bozeman is a friendly city with an upbeat vibe yet still has that homey feeling to it.
Love this place! I don't think I would change a thing! But if I had to pick something, I would say more diversity with the food choices. Maybe more restaurants than serve food other than what would be considered American food.
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Bozeman is an outdoorsy, fun-loving town! It's perfect if you love good fishing, great hiking, and even better people. It's a "big" town for Montana, but it retains that small town feel!
I've lived in Bozeman my whole life and I cannot say enough good things about it. Every time I go on a vacation or leave town, I realize how amazing Bozeman really is. The public schooling system is excellent including Bozeman High School which offers an amazing array of classes to fit the interests of every student. Bozeman has an amazing small town atmosphere that I would recommend to anybody!
I love how close-knit little mountain community is. Lots of fun outdoor activities nearby but the cost of living and housing is way too high.
I think Bozeman would be a great place to raise a family. Great for outdoor enthusiasts. Has a small town feel, while still offering plenty to do.
Bozeman is the most diverse area I have ever lived in. There are so many different things to do from art walks to fishing or hunting in the beautiful area. It is a great area for outdoor sports year round. I work outside of Bozeman and have met some of the sweetest hard working people on this planet- cattle ranchers. I am looking forward to going back to school at MSU so I can continue to help the wonderful people around the Gallatin Valley.
I love that it's a developing town, and that I get to experience it growing and changing. It's exciting to see such an invigorating attitude in the community. Bozeman is in a unique position to balance the opportunities of bigger cities, while maintaining a homey small town vibe. The residents take pride in their community, and it shows.
Bozeman is a beautiful and clean place to live. The people here are very friendly and the view is amazing! It is an active town with a lot of things to do during the summer and winter months.
Bozeman is a beautiful town surrounded by mountains and farm land. the people are nice and there are lots of farmers markets.
I love bozeman because I enjoy the outdoors. I love how easily accessible the town is to activities such as climbing, rafting, skiing, hiking, and biking. I wouldn't change anything about this town.
I recently moved to Bozeman (within the last year) and I have been loving it! The community is pretty relaxed, outdoor play kind of town. There is usually something fun going on in the community year yound. The MSU Bobcats are the towns pride and joy and brings the community together. We live near the world's best ski resort with so many other amazing trails, day spots and camping areas. Such a beautiful place to live and raise a family. We could not be happier here!
Bozeman is an absolutely fantastic place to live if you like getting outside. Any outdoor hobby you can think of, we most likely have. There are dozens of hiking and biking trails 20 minutes or less from Bozeman. We have two ski resorts within an hour of town and some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country. Rock climbing, ice skating, frisbee golf, ice climbing, snow shoeing, fishing, and much, much more. The winters are snowy, the summers are gorgeous, its a great town filled with friendly people and even friendlier dogs. The nightlife is fun, its a great college town (Go Bobcats!). And finally, it's a great size, getting the perks of a city and small town. Overall, 5/5, would recommend.
I love Bozeman and everything it has to offer for an active life style. Tho town offers a verity of outdoor activities from ice climbing in the winter to backpacking during the summer. It has the best views and friendliest of people.
Bozeman has almost endless recreational opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. It is a large town by Montana standards (small by those of densely populated states), but is surrounded by hills, mountains, fields, forests, etc. The city itself has a very simple and easy to navigate layout and is filled with quite friendly people and college students. The main complaints I have are a shortage of decent sized lakes in the area, and an extreme lack of options for acquiring food (dine-in, take-out, or delivery) after 8 pm on weekdays and after 5 on Sundays.
Bozeman is a wonderful town tucked in an area that allows people who enjoy the outdoors get lost a little bit
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Bozeman has been a wonderful welcoming town to live in. It has really become home over the past 4 years here. The community is very friendly, and the town is beautiful.
Very nice place to live! Unfortunately it's very white washed... Definitely visit! It's great and so close to beautiful mountains!
A perfect college town! A great university with lots of access to outdoor activities, skiing, horseback riding, float the rivers, Yellowstone Park and don't miss all the local craft breweries!
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