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My experience in Boynton was a pleasant one as desired of in a town to grow up. The people were for the most part friendly with the exception of a few of whom where and most likely still are a little rough around the edges.
Boynton has a lot of local places to eat and it is highly populated. Things are within short distance and it is a very culturally diverse area. There is diversity in age as well.
I love Boynton Beach, I have lived here my whole life. It has definitely become a much more popular city in the last few years. Lots of renovations, nicer houses and more night life. It's a small city with a lot of character.
Boynton Beach has always been a place I call home, I found no problems with my surroundings till I opened my eyes. Although I do enjoy the convenience of having many stores in less than a miles radius, it does cater to criminality. If I ever need to go to the mall I always drive 30 minutes to Wellington, for our local mall is run down and not very safe. The people love to constantly argue and tend to be rude. The biggest highlights of my town is the movie theater and the abundance of food variety! Boynton Beach will always hold a certain place in my heart, but a little change of scenery would open my eyes to what the world really has to offer me.
I lived in Boynton Beach for about fifteen years, the majority of my life. Boynton has a variety of neighborhoods and the shopping centers, restaurants, mall, etc. are available nearby. The city is diverse and I have never felt unsafe living in my community
I would like to see more money put into the smalltime neighborhoods and more attention brought to them. I love the fact that there's a lot of places to go and a lot of things to do and the fact that its centrally surrounded by other great small cities that have a lot of main attractions
Boynton Beach is a very diversified city in Palm Beach County. In the east part of the city you have your lower income housing with very deep-rooted loyal citizens. In the middle of the city you have a very busy and bustling main area with a huge mall, restaurants, movie theaters, ect. In the west part of Boynton Beach you have your senior citizen communities. Then even further west you have your new mega housing development for multi-family homes and communities with their own schools and shopping plazas.
This website is very user friendly. Every opportunity is very easy to apply for. Highly recommend this website for anyone short on time.
My experience been amazing as a child. I gre up to see different things. My school was really inspiring they never let me down at all; they have hope. I would like to see they kick all the drug addict people out of the good neighbors.
Open streets and not too congested like other nearby cities, the schools are not too diversified and commute time to work is heavy specially 95 North.
I have been a resident of palm beach county Florida for many many years. My son is a senior of Boynton Beach Community HS. He is in the graphic design academy and plays the saxophone and is a member of the marching, concert and jazz bands. We truly love the school and surrounding communities. Boynton Beach Florida is a great place to live, work, play, vacation and retire!
Boynton Beach is growing and lots of families and all the stores and restaurants you could want. Not an overly stuffy city. Very down to earth residents. Easy commute to either West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale as well.
Lots to do. Beach, malls, shops, parks. Not as expensive as other areas. You can save a lot of money by commuting from here. Centrally located and not far from Palm Beach or Ft Lauderdale. I would buy my house here again for sure.
I was raised here in Boynton Beach and as time has progressed and things have began to change the city that I call home has transitioned in so many ways physically and is changing each year that passes. My experience here has been okay although with the up coming generations growing older the crime rate has increased but it's no more or no less then any other city in under the Palm Beach County district. Boynton Beach has however stepped up in many ways as far as the community outreaches in the rural areas and they are striving to make the city a much better place.
Abandoned cars are left on the side of the road, which turn out to be stolen. Lots of vehicles getting broken into. Not many potholes in the road. Crime rate has gone up and nothing is really done about it because police take about 7 mins or longer to respond.
I don't see this area improving. The crime rate has gone up and any new residents move out within 5 months.
The police just need to respond quicker being that they stay less than a mile near my house.
I always feel safe in this area. there are a couple of "bad" high schools in the area but even so, there have not been events at these schools that have been so severe or important enough that the community needed to be made aware. in addition, there are always police present and the street lighting is definitely not lacking.
I love living in my area. it's very safe with a young and friendly population. the atmosphere is very warm and always feels like a perfect day. the climate is sometimes a little too humid but living next to the beach makes up for it.
The crimes here are bad. Shootings and fights happen here but mostly a shot can be heard once a week. There is always the smell of weed according to some people. I never smoke so I wouldn't know but I e heard about it so now I know how it smells. Cops are usually around the neighborhood.
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