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Lots of opportunity in the east but nothing in the west such as activities. Very beautiful city though.
I like that Boynton Beach is kind of a quiet town. A very friendly city with nice houses. I don't like that there isn't much to do at nighttime there.
I grew up in this city and i have met some amazing people both personal and professional. I'm not saying that this city is the best because sometimes bad things happen in my area, but I'm grateful to have lived in this area because I've learned a lot and i wouldn't be who i am today.
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I'm a Boynton Beach native and with the exceptions of moving away for a few colleges, have been here my entire life. I love this town and am proud to call it my home. It has a small-town feel with lots of little local beach-side places to go experience and explore. The biggest thing I would like to see change is an expansion of dog-friendly places and activities. A beach that I could freely bring my dogs to, where they could run around and play, would be an awesome thing.
Born and raised here. It is a growing city with room for even more growth. I have watched it change from cow pastures and two lane roads, into a bustling suburban area.
I was raised my whole life in Boynton Beach, and went to elementary, middle, and high school in the area. The local schools were good, and the area is safe. There are many opportunities for sports and other recreational activities, and the beach is close enough to go often. The weather can be hot, but is overall very nice, and there are plenty of restaurants and other attractions/activities, but without being too crowded or congested like some other areas in South Florida.
Great clean city. Very nice people. New and upcoming city. Close to the beach and beautiful beach. There are tons of places to eat food and go out with friends. Love living here.
Boynton beach is a very diverse town, we have everything to be relaxed many micro brews and great people
I used to work at a bar up here. The amount of drugs that I watched pass through the place was utterly sickening. i ended up losing my job because the owner didn't want to do anything about it because he would lose his bar.
I like the price of living there. I do not like that everything is a stripmall. I wish we had more wild spaces, forests, etc.
I have grown up in Boynton Beach and have lived here for 18 years. I have seen it grow and develop and it is a great place to live.
I moved to Florida from Michigan 7 years ago and have been living in Boynton Beach for about 4 years now. The neighborhoods I have lived in and the people in these neighborhoods have been great. I've always stayed fairly close to the highway so my commute to pretty much anywhere I needed to be was easy. The people in this city have been great and really makes me feel like I'm back home in Michigan. One of the things I would like to see change or would hope they would add to the city is good places to eat late night. Back home there are many "Coney Island's" restaurants which stay open 24/7. There is not much I can complain about with this city. The neighbors are very neighborly which was very important to me. If privacy is what you seek you can also get that without feeling like you are shunning people off.
well, the area where i current live in boynton is very calm and quiet.
no disturbances, the people are very kind.
I love Boynton Beach because it's a small town with everything in the area. I am literally 5 minutes or less away from the groceries, gas station, mall, etc.
I loved having the beach so close. A 10 minute drive and its white sand and blue waters. We could go fishing on the pier or take the drift boats out onto the ocean. We could rent jet ski's, or paddle boards. We brought picnic lunches and ate at the pavilion's they provided for people to sit under. Of course it rains everyday, but only for about 20 mins and then its sunny again. There are always some sort of arts and craft festivals or musical events and the restaurants....ooohhh don't get me started on the food. Such a variety of culture in southern Florida. I love it
I would like to see more crossing guards at the corner of each traffic light. Add more street lights in the low income neighborhoods. More affordable programs to for the children in the summer as well as after school.
Boynton Beach is beautiful and has access to a beautiful beach, a mall, and stores all around. It is not overcrowded and the people are very nice. Most neighborhoods are beautiful and so are the houses.
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Located just north of Delray Beach and south of Palm Beach, Boynton Beach offers visitors all varieties of seaside recreation, plus enticing shopping at the Boynton Beach Mall and downtown. The Boynton Beach Inlet provides nearly direct access to some of The Palm Beaches most beautiful coral and artificial reefs. And Boynton Beach’s OceanFront Park easily earns its reputation as one of South Florida’s most attractive beaches. Boynton Harbor Marina sports water activities for kids of all ages, as well as eco-adventures such as Everglades Day held at Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. All of this making you hungry? Dig in at Boynton Beach dining options that run the gamut from casual to ultra-fine.
Great place to grow up! Moderate to warm temperature 365 days a year. Family friendly community. Like living in a vacation!
My experience in Boynton was a pleasant one as desired of in a town to grow up. The people were for the most part friendly with the exception of a few of whom where and most likely still are a little rough around the edges.
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