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I grew up in Boynton and have lived there for about 24 years. Its a nice place to settle down and raise a family. I certainly enjoyed my childhood here. The public school system is also pretty good. During my time there I had the opportunity of going to brand new high school that had just been built up in that area. Its still pretty new and is a very technologically advanced high school. Not like some of the other older schools around the area. I definitely would consider a choice if I was settling down and wanted to start a family.
I sometimes do not feel safe here. Every other day you hear about something tragic happening. There are a lot of great shopping centers here, a lot of activities to do with your family. I have been living here for about 25 years and boynton has really changed. There is a great hospital here, the doctors are some of the best in the country. The cost of living is terrible. You'll pay over $1000 for rent but its not even in a decent neighborhood where you can raise your family. I hope that they plan on making some major changes here to make people want to live here.
The shopping malls are amazing. They have dining experiences that you can't even fathom. I have been through come good sites such as the movie theaters, the shopping centeres, platos closet, ross stores, walmart, great cuts and millenia malls.
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Has many family time events and many nice places to offer, but not a lot. More improvements on environment for kids to feel more safer. Nice place to live in, good diversity of groups.
I live walking distance to great restaurants and driving distance to two international airports as well as to great night life.
I would like to see more community involvement to help the kids have something to do. The city is before with a gorgeous beach. The elementary schools in the city are outstanding.
I like the area Boynton I live in. We are in walking distance to many stores and restaurants. The only thing I would change is the fake halfway houses opening up in my neighborhood and people doing drugs.
Boynton Beach is a great clean city, with very nice people. one of its perks is that is close to the beach. The diversity in food is super huge, tons of places to eat food and go out with friends. The neighborhoods I live in is super clean and quiet. Neighbors are very friendly and supportive which was very important to me.
I was born and raised in Boynton Beach, FL. It is very beautiful the beach is pretty cool if you aren't a resident. There's plenty to do shop, site see, eat, drink, and very eventful. I loved my experience in Boynton however, I've lived there all of my life and I am ready for a new scenery.
Boynton has been my home for nineteen years, and I am so happy I've been able to live here. The people in my neighborhood are so welcoming and kind, and are willing to help anyone in a second.
I have lived in Boynton Beach, FL for my entire life. It is a great place to live and visit. We have the best beaches in all of Florida. The water is crystal clear and have every kind of marine animal in our waters. You can go to the Everglades to the Ocean in 30 minutes. It's a great place to explore.
I love the diversity around here. There great restaurant to eat at and once the sun on down, you don't have to worry about many people out and about.
Boynton Beach is a city in Palm Beach County that is continually growing! It has nice restaurants, enjoyable shopping centers and it's close to the beach. I recommend Boynton Beach as a quiet beach getaway area.
I like that there is a lot to do in Boynton Beach now and that the properties are affordable. I've lived in different apartments in Boynton Beach and they were all in areas that were close to shopping, restaurants, and grocery stores. I primarily lived west of 95 but I see that they are trying to improve areas east of 95 as well.
There is a lot to do on the neighborhood. The people are friendly, and the weather is great. I have recently moved from lake worth, but I think that the environment of Boynton beach is impeccable in comparison.
Lived in Boynton beach for over 7 years, it is a very pleasant environment. Easy access to all you need.
Lots of opportunity in the east but nothing in the west such as activities. Very beautiful city though.
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I like that Boynton Beach is kind of a quiet town. A very friendly city with nice houses. I don't like that there isn't much to do at nighttime there.
I grew up in this city and i have met some amazing people both personal and professional. I'm not saying that this city is the best because sometimes bad things happen in my area, but I'm grateful to have lived in this area because I've learned a lot and i wouldn't be who i am today.
I'm a Boynton Beach native and with the exceptions of moving away for a few colleges, have been here my entire life. I love this town and am proud to call it my home. It has a small-town feel with lots of little local beach-side places to go experience and explore. The biggest thing I would like to see change is an expansion of dog-friendly places and activities. A beach that I could freely bring my dogs to, where they could run around and play, would be an awesome thing.
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