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Small town but easy commute to cities. This area was once a lot of farmland and is now getting built up with houses. There are nice small businesses too.
Boyertown is a very good place to start a family life...except growing up there I've seen a few things I would have changed if I could...the schools are quick to push students to next grade levels by relying on species ed programs....instead of more tutoring programs to teach the student.... key focuses should be more about how the schools education is used in adulting..

Boyertown roadways are too compacted...i constantly feel to close to vehicles and nervous apon hitting vehicles parked in approved areas as the roadways are all narrow...boyertown is to focused on trying to bring alive some sort of history they swear boyertown has instead of making improvements on what the town actually could use...we don't need museums we need better parks more education activities available to better each resident of boyertown future as a number one objective
Boyertown has a nice surrounding area but the town itself is not very nice. the town homes down main street are just run down and all of the shops look horrible. The best addition to the area in years was the Wawa on Rt 100. The school is decent at best and there is no cultural diversity in this area at all. It is literally 95% white people. Also there is a huge drug problem.
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Boyertown is an interesting place. I'd really like to see the safety level of this small town to increase.
I enjoyed my experience in the school district. It is also close to other towns, so it is easy to go to different places. A change I would make, would be to have more activities to do within the town. When you are looking for something to do at night, you have to go elsewhere to see a movie, play mini golf, play arcade games, etc.
I like the closeness of everything. Shopping, mail, bank, gas. I dont like the congestion on the main street. Wonderful parks and resources and events if your a parent. It is like anywhere else it is what you make it, but there is some peace of mind and sense of community to be found.
I attend Boyertown Senior High School and the community is so supportive all of the athletic and academic achievements that we have accomplished. Everyone attends fairs,basketball games, and school meetings because we love being in this community. Football games are always jam packed with a student section cheering for our team, the band gets the fans wild, and the families and fellow teachers cheer for their children on the team. All the teachers here excel in their degrees and go the extra step to make sure that no child is falling behind. It is a small town so the crime rate is very low. It is a small suburban town with many housing developments spread throughout different townships and communities. There is a lot of diversity, my school alone is a mix of Latinos, African Americans, but the majority of the students and staff are white. Many students walk to the high school, but transportation is available in all the elementary schools, junior highs and the high school as well.
Boyertown is a very small town. It's a pretty good place to grow up in, but besides being a place to call home, it doesn't have very much to offer.
It's not the worst area to live in.
Not the best, not much out there.
In this area we have lots of local "mom-and-pop" shops supported by the community.
We have quite a few "mom-and-pop" shops, as well as chain companies so there's a good mix. The only problem is, a lot of them are very similar in what they offer. There is an over abundance of hair salons and pizza shops in Boyertown.
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