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Boyd is a very tight-knit community with wealthy families running all aspects of life throughout Boyd whether it be from law enforcement, school or business. If you aren't liked or aren't part of their group you will most likely be run out of town. This is strictly a place to go if you want to do nothing great with your life.
Middle of no where and people are super inbred and dumb and racist . lots of meth head idiots. And now since californians are buying up land rents are skyrocketing. I would not recommend living or moving here.
Boyd really doesn't have a high crime rate. Almost everyone gets along or keeps the peace.
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Boyd is a small town. We have one red light, a small grocery store and Allsups gas station is where the highschoolers spend most of their my opinion it's a great place to be. You get to experience the general "small town" experience in the best way. I would definitely live here again if I could start over. I could see myself starting a family here. However, Boyd is getting bigger. Within the last few years, we've added a Sonic drive in, a new high school, added on to the Allsups, Freedom Fried Burgers, and a few hair and nail salons.
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