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Boxford boasts the safety and peacefulness of a rural town, while being close to larger towns and cities. It is an ideal place to raise a family with wonderful schools, libraries, and even ice cream.
Boxford is a very nice town with great public schools but there are no gas stations or stores of any kind, it is very agriculturally based.
Very safe, well kept area
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Great place to raise kids, excellent school system. Only complaint is that residents put too much worth on material items and large houses
I have not noticed anything bad about this towns crime. The only article about my town that has been made public was when some cows escaped from a nearby farm and crashed someone's backyard party. Otherwise I feel very safe.
Living in Boxford is quiet and has grown on me. I love being there to visit my parents because the atmosphere is very calm and peaceful. I have been living in Newton for school, which has more people and things to do in the area. I enjoy having this around me to spend time doing, but I love the quiet and peacefulness as it is a good escape from busy life.
Boxford is a safe place to live although we do not have many streetlights and we have a lot of potholes.
Boxford is a nice quiet town with lots of walking trails, but it is in the middle of nowhere. You need to drive at least fifteen minutes to get anything other than pizza and even then the option are limited. Boxford is also not racially diverse at all. According to the 2010 census over 97% of Boxford's residents are white and we have a population of over 8000 people. I do enjoy being relax in my yard without seeing any other houses because of nice tree cover, but the privacy does not make up for the fact that there are no resteraunts around. I do not attend the local high school so I do not have any right to speak about this but I have heard from some people that it is not a great environment.
Four different seasons -- great stuff!
Few options due to rural setting.
Good individual attention and high level of service.
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