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I have just moved here and I really enjoy the small town feel. I like that it is secluded but I do wish there were more stores closer to the town so I would not have to drive into Rapid City all the time. There seems to be a lot of room for development and I am excited to see what is done with the town. Everyone at city hall was very welcoming and helped me get started in this little town
It's a small area outside of Rapid City and right next to a Air Force Base, so though there is loud sounds of planes going both day and night, the people are friendly and respectful. The only problem I do have is with the cities water policies, they seem geared to take money from residents.
Underrated. There are nice parts and there are not so nice parts. For folks in the Air Force, the proximity to Ellsworth AFB is great - and it's super close (10 minutes) to downtown Rapid City if you're wanting a night out on the town. Depending on the side of town you live on, you could be in Rapid City Schools or Box Elder Schools. Rapid's have a bit of a budget problem... Also, the town bleeds into Meade County (most of it is in Pennington County). So be sure to take that into consideration - taxes can vary.
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I like being close to the Air Force base. It makes the community feel safer. Although I've been here for 2 years, I like the area. There's not a lot to do in the city though unless you're involved with some sort of club or activity.
Terrible quality. Everything breaks all the time.
You have to find the good people. At times, all we hear about is the bad, but if you look closely, a large part of our community is a true community.
The area is great, the people not so much.
Not a bad area but not my favorite place to live. May be better for families and people who love the outdoors.
The crime in box elder is mostly sex crimes and drugs done by sex offenders, it seems. Besides the neighborhood chomo, there is nothing too serious to worry about in box elder. EAFB gives the community a great sence of security. Police are around, but they discriminate against men. Being female has made things a lot easier when dealing with the police.
Winter gets terrible storms and is extremely cold. Summer time there are temperatures that cab reach well over 100 degrees fahrenheit. The weather is extream, on both ends of the spectrum spectrum. The weather is often beautiful and allows for a lot of out door activities. Natural disaster has never been a huge problem. Fires are probably what has affected my loved ones most, one year a tree got struck by lightening and my father and neighbors had to work hard with the firemen to save their animals and land.
There are not many options I would call nice, however there is a variety of restaurants. From Korean to Dairy Queen, most is fast food or a gas station restaurant. There are 1 or 2 bars in box elder. The belle star is probably the most popular business in town.
The area is expanding and building more gas stations, restaurants, and even a dollar store is now in this small town. It's not bringing a lot of long term careers to the area, but they're jobs.
Local business in box elder would include Kang San, J & L grocery, the jug and 4u gas station. The employees know their local customers and build that customers repeated business. Box Elder is such a small town that developing relationships between customers and business is inevitable. When there is a problem with one of these businesses the consumer is able to voice their opinion and see a solution.
Box Elder is within close proximity to many of South Dakota's national parks. My family and I could not be Happier with the access to hunting and hiking as well as other outdoor and water activities.
Box Elder is a very safe and protected community. Local police are very visible and involved with the local community whether it be the schools or just involving themselves in town activities. In addition, the local volunteer fire department is centrally located and have extremely quick response times. Neighbors are very attentive and always quick to report any fowl play making the area feel very safe and secure.
Proximity to all local public services is great! The local fire station is centrally located and employs a large number of volunteers who are very knowledgeable in their specified careers. The Police station is also easily accessible from any part of the community and has very quick response times. In addition, local laws are very effective in maintaining order within the community making the crime rate extremely miniscule. I am not very familiar with the local and state representatives for this area and do not wish to comment on that topic at this time.
In Box Elder we have the opportunity to experience all of the seasons. Summers are beautiful often boasting temperatures in the 80's and winter's are usually mild with occasional winter storms. Overall it is a beautiful place to live in which all activities, to include both winter and summer, can be enjoyed.
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Box Elder is a small community and although there are employment opportunities in the local area, the type of employment available is somewhat limited. However, Rapid City is a much larger city which boast a plethora of employment opportunities for which the commute is often less than 20 minutes.
Box Elder is home to wide variety of cuisine. Everything from American to Greek and even Thai cuisine is available within the Box Elder city limits. The Gyro Hub which serves popular Greek dishes is my family's favorite place to eat. It is kid friendly and offers a great alternative to the standard American food options that we so often resort to. It is a family run restaurant with a great atmosphere that is very inviting.
Box Elder, SD has a plethora of local establishments. My family and I enjoy the small town feel that Box Elder offers while still being within such close proximity to Rapid City. Everything necessary for day to day life is readily available or within 15 miles from our home. There is everything from friendly dry cleaning services to fully stocked convenience stores and gas stations as well as unique and versatile eating establishments that are sure to please a large variety of individuals.
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