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Bowling Green, Ohio is the best place I have ever lived. So many amazing people live here to make up an amazing community that cares and is friendly.
Bowling Green is a small community with a big heart. It is a great town to go to school in and has everything I need close by.
Quiet and beautiful town! My sister attended BGSU and this upcoming semester I intend to follow in her footsteps!
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Great college town for young to-be professionals. It is, however, lacking activities and events for residents that are not part of the university.
Cute little town with loads to do, especially when the students invade! The nightlife is booming with people of all ages; there's goth night, 80's night, and many more themed nights at the bars. The library is always expanding, everyone knows everyone. Grounds for thought is the best coffee place around.
I have lived and worked in Bowling Green, Ohio, for over 27 years. I was a police officer in the city for over 22 years, and have found our city to be one of the safest in the State of Ohio. It was voted by Ohio Magazine as one of Ohio's Best Hometowns in both 2017 and 2008. With a vibrant downtown, niche shops, and a college feel, the city boast a "young" mentality that brings people from all over the world to our small town. Once here, many stay on to work, play, and raise a family in a small town with many amenities and not far from other metropolitan areas. With its rich history and tradition, Bowling Green, Ohio is a great place to live, work and play!
I live downtown and I feel very safe and protected. Parking can be strange though, my parking lot is about 3 blocks from where I live. I would like to have a closer space, but much of it is paid city parking. Food is very accessible, and roadways are almost always clear in the winter. I am a commuter student of Bowling Green State University so that is very important to me.
If you enjoy a lively city, then Bowling Green is a great place to visit. There are plenty of small shops downtown to see as well as having an excellent university. Almost everyone you meet will be a friendly face willing to help others. They have a phenomenal education system for all ages and produce great citizens. Most areas are well kept and maintained. There are also great local restaurants to eat at as well. I absolutely love living in this city and enjoy every second of it.
Good active community, has college presence and participation. Traffic and law enforcement are adequate, nightlife and sport events are held at excellent facilities. Community and roads are well maintained, night shift work/sleep can be difficult in summer do to noise/parties though. Food choices are good and overall diversity of population is good since college students are of diverse backgrounds.
Despite the obscene amount of road work and the many people who can't drive/walk in front of traffic, there is nothing not to love about BG.
This town is amazing. Normally when you are in a college town, there I see huge disconnect from the local community. That is not the case in Bowling Green OH. The community gives college students and long terms events, and festivals that allow us to connect by showcasing our talents. This promotes growth in the community, and improves communication city wide. There are even farmers markets held throughout the year, that give locals, and college students access to a lot of healthy organic produce.
Bowling green,oh is a very small family oriented/ college town. If you don't have a form of transportation most places are within walking distance from the University or residential areas. A few things I would change about our town is to have more jobs opportunitues for the unemployment , build more kid friendly places for children, and build more resturants.
Its a pretty nice place except for the occasional obnoxious college students. They are far and few but they do exist. Everything is fairly priced and there is a good variety of stores within the area. Overall its a good place.
I came to Bowling Green for college (when I tried the first time) and I absolutely love the town. I wasn't so sure of it to begin with but I've been here since 2011 and it's a wonderful town. Small, but the people are friendly and once you become a "townie" things become fun in the summer/throughout the year.
Bowling Green is a perfect mix between the country and a big town setting. There is a wide diversity of people and places to go that make Bowling Green unique. Bowling Green might have a reputation of a college town however, my experiences has proves it is still comfortable and a safe place to live.
Great city with a bustling night life for those who enjoy that sort of thing. College student culture from BGSU is seeped into nearly every fiber of the town's being; you can't escape the college student life style. If you aren't a student and instead are one of the "townies", this can get tiresome, albeit one can never say there's any lack of excitement or things to do.
There are plenty of stores and restaurants around town, which is very convenient and time/gas effective--although with nearly everything within walking distance, car ownership isn't necessary. Many opportunities always available and opening up for jobs and renting! Events such as the Animarathon convention hosted in the Student Union building, or the farmer's market in the warm seasons are something to look forward to as well!
Overall i really enjoy Bowling Green the city and Bowling Green the University simply because they offer so many different aspects and perspectives about the environment. Bowling Green has a very open community that gives their students a chance to be open about who they are and where they come from. Even the environment in the Bowling Green is very diverse and integrated with the students and the locals as well. From the nightlife to the safety of the campus Bowling Green is very protective and hands on with both the community, the students, and the locals
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Nice, small college town in Northwest Ohio. The neighborhoods are safe and clean, the schools are well above average, and the cost of living is affordable. There are plenty of local, family-owned restaurants that have been here for decades and are very popular amongst "townies." There is plenty of nightlife downtown on the weekends. The college gives the town some diversity. The biggest downside is the town's location: besides Perrysburg to the north, Bowling Green is surrounded by farms and open fields so the nearest city is 30+ minutes away (Toledo).
Bowling Green, Ohio is a beautiful city. It's not difficult to find something to do that interests oneself. From a cozy coffee shop to a craft store to a sports bar and so much more, there's always something new and exciting for both visitors and residents of this wonderful city. Everywhere you go there are friendly faces to remind you that sometimes all you need in life is to unwind and explore a little. A few minor changes I could see made would be more clear street signs indicating speed limits, as well as a few minor road repairs. Aside from that, I have no negative comments about the city of Bowling Green, and I'd recommend it to any and all.
Bowling Green, Ohio is the definition of quaint, little, humble, neighborly, boring town. Don't get me wrong about the latter part. The Town may be boring due to the lack of modern stores, malls, movie theaters, restaurants, and diversity, but it is a nice little town. A town where neighbors care for one another, where children play freely, and everyone knows the local business owners. The city is predominantly a college town, so of course the main street buzz is surrounded by the bar nightlife and typical Fraternities nd sororities. Looking past that, one can find an honest little town with people who care and seem to live under a bubble of security and day to day monotony. This is town where you retire or raise a family. This is not the two for a young adult or someone with big dreams.
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