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It's definitely a place I love living. The have very nice resources for everyone in the town to use. The organization of this town is amazing.
Bowling Green is a good town. It provides a lot of variety for anybody who comes, with everything from local businesses and shops to larger chains that people will be comfortable with from their own cities! It's a good place to go to expand a person's horizons without stepping outside of their comfort zone.
Bowling Green is a great college town with lots of options for students and families. Although the local university is a large school, you still get the small town feeling that is welcoming and relaxing. It's a nice escape to relax and work or focus on studies. For entertainment or events, there is always nearby Nashville or Louisville.
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Bowling Green is a great college town with fun night life. You get a small town feel as well without the traffic of a huge city.
Bowling Green is a growing college town full of diversity and opportunities for young families and retired couples. It has a thriving music and art scene as well as fabulous local boutiques and coffee shops. And while there are many sidewalks on the campus of Western Kentucky University, I hope to see more pedestrian and bike friendly areas off-campus as well.
Bowling Green is too small of a town and the crime is getting out of hand. Since I've been here which has been been for 5 years m, there has been 4 deaths and no one was caught for it.
Beautiful town with friendly people! I have lived here for several years and enjoy growing my career in this town.
I lived in Bowling Green for 4.5 years. It is growing so much every day and continues to offer more things that nearby Nashville, TN has. I can't wait to see how it changes over the next several years and will cherish every opportunity I have to go visit. I especially recommend visiting Eastside Church of Christ. They were my home away from home in college and even now. Visit BG!
I love the family orientated hometown feel. My family is slowly beginning to call this place home. There is so much to do here from Chaney's dairy farm to the water paradise at Russell Sims Aquatic Center. The milk and eggs are well below the national average and tax is low. When we came in winter we had no ideal that in the Summer time the town would explode into life. This town maybe small but it is booming with business all over the place. Home of the Corvette and many other leading industries. I am so happy that we made this place our new home.
its a great place to live on your own for the first time. with all the food, fun and work options you have plentiful to keep you active . there are a wide verieity of places to live from in town to out in the woods there is a place that will fit your living style
Bowling Green is a clean and safe city where many opportunities for education and growth lie. I grew up in Bowling Green, so I will always see this as my home town. Everything from the fun activities, to restaurants, to the beautiful parks, just feels like home.
Bowling Green is a nice college town. I like the diversity and sources of entertainment. Traffic can be bad at times.
I will be moving there in August because I am getting married. So far I have never been there but I have heard good things about Bowling Green so I am hoping I will be able to make a new home there with my new husband.
Bowling Green is a middle sized town that has both city and country regions. Bowling Green has an abundant amount of restaurants and stores available to the community with plenty of job offers. It's a great place for anyone to raise a family.
Bowling Green is a perfect combination of rural small town life with a thriving college community. With the most restaurants per capita of any city other than Las Vegas, in Bowling Green there is always somewhere new and exciting to eat. For those who like to live outside the city, there are several options for city and county schools for K-12 students. Western Kentucky University is among the best schools in KY and is centered on top of a hill overlooking the town. Bowling Green's public park system consists of many parks and programs open to the public for your enjoyment. For a fun summer day, Bowling Green's very own minor league team, the Hot Rods, are in town often with their games ending in fireworks. If you're looking for a diverse town with a little bit of everything and a low cost of living, Bowling Green is just the place for you.
Bowling Green is your perfect small town feel without being too small. There are several wonderful places to eat and things to do that make the area special. My favorite spot is lost River Cave.
Bowling Green has a great local art scene. There is also a sense of community while still feeling urban. I ha e been here for 12 years and it is the longest I have lived any place.
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I moved to Bowling Green for college from a larger town. At first it was an adjustment, but I have grown to love it. My favorite things are the people, consignment shops, and cost of living. I have made more friends here than I ever made in the city I lived in for 15 years before this. People are both friendly and diverse. I feel safe in most areas, and the cost of living is super affordable (saying this as someone who has been a student the past 4 years). It has sufficient options for food and shopping, and is located with convenient access to Louisville and Nashville when you want a little more.
Nice quiet town. Growing fast. Safe to raise family. Many restaurant choices. Good schools for children. High School sports competitive. Many job opportunities. And of course the Corvette plant and museum!
Bowling Green is a pretty town with a good mixture of rural charm and city-like atmosphere. I live there when I'm not at school. The people are hospitable and generally kind. The night life scene is relatively small, but people seem to have fun. The public schools may need some work in places but are relatively satisfactory. It's a generally safe town, and if I walk at night in the more populated areas I don't feel in danger. It's very family friendly, sporting a theme park as well as many playgrounds on parks. Some parks host events, one in particular being Keep It Clean In Bowling Green, an event to promote recycling and other green efforts. The real estate market offers beautiful houses of all variety and ranges. The city section of it is relatively diverse, but is not perfect; it is still a majorly white and straight environment.
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