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Bowling Green is a great place to attend college. There are so many housing options to chose from. The cost of living is very affordable and many options are close to Western Kentucky University. It provides a lot of things to do, such as Lost River Cave and the Corvette museum. You hardly ever hear of anything bad happening here. If you like to dine out, this is the place for you. Bowling Green is home to a variety of restaurants.
Bowling Green isn't really my choice of place to live; however, I do like that everything is within 10-15 of my home. There are several restaurants, stores, the mall, the college campus, downtown, and nature sites. It's nice to have such close options with some beautiful sights.
Wow what can I not sat about Bowling Green, KY. This small town has so much beauty, although the town is surrounding a college campus the students of WKU know to respect Bowling Green for all its beauty. we have so many cultures within Bowling Green and have open arms for the many more that want to become apart of our town! A walk around downtown with make you feel like you were taken back in time. The beautiful historic homes and WKU campus will have you in ah. Come join us!!!
Bowling Green is filled with diversity, so if culture is your thing, then Bowling Green, KY is THE place to be!
Bowling Green, ky, is a quiet little place with the campus and heart of a big college town. the downtown life is small, but with such a short drive to either Nashville or Louisville, its never a problem. The people are nice, the air is clean, and I had a pretty great childhood growing up here.
I've lived here all my life and it is a pretty amazing city. I love how well the community can get together, how diverse the city has been getting over the years, and new opportunities and events becoming available to us. What I would change is to provide more fun and interesting things for us because there isn't a lot of things to do in the city without repeating what you've already done.
Bowling is my home town, so there's not a lot of bad stuff that I can say about it. I do really wish that we had more space on some roads to drive. Roads in town suck to drive on.
There's plenty to do around town, and there's usually some big event going on somewhere, like the International Festival in September (one of my favorite things that goes on here). There's also plenty of restaurants; Bowling Green is sort of a testing zone for new restaurants, so there's several food options.
I've lived here my whole life and I think it's pretty good here. It's a college town and there's a lot of cool restaurants.
Very difficult to navigate without a car, and public transportation is not very efficient. Nice town with a lot of variety for dining, but rather far away from other places.
I love Bowling Green! I moved here for college and have decided to make it a little bit more permanent by also attending graduate school as well. I wish there were more local activities do besides things like bowling, going to the movies, or attending something at WKU. I would love to see more outdoors activities. I also love that Bowling Green has so many local shops and restaurants that are heavily supported by the community!
Bowling is a beautiful, growing city in Kentucky. There are interesting places to go like the park, Lost River Cave, Jump Zone, the bowling alley, and the Skate Box. Bowling Green also has an amazing selection of resturants and shopping centers. It is also a very clean city that the majority of citizens feel safe in.
Great city that is constantly growing. Its a beautiful college town and wonderful people. There is several attractions in bowling green including the corvette plant. As well as a great mall and several good places to eat. This city is constantly growing adding new attractions.
I think the area could be a lot nicer considering there was more community involvement. The roads are dirty and need repaving. There is a huge lack of police presence in areas that need it. The schools need to be more developed, the population is very uneducated. It is not a safe environment to raise children.
Bowling Green has several restaurants, but is lacking entertainment. I would like to see an arcade or wider variety of sports. The music venue is too expensive for most people to afford. We have 2 movie theatres and a mall, but is missing the variety that most cities of this size has to offer. Housing costs and taxes are too expensive as well. I choose to commute into Bowling Green from a nearby town for work.
I really like that Bowling green has just about every kind of store for your every day needs, but I don't like how crowded everything is.
Bowling Green is a colorful area. It's not too urban, not too rural. Nice people with a great southern charm. Overall a great place to start a family.
This is a first use with Niche and am very excited to see what it could bring!! The format seems very user friendly and well thought out.
It's a great town for people of all ages! The people are friendly, and it has great schools for children. Western Kentucky University is located in Bowling Green and it's such an amazing school.
Bowling Green is a big town with a wide variety of restaurants and shopping opportunities. I like having plenty of options to choose from and people are very friendly anywhere you go. The only thing that I would like to see change in Bowling Green is the roads. The traffic is always backed up because Bowling Green has a large population but the roads aren't built for the population size.
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