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Bowling Green is a perfect combination of rural small town life with a thriving college community. With the most restaurants per capita of any city other than Las Vegas, in Bowling Green there is always somewhere new and exciting to eat. For those who like to live outside the city, there are several options for city and county schools for K-12 students. Western Kentucky University is among the best schools in KY and is centered on top of a hill overlooking the town. Bowling Green's public park system consists of many parks and programs open to the public for your enjoyment. For a fun summer day, Bowling Green's very own minor league team, the Hot Rods, are in town often with their games ending in fireworks. If you're looking for a diverse town with a little bit of everything and a low cost of living, Bowling Green is just the place for you.
Bowling Green is your perfect small town feel without being too small. There are several wonderful places to eat and things to do that make the area special. My favorite spot is lost River Cave.
Bowling Green has a great local art scene. There is also a sense of community while still feeling urban. I ha e been here for 12 years and it is the longest I have lived any place.
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I moved to Bowling Green for college from a larger town. At first it was an adjustment, but I have grown to love it. My favorite things are the people, consignment shops, and cost of living. I have made more friends here than I ever made in the city I lived in for 15 years before this. People are both friendly and diverse. I feel safe in most areas, and the cost of living is super affordable (saying this as someone who has been a student the past 4 years). It has sufficient options for food and shopping, and is located with convenient access to Louisville and Nashville when you want a little more.
Nice quiet town. Growing fast. Safe to raise family. Many restaurant choices. Good schools for children. High School sports competitive. Many job opportunities. And of course the Corvette plant and museum!
Bowling Green is a pretty town with a good mixture of rural charm and city-like atmosphere. I live there when I'm not at school. The people are hospitable and generally kind. The night life scene is relatively small, but people seem to have fun. The public schools may need some work in places but are relatively satisfactory. It's a generally safe town, and if I walk at night in the more populated areas I don't feel in danger. It's very family friendly, sporting a theme park as well as many playgrounds on parks. Some parks host events, one in particular being Keep It Clean In Bowling Green, an event to promote recycling and other green efforts. The real estate market offers beautiful houses of all variety and ranges. The city section of it is relatively diverse, but is not perfect; it is still a majorly white and straight environment.
I moved to Bowling green to enroll at WKU. The school is a great school. The town is small, not a lot to do but the people are very friendly. There needs to be more job opportunities...more corporations.
There are several great things about Bowling Green Kentucky, first and foremost there is an never a shortage of places to eat. There is several new places being added every week as far as, shopping centers and numerous buildings. Bowling Green is home to Western Kentucky University and was recently listed as when the most beautiful campuses in the nation. As a resident for close to seven years I feel completely safe living in Bowling Green. The only issue I have is the job market is slim and if you have an advanced degree you may not be able to find employment.
Bowling Green is a nice place to go to college! There are plenty of things to do here despite its small town reputation.
Bowling Green is a beautiful place with natural beauty all around it. The town is very quiet and i can see that it's improving. There is a nice college there as well, and the college (WKU) has a beautiful campus. The mall could use a little work, but i really did enjoy my trips to Bowling Green and cannot wait to begin my college experience there.
Bowling Green is now the third largest city in Kentucky, following Lexington and Louisville. The crime rate is low, unemployment is below average, and it is the home of Wester Kentucky University. I obtained my undergraduate degree from Western Kentucky University. Bowling Green continues to grow and prosper.
I love Bowling Green. I grew up in Louisville and am in Bowling Green for college. It is great town because it is not too small but is not too big. There is hardly any traffic, doesn't take more than 15 to get anywhere, there are SO many places to eat, and plenty of things to do. There are plenty of local places to get involved in like churches, Boys and Girls Club, Young Life, and the Humane Society. It's great.
Bowling Green is a college town with lots of restaurants and lots of stores for shopping. It is has several road exits from I-65 and is less than an hours drive from Nashville, Tennessee.
Bowling Green is a great place to attend college. There are so many housing options to chose from. The cost of living is very affordable and many options are close to Western Kentucky University. It provides a lot of things to do, such as Lost River Cave and the Corvette museum. You hardly ever hear of anything bad happening here. If you like to dine out, this is the place for you. Bowling Green is home to a variety of restaurants.
Bowling Green isn't really my choice of place to live; however, I do like that everything is within 10-15 of my home. There are several restaurants, stores, the mall, the college campus, downtown, and nature sites. It's nice to have such close options with some beautiful sights.
Wow what can I not sat about Bowling Green, KY. This small town has so much beauty, although the town is surrounding a college campus the students of WKU know to respect Bowling Green for all its beauty. we have so many cultures within Bowling Green and have open arms for the many more that want to become apart of our town! A walk around downtown with make you feel like you were taken back in time. The beautiful historic homes and WKU campus will have you in ah. Come join us!!!
Bowling Green is filled with diversity, so if culture is your thing, then Bowling Green, KY is THE place to be!
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Bowling Green, ky, is a quiet little place with the campus and heart of a big college town. the downtown life is small, but with such a short drive to either Nashville or Louisville, its never a problem. The people are nice, the air is clean, and I had a pretty great childhood growing up here.
I've lived here all my life and it is a pretty amazing city. I love how well the community can get together, how diverse the city has been getting over the years, and new opportunities and events becoming available to us. What I would change is to provide more fun and interesting things for us because there isn't a lot of things to do in the city without repeating what you've already done.
Bowling is my home town, so there's not a lot of bad stuff that I can say about it. I do really wish that we had more space on some roads to drive. Roads in town suck to drive on.
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