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What i really like about Bowie is how diverse it is. There are a great variety of schools and shops and it is a relatively short commute into DC.
I've lived in Bowie my whole life. It doesn't get more suburban living than this. Everyone knows everyone. It's a small city. But I love it.
Bowie is a interesting place, it's part of PG County, which is one of the most affluent African-American communities in the entire country. Bowie is very clean, very well put together, and very peaceful. Rarely unwanted crime or violence are presence, while they're are skateparks, theme parks, and other attractions to draw attention to it's residents
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Bowie is a great place to live. I have grown up here and want to remain living here. There is a lot that Bowie offers for families and I believe it's located in a very central area. Bowie is a great place to raise a family it's very affluent and safe.
Bowie is a very safe community that will make you feel welcome. The schools are some of the best in the county. Crime is low compared to the rest of the county. Cost of living is a little high, but worth it.
Bowie has many beautiful parks to enjoy with family. Bowie is conveniently located near interstate 495, 295, 95 and route 50. Close to Washington, D.C. and Virginia.
Bowie is a wonderful place to live. It is very family oriented and diverse. I love the fact that Washington, DC is only 20 minutes away. My only gripe would be that the property taxes are high. I am looking forward to seeing even more positive things that Bowie, MD has to offer in the years to come.
I moved from Upper Marlboro, Maryland to Bowie this summer and I thought that the area was nicer than I currently had. Within two month, I had my wheels stolen off my vehicle as well as my passenger side back window busted in. I love the Bowie Town Center but the apartments here are susceptible to thieves and other criminals. Overall, it is an average place to live. It is really expensive to rent an apartment here. My rent for 3 bedroom is $1986.
It's a great town, and a great place to raise your children. As a person in my late 20s I feel safe in this town. The only down fall to this place is there isn't alot of events for kids my age.
Bowie is a large, clean friendly town with a fairly fun town with lots to do. A couple of malls, stores, community centers. Bowie also includes a lot of smaller townships so there's plenty
This is my favorite area to live in PG county. Have been here most of my life. It's a great place for families and it's very safe.
I have been living in the area for a year and a half now and this area is very family friendly. I attend the community college down the street and there are plenty of means for public transportation.
It has a great sense of culture and the atmosphere is lively, friendly and clean. I've enjoyed living in this city for over 3 years now and I've always felt safe, welcomed and appreciated. There are a lot of farmer's markets, small businesses, as well as, big name stores and restaurants within the area.
I like the small niche historical spots in Bowie like the Radio Museum and Belair Mansion. I wish there were more small coffee spots and independently owned businesses that would add more individuality to the city.
Bowie is a very family friendly area to live in. There are many schools around, and there is easy access to many restaurants and shopping centers.
I enjoy the community of Bowie because of it's genuine comradery and pleasant personalities. The people are kind and the area is extremely clean. I would like to have more community events.
Bowie is a suburb of Washington DC. It is diverse and the cost of homes is reasonable for the Washington area. Very pro family. Nice neighborhoods.
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a very nice quiet city with everything within walking distance. No sense of danger and plenty of children attending nearby schools.
Bowie is a quaint town in Maryland. Being a resident here has allowed me to network with people, gain a better education, and even help me discover who I am as an adult. Although I do like to travel and experience other places, I see myself living here for years to come.
Current student renting in Bowie. Its pretty safe and convenient for me since I go to school here, but the public transport is limited in terms of the times it runs. So having a car is in my opinion needed to get around.
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