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195 reviews
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I really enjoy the diversity of the city. It is very much updated and is in the middle of every other surrounding city. The cost of living is fair enough for a family of four to a young adult. There are many office jobs and retail jobs in the city.
Bowie is a great place to raise a family. It is close to Maryland's major cities, but I wouldn't like to see it become over crowded.
There is always something to do in the area. The job opportunities are endless however, I sometimes worry about the safety due to neighboring areas.
Great Neighborhood. Safe and close to the 50. Area seems to be not to crowded. Many stores and restaurants around.
my years at the glorious Bowie state university have been the most fun and challenging years of my life. I have experience a great deal of opportunity and success being apart of the student government association, student leader association, resident hall treasurer, and a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, INC.
I enjoy living in Bowie because I feel a sense of community and safety. Bowie is a very family oriented city and has many conveniences that other cities do not offer. There are stores, restaurants, professional practices, and parks all within 5 minutes of my home. While everything is close by, I still do not feel the congestion I would feel if I lived in a place such as New York City or DC. However, with all of the rapid development happening in Bowie, it is possible that the city will soon feel congested like other common cities. I believe that Bowie should stop building companies so rapidly because this can take away from the quiet, family oriented city I am used to and replace it with crime and congestion.
Bowie, is a beautiful city to live at. The city is very diverse with friendly neighbors with kind hearts who receive other people with a warm welcome. There are different of bowie that you can visit for relaxation and also fun activities. The bowie city hall is a very knowledgeable place to visit if one wants to know more about bowie. The town center is very beautiful with different stores in about walking distance. The restaurant foods in bowie are great and very delicious. In all, bowie is a place to call home for people who are super friendly and love quiet neighborhoods.
Bowie has been my home my entire life I always love the town center and I'm glad that there finally expanding the mall right now. One thing I want to change is to somehow improve public schools
I loved that is was so safe and family friendly. Markets near by and restaurants. My church was near by. Apartments that I lived in were just so well kept up. I love it!
I have enjoyed that Bowie is a very diverse area. Being able to live close to the nation's capital without having to deal with all of the issues that come with living in "the big city" has been great. The schools are good, the people are friendly, and it is overall very well maintained.
Great schools and place to raise a family in. Top notch Visual and Performing Art Schools as well. Lots of entertainment for the whole family including pets.
Bowie is a great city filled with great people. Their neighborhoods are tranquil and relaxing. It is nice to be able to walk outside and see people walking their dogs and playing in the park without worrying about something tragic happening to you. The atmosphere in most parts of Bowie is very pleasant.
I love that Bowie is very Diverse. Amongst other areas in PG County, Bowie is a calm place and I like the fact that you can wake up and walk your dog or take a jog and you see others happily doing the same thing. It's a very nice quiet and reserved place. Bowie high school produces amazing students and I love it!
I arrived bowie about 3 months ago.
It is located east of Maryland in a county known as prince georges.
Bowie is a calm residential area where people with non-communial setup.
This setting makes it difficult for someone who is new in the USA like a student to survive in. For instance, its practically hard to live in Bowie without owing a private car since the public transportation schedules are limited and does not cover round the clock. The only alternatives which are quite expensive is taxi, uber or lyft.
Again the people who live around here are very private and do not like to socialize well with strangers.
With regards to the good sides of Bowie, it is a place to have a peaceful life. As long as you are mobile, it is one of the best places to raise well behaved children. There are no street gangs or drug addicts on Bowie streets. Moreover, there is no crime or shooting events here. This is one good thing that makes me love it here.
What I like about Bowie is the area. There are a variety of people and most people are friendly and welcoming. What I really love about the area is that the MARC train is right on campus, that way most students can commute back and forth if need be.
I like the quietness and homey felling in Bowie. I have leaved in Bowie for 15 years and it has been a great experience.
Its quiet, safe. Good to raise children. Good schools in this area. Good places to eat. I would definitely recommend moving to bowie if your looking for a safe place to live. Close to DC,Annapolis, and Baltimore.
Living in Bowie has been a very quiet experience. Not a lot of activity even with the mall being down the street. Not very neighborly. Simple life.
Bowie, M.D. is a great place to live. It has great public parks, great shopping areas and wonderful places to exercise. The restaurants range in variety and taste as well as price points to meet every budget. Any form of entertainment from bowling to hold can be found here and it's always kid friendly.
I've lived in Bowie nearly all my life and everything is pretty safe. Ive never been in any danger, overall no matter where you are safety is determined by God but Bowie Maryland I would recommend to anyone as a good place to live.
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