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I love the quiet neighborhoods in Bowie. I grew up in Washington DC and when I moved to Bowie, I fell in love. The neighborhood is so quiet. Also, I have access to so many resources and it is close to all of the major highways. The only thing that I don't like about Bowie is the current level of development. It's becoming over crowded with housing. It's starting to lose that "family neighborhood" feel.
Bowie is a beautiful, predominantly African American, middle to upper-middle class, suburb. Located in Prince George 's County; and fifteen to thirty minutes from Washington, DC, Baltimore or Northern Virginia. There are three to four different grocery stores to choose from and many different shops and restaurants. Overall a nice area to live.
This is a very good area, high income as well as the a very low crime rate. Comfortable to live in as well as raise a family in.
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Growing up here has been pretty good. Honest people, low crime and decent schools. The schools are the only thing that Bowie is lacking in. If you're thinking about moving here just know that you're most likely gonna have to send your kid to a private school just for basic things like a clean learning environment.
I've lived in Bowie for all my life and learned just how much I take it for granted. It is a fairly privileged city with a very active community. The schools are very decent compared to other cities and states. Overall I'd say Bowie is on the borderline of privileged and average.
Bowie is a very safe and caring community. I love all the events that our community would put together. It's a fun and interesting place to be. It's a great place for your kids to grow up.
Bowie is very diverse and an extremely friendly community, but it is more on the costly side. Many of the houses you would believe to be cheap are more expensive than they are, but it makes sense for such a nice, warm, safe community.
I’ve lived in Bowie, Maryland my whole live. I’ve never had any problem in the area. Quiet Neighborhood I would consider family friendly.
I don't live in Bowie ,MD . but I work in bowie & the people are really kind & very easy to get along with. Bowie i think is a very nice place overall. However , I think people never seem to mind their business & a little nosy for no reason at all. They are very sensitive . but everyone is different so I leave that as is .
Bowie is an overall calm city. The liveliness of the area depends on specific streets and communities. What I most like about Bowie is the convenience it offers. There is a multitude of stores and most of them are walking distance. The public bus system is also a plus because it offers transportation to those who may not own cars; although, for those who do, it is an alternative to driving everywhere which reduces air pollution. In brief, Bowie is a great place.
I have lived here for most of my life. Bowie is a very family friendly area with good schooling. There are many places to dine out and have fun and the people are really friendly and welcoming.
I have lived in bowie for my entire life, and I have never felt unsafe. It is close to a lot of hot spots including DC and Baltimore, which are 25 to 30 minute drives away. There aren't a lot of things to do in this suburb if you are craving night life like clubs, but there are a lot of restaurants available.
Bowie is the ultimate suburb. Several grocery stores, many restaurants (though most are chains) Where Bowie is lacking is in arts culture and nightlife
Bowie is the perfect town with lots to offer on its own, with beautiful parks, the best mall/shopping center in the county, movie theater, Six Flags (like 5 minutes away), etc. What it doesn't have (night clubs, lounges, etc.) you can easily hop on the Marc train or metro to get to DC or drive on in through Rte 50, which is a straight shot. Allen Pond park is quaint and gorgeous, and Patuxent River Reserve has tons of activities to do if you are an outdoorsy type. Overall, Bowie is best for raising families and there are children and families everywhere. Very little apartment buildings for this reason, just one or two in South Bowie. Several public schools are the best in the county, and the others are otherwise decent. Bowie has an arts/theater public playhouse, dance schools, lots of aquatics centers and teams, and big on kids sports (soccer, basketball, hockey) and of course the skating rink!
Bowie is a beautiful, suburban area. There is always something going on so you will never be bored but the living arrangements are quiet and peaceful.
It's a normal city that is very diverse and depending on where you live, its nice and comfortable. Fairs happen in the summer and parades somewhat happen in the spring. Overall, it's a nice place to live.
Moved to Bowie in 2017 & absolutely love this area. It is very safe and beautiful with many conveniences close to our home. It is a slice of heaven within 15 miles of DC. The only downside is the public school system (not up to standards given it is one of the cities with the most money spent per student in the country). It has the potential to be one of the best schools, but the administration needs purged. The traffic can be challenging at rush hour, but is much better than any other major cities in Maryland/Northern Virginia. The property values are more reasonable than any other city close to DC. I would recommend this city to anyone seeking to move into the DC area as we used to live in the Bethesda/Rockville area and Bowie is a much better area due to the smaller density of people, traffic & real estate values that are less than half the cost for a comparable home.
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I have lived in Bowie all of my life and there has been no problems. It is a great place to live. The schools aren’t the best but other than that it’s great.
I enjoy the sense of community and safety my city provides. Although the nightlife is lacking, all considered it is a family community though. Nightlife can usually be found within a 15 to 20 minute drive from the city. The is certainly no lack of sports and activities for children. The city offers multiple sports teams from ages as young a 6 to high school, allowing kids to explore different interest before committing to a sport at their local school. Ive lived in bowie all my life and frankly their is no other place I would've considered spending my years of adolescence.
Bowie is great place to raise a family. There are a lot of things to do in the area. It’s a quite expensive to live in this area. The people are friendly for the most part .
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