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Although living in a small town has it's down sides, I love living here. All of my family is here, as well as my friends. Everyone is just right down the road. Every knows each other. One of my favorite parts of living in Bowdon is how the town comes together during hard times and tragedies and how everyone helps each other through it. We also LOVE our Bowdon Red Devils!! High school football games are a major appointment in Bowdon!! What can we say.... we live in the South!
To live in Bowdon, GA is to step back in time. It is a wonderful place to raise a family. It is a quiet place that has good schools. It is close to Carrollton which has big box stores and many restaurants. I have only been a resident a few months but my family and I really enjoy it.
I haven't really seen alot of crime around my area, but have had the local police at my house and have always found them to be prompt and pleasant.
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My only complaint is that there isn't more or closer shopping. We have one grocery store, and the next closer being 20 minutes away, with Walmart being the closest department store at 30 minutes. But all in all, its a nice place to live, with plenty of close attractions to enjoy with the family.
Neighbors are extremely prevalent, whether wanted or not. It makes for a close-knit community. Housing is decent middle-class, nice, and usually well-kept. Cost is a bit high (as a child of a single parent), but for a good quality that is expected. The best areas and worst areas are actually very close, despite obvious difference.
Despite a lack of parks and nature activities, the conditions here are gorgeous and very desirable.
I have never been effected by any crime, though drugs are prominent in the area. There isn't much violence apart from the occasional fist-fight you get anywhere you go.
In Georgia, the weather is widely known as bipolar. By many people. We get to experience all seasons in a temperate deciduous forest habitat, though we can be lacking sometimes in the Winter season.
In all honesty, there is not much variety. It is mostly comprised of fast food joints, two Mexican restaurants side-by-side (almost literally), a chicken wings joint and a Southern food restaurant comes to mind. Otherwise, there isn't really anything at all else to choose from. While having a homey feel, there lacks a variety and a GOOD, nutritious quality to the foods. Although, it is kind of cool to have dinner specials named after the town that everyone shares and enjoys.
As noted, the town is a small one. Due to this there are familiar faces, meaning a gift of having more trustworthy employers and employees. One could get a job at the body shop, car washes, gas stations, grocery, salon. It all depends on if you can creatively find work here. As a high school graduate, the jobs will range mostly in the minimum wage, which is to be expected. As for the job outlook, it doesn't seem to harbor an increase or decrease in opportunities. The best bet here is probably to find a job at the local drugstore or family-owned business.
It is as expected in a small town: people make due with a small variety of shops to choose from. Despite this, they harbor the comfort of small-town familiar faces in the existing "mom-and-pop" shops, good food (despite there being few restaurants), and high-quality drugstores/pharmacies. For a small town, we are decently-endowed.
You can find whatever you need in this area and there are a lot of mom-and-pop shops.
Most people are farmers, but lots are successful farmers.
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