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I love these people on here who complain about lack of diversity in Bow. If you want diversity than move to Manchester and enjoy the shoddy schools and high crime rate!
For me, Bow is a very quiet and safe town but lacks any decent restaurants and stores. There's no real work here so I have to commute to earn a decent living. It's great for families but I'm a single guy, so living in Bow it purgatory.
Bow has a great community, and everyone is very supportive. The public schools are great, with outstanding teachers
I have lived in Bow for a year and I really like it! I like the community services that are offered and I think the schools are pretty great (at least the high school which I have attended). I think the town lacks diversity (which is something that they can't really help too much) and things to do, but I wouldn't want Bow to become too built up.
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Great schools, amazing community, beautiful landscapes, as well as, being easily accessible to major highways and shops!!!
Bow is a beautiful town with a lot of friendly people. I love living here, but what I'd like to see is more racial diversity.
Quiet. Safe. Wooded. Great for raising a family. Not so great for being a young adult as there is not much to do in the town itself. It is however in a great commuting location. 15 minutes either direction to a city.
Bow is a family friendly town with good school systems! The only downsize is there isn’t really any shops in town but Its only a short drive from concord. I love the residents and the community. I love that it’s a small town and you know your neighbors. Would recommend it to any new families with school age children.
The public school system is adequate at best - teachers test and retest students until they pass and record grades higher then 80%. High School special education/ student services are deplorable. The administration approach to special education is one size fits all. "if 'those students' aren't failing - we're passing." Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District
Bow is a very snobby town! No diversity! Schools are very clicky and parents have too high of expectations! Not a place I would want to raise my kids. Consider moving to concord where it's more low key and diverse! Neighborhoods are friendly and no snobs!
I've lived here for about a year and a half, and Bow is a very nice place to live. It's very family-friendly, has a great school system, and has plenty of nice outdoor spaces that residents can enjoy. It's a quiet place, very sleepy and residential. Shopping and dining options are close by in concord or hooksett, depending which side of town you live on. The taxes are very high, however
Bow is a very small town. The school system has a wonderful education opportunities and a great athletic team. The town is beautiful and well maintained.
I absolutely loved living in Bow. There is nothing like a small town vibe, and an excellent public school system makes it even better.
very few vacant houses. many are nice and well kept
I did not attend high school in town so I cant say
Only critique is the road maintenance in the winter
I did not attend the high school so I cannot review that, but I loved elementary and middle school. I like the location because it is quiet but close to fun places.
I grew up in Bow, moved away for 25 years and came back when it was time for my kids to go to school. The school system is amazing and the town is a nice place to raise a family.
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There are amazing educational opportunities in the Bow school district, great atmosphere and small town.
Every day is different depending on the time. Morning and evening commutes get busy. Highways on Fridays through Concord going north or south can be a pain.
Fall folliage season in the mountains. The seacoast and lakes region in the summer.
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