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It's a great place to live. I have lived in Bourbonnais most of my life and I have always found it safe and enjoyable.
Bourbonnais is the fastest growing city between Chicago and Champaign. It offers a number of great stores, hospitals and health care, as well as different options for night life. 18 years here and its a very school driven city who loves the local high school and its football team.
Great little town. For the size of the town there is a lot to do for everyone. It is a safe community and has the shopping required for most
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Very close to the Kankakee State Park and very family friendly. Not much of a night life, but with Olivet Nazarene University in town, the college kids always liven the place up a bit.
Bourbonnais is a great place to live and go to school. It is community friendly and all cultures are accepted.
The area is peaceful and everything is good so far. There is job facility, health facility and education as well. The township is really free from high crime rate. The security system is in order.
It's a small town, with out much to do. I'm here for college and it isn't much different from home in terms of things to do. Also the schools in the local area are poverty and crime stricken, and my college is attempting to get involved by mentor the youth in the surrounding county.
Bourbonnais is a very nice area. I moved out here in 2014 and it has been amazing. I love their school systems the most. Since my daughter and son started school out here, their grades have been up. Only change I would like to see is having more public transportation. Also more grocery stores to choose from. Other than those two changes Bourbonnais is amazing.
Bourbonnais gives a small town feel with the convenience of many retail stores and shops. The school system is great and I love raising my family here. The only thing this area seems to lack is business' for activities rather be family activities or things to do.
I would live here again because I think the people are great and the schools are great!
Bears Camp is huge in the summer. The Chicago Bears come and practice in Bourbonnais.
The weather here is very moderate. Our area tends to avoid the extreme weather scenarios.
Food and drinks are good. The family owned restaurants are the best!
The employment here is good. Jobs pay well and all my friends enjoy there jobs.
The businesses in this area are great and very family friendly!
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