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Overall it's a nice area to live in. Plenty of activities to participate in and decent stores that you'll need to buy anything you want. Not far from any of the major cities.
Near the Kankakee State Park, but not much of a night scene. Great place for kids and families. Does not have an outdoor pool, though.
I love that the restaurants are close to campus and some of them take tiger dollars.
I wish more of the potholes could be filled in better.
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I moved to Bourbonnais from the La Grange area a couple of years ago as I wanted more openness, a larger home that cost less, lower property taxes and a nice lifestyle. I am happy to say I got all that with the move. It's a safe area, people are in general polite - it's nice to be in a grocery store and hear kids actually say "excuse me" if they step in front of you. I think people are less rushed here and have better values.

I live in Briarcliff Estates and it's a really nice neighborhood. Alot of new construction is going up within the next few miles north. With that happening, it's a good sign. Just about all the shopping you could want is out here. Except for Home Depot, which requires a drive to Frankfort. And there's no Trader Joe's. Other than that, no shortage of all the shopping you could want within ten minutes. Numerous good restaurants, too. My favorites are Brickstone and Beef O'Bradys.
I would like to see more businesses and stores come to the area. The housing availability is increasing.
Bourbonnais is nice small town. Many local attractions to take in and experience. Fell like taking in some nature? Check out Perry Farm, The State Park or many other walking and hiking areas along the Kankakee River. Also there are many fine eateries in the neighborhood.
Bourbonnais is a beautiful college town rich in Christian heritage. There are many churches, shopping and restaurants within driving distance of the community's biggest university, Olivet Nazarene University. The community is warm and inviting with a park like feel to much of the community.
I have experience no problems or heard of any in this area.
I have had a great experience living in this area. It's safe, with a lot of restaurants and shopping areas within walking distance.
I feel pretty safe in this area
I love how quiet and stress-free the area is.
Bourbonnais is a very safe place to live.
It's a nice area to raise a family but only if you are involved within the community because there's not much to do here.
It's a pretty good family-friendly area to live.
Bourbonnais is a good area. But Kankakee all together is shady.
I have no where else to compare it to.
The crime rates are fairly low in this area. There was never a point while growing up that my family or myself were concerned about our well being. While the police are very alert and responsive, their jobs do not have the same stress level as an inner city police officer.
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I have lived in this area my entire life, and I can personally say that it has continued to grow and improve as time has moved on. There has been an abundance of new businesses and residents. As a very southern suburb of Chicago, it was at one time a small agricultural town, but now it has more of a city feel with the community feel of a small town. It is definitely a place where I would wish to raise a family some day.
I think that Bourbonnais is a great place to find a job, given that there are many restaurants, stores, gas stations, etc. However, the life here is poor. Olivet brings most of the life to the town, but there are not very many places to hang out after midnight.
I was born and raised here and I am still struggling to survive
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