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I grew up in this city and was very happy there. It has a small town charm to it, but has grown enormously. There are many up and coming businesses and opportunities for youth. The community is very kind and helpful. It is close to Salt Lake, so it is placed conveniently if you ever need to get out.
Bountiful is great as it is very established but that can also be its crutch. Overall great people, low crime, clean.
I enjoy the community events in Bountiful. The recreation center is great, the library services are great, there are great doctors, a good police force, and places to eat in Bountiful. There is a pretty quiet night life, so if that is your thing, Bountiful will not be the right place for you.
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I love Bountiful! It is a great place to live because it has such great people. Neighbors watch out for each other, and there are plenty of family friendly places to go and things to do. I only wish there were more diversity in Bountiful.
it is a safe town that feels small because everyone knows each other but it also has a lot of restaurants and shopping that makes you feel like you are stuck there. Bountiful is also right next to Salt lake city
It is growing at a rapid pace, lots of great people, really a fun place to live. I have lived here my whole life and each day my love for it continues to grow. It is very family oriented, a lot of older people here as well.
Bountiful tends to be a very quiet city comparatively. There are a few things to do for almost every walk of life. I wish there were better ways to find out the different activities than mostly word of mouth.
Bountiful is a wonderful place to raise a family! Everyone there is so nice and friendly! It is the best of both worlds. A quiet suburb that's not too far from the city. There are malls close by and different grocery stores. Gyms, a recreational center and even an amusement park just 15 minutes away!
Bountiful has been a good area of Utah to grow up in. This was the area that I went to school from 4th grade to graduation. I liked this area.
I loved growing up in Bountiful. It is incredibly safe and everyone that lives there looks out for each other. It's at the base of the most beautiful mountains in the world and that is an integral part of the people that live there.
Bountiful is a fantastic place to live. It has a rural feel while being extremely close to downtown Salt Lake City and all it has to offer. It's a great place for families and outdoor enthusiasts.
It's a friendly community and is usually a pretty quiet place. I wish the cost of living was cheaper.
Located so close to downtown Salt Lake City, but far enough enough to hold its own as a "perfect place to live". I've lived all over the country and I've found where I'm going to stay!
We moved to Bountiful because our son is medically complex and we needed to live close to Primary Children's Hospital. We moved here fast because it was the first place we found open and could sign a contract. It really is an amazing place to live, very family friendly, clean and a lot of fun things to do. We love it here, the only problem was how expensive it was.
Bountiful is a beautiful town. My school is a great school in which I have many resources to learn about many subjects. It has given me a lot of opportunities. The town is safe and family friendly. My biggest complain is the lack of diversity.
I like Bountiful as and feel like it is the best place to live in Davis County. It is a little bit more expensive but has the best people around and great places to go in the mountains. The only bad thing is when winter hits and the snow starts to come down hard it is sometimes difficult to get up the mountain to where some people might live. The city is really good and trying to keep the roads clear but sometimes it comes down pretty hard and fast.
Overall Bountiful is a good place as a college student. It is calm, nice, and a quiet city with a Hospital and shopping for groceries nearby. The commute to the University of Utah is short and there is accessibility nearby to take the train to school depending on where you live.
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Nice City right close to Salt Lake City. Has many places to shop and go to eat out. Traffic can be bad during the rush hour hours. Nice people around and not all that much violence or crime around the area.
Today I was telling a friend about the great experience I've had in Bountiful, and I thought I'd share. I spent the majority of my younger years, up until I turned 11, in a different place and I remember being bullied and excluded and just never finding a place. When we moved to Bountiful everything changed for me. It just felt like everyone was more accepting and kind, it was a great place to grow up and mature in. I absolutely love bountiful.
My wife and I just purchased a home in Bountiful... WE LOVE IT. It is a very peaceful and friendly area that we highly recommend visiting.
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