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Bountiful is a great place to raise kids and watch your family grow. A little expensive in the housing, but good schools and great neighborhoods. Short commute whether you're going south to SLC or north to Layton/Ogden.
I have lived in Bountiful for 8 years now, and it has been an amazing city to live in. Everything you need is either in the city, or within a 10 minute drive both South or North. Bountiful is very moderately priced when it comes to housing, and it is a safe place to start and raise a family.

One thing I would change would be the UTA system in Bountiful, specifically the TRAX system. Bountiful would expand in amazing ways if they would allow TRAX to come through Main Street. This would allow for those who work in Salt Lake City to the South of Bountiful, to not have to drive their vehicle to their work. Most of the city of Bountiful does work in Salt Lake City, so this would aid a lot of people, as well as the air quality in the state.
People in Bountiful are very friendly and family oriented. There are many opportunities for extra curricular activities available, especially at the very well run South Davis Recreation Center that has a pool, skating rink, courts, gym, track, racquetball courts, and a small rockwall. Bountiful is a safe area for kids and provides many school activities. Bountiful is quite large, but while I was growing up there I always felt like we lived in a community that helped eachother and people knew each other. I don't think that I would change anything.
Bountiful is a quiet city, little crime, perfect for growing a family. It is mixed with the wealthy living among those that struggle financially. Many are business owners are well into their careers. There are good public schools that promote learning and growing in skills. It is also perfectly between Weber State University and University of Utah making the commute to either bearable. Another observation is that those that grow up here, tend to leave for a period of time only to come back and raise their children here. Only changes I would like to see is just more available activities for teens and young adults.
I love the bountiful area. It is just a short 10 minute drive to Salt Lake City. The schools and parks are taken great care of. The people are nice. The Smiths is amazing!
I love living here. I feel safe in this community. The people are very friendly and wave as wee pass each other on the streets.
Everyone here is really friendly. I like the atmosphere - it's incredibly family oriented, and I don't have to worry about being out alone at night. The schools are great, and while it's slightly more expensive than other surrounding cities.
Bountiful is a great place to live. I love it here. The houses are kinda pricey to buy and the price of apartments to rent is kinda ridiculous but I've lived here my whole life and I love the area.
I've lived in this area my entire life. I like the people of Bountiful more than the people of Centerville (where I really grew up) because they are more accepting and open-minded. You wouldn't think that two fairly small cities right next to each other would be very different as far as the general "culture", but believe me, they are. What I do not like is that over the 31 years that I have lived in this area it has changed dramatically. We used to have LOTS of open space but now every inch seems packed with restaurants, stores, etc. All the excess makes me sad. I long for the days when this area was much less developed and there was room to breath.
Bountiful is a great place to live--the mountains are beautiful, the neighborhoods are safe, we have all four seasons, and there are lots of families. And I mean a lot of families. There are almost 2 dozen K-12 schools, and Bountiful is right in between both City Creek in Salt Lake, and Station Park in Farmington. This makes it easy to go out with friends and family on weekends, but it's far enough away that the city itself feels like one big neighborhood. Main street also has fun shops, and there are plenty of places to go on nature hikes, bike and run--the views from Bountiful Boulevard are particularly beautiful. We have various parks scattered around the city, as well as swimming pools and tennis/basketball courts. In the wintertime, people are outside sledding and enjoying the snow, or taking a drive up to Park City to ski/snowboard. Overall, Bountiful is simply beautiful and always family-friendly.
I grew up in this town. There have been many changes in the last few years. This was a great place to grow up. It has easy access to stores, resurants and businesses without having to feel like a large city. The community is involved with many programs and activities for families. Over all a great place to live.
Bountiful is a beautiful city. I haver lived in bountiful for 30 years and I've seen it flourish and grow. I think bountiful could use a few more newer restaurant choices and less car dealership and tire/lube shops. The community in bountiful is very tight knit and giving.
The police system here is awesome! They are all good cops
THe area i live in is a very nice, and peaceful area.
Bountiful is exactly what it sounds like. This is a very family friendly city and home to the best rec center in the state! There are also several pokestops within walking distance of each other and lots of places to go pokemon hunting without having to worry about running into the street.
Basically, I would say that I don't see any crime and that the police are bored here. To say that crime doesn't happen, though, would be a lie, its just very rare you here or see anything.
People here are great, its close to schools and businesses, really the only problem is getting up and down the hills during winter. The plows do a pretty good job, but its still almost needed to have a 4x4 vehicle.
I always feel really safe in my neighborhood because of my surroundings
The atmosphere of my neighborhood is very inviting. All of my neighbors are so inviting and friendly.
I feel very safe in Bountiful, I've never had any reason not to feel safe. I always see police around. I don't have any concerns.
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