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Boulder Creek is a great family friendly town in the mountains of Santa Cruz. The main thing that needs improving is finding a better way to assist the homeless population into permanent housing.
Boulder Creek is a small mountain town within commute distance to Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz. The people are warm and friendly with a great sense of community and independence. A great place to raise kids, to retire, or just to get away from the rat race.
Small rural town in the Big Basin Redwood Forest. Great to raise children close to the Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz, CA.
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Quiet little town excellent place to raise in children. Located in the big basin forest, fresh air, and beautiful surroundings. Local shopping close to Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley. Affordable housing, decent schools, and a lot of community involvement.
Most houses are very old but still well kept. Most back yards are full of greenery and most front yards have some sort of floral decoration. Cost of utilities can be expensive just because it takes a lot of water to take care of gardens and such, but people have gotten better about using less water in light of the drought.
This is a pretty safe place to live. Most crimes around here would include petty theft; there aren't necessarily criminals, just (harmless) alcoholics and homeless people.
Most people drive their cars to and from work/school/etc. Some people take the bus to work and school. In some places parking is pretty easy to find although it always costs a quite a bit. In some places, parking is very sparse. Mostly the area with high congestion is the freeway which leads to Watsonville/ San Fracisco, etc.
We really only notice two seasons here: winter and summer. It's usually very warm and sunny from April to September, and rainy, foggy and cold from mid-September to late April. We've been known to have a few bad winters but nothing extremely damaging.
We have a bar. I've never been there (being 19 years of age), but i've heard it's decent. We had a brewery but that burned down. Not much variety until you drive the half our to santa cruz.
As I stated before, I live in a small town. Most people are either in tree work, plumbing, or they commute over the hill. We have a few grocery stores where mostly teenagers work, an elementary school where a diverse group of teachers have been hired, and a few cannabis suppliers that have been rapidly growing.
I love my town because there are next to no big chain stores. Most of our shops here are locally owned with friendly workers and good products. Our main grocery store carries a variety of organic as well as inorganic products, our local mechanics is of excellent quality, and our restaurants are historical landmarks.
There are not a lot of options in Boulder Creek.
I've never been impressed, nor disappointed, with any local businesses.
There was one bizarre crime on a street that adjoins with mine, which is a little jarring.
So for the last few years it has been fairly dry here. However, it is still green due to the fog. The weather here is nice. It has snowed a bit about three times in the last fourteen years. When there is no drought, we get a fair amount of rain. There has no major earthquakes here since 1989.
The job outlook for this town is good, as long as you are a commuter. Forty-five minutes will take you to Silicon Valley where jobs can be found. Or the other direction to Santa Cruz, where some jobs can be found. Here in town, there are not many jobs.
We would continue to live here if we could. However, when retirement time hits we will need to downsize. There is a very relaxed environment here and it is a beautiful place to spend time. I believe more people will be attracted to the area as an affordable family place to live.
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Although there is some petty crime, there is not much major crime. When something really bad happens it really stands out. People feel safe here.
Even though there are no gyms here people hike, ride bikes and skateboard. There is a skate park about 15 minutes away. There are also private pools you can join and two public pools at the high school.
The library survived the idea of a shutdown and is now open most days. We are unincorporated, so we have sherrifs who are around quite a bit. The fire department is great and very dedicated.
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