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I have lived in Boulder City my entire life. It is a great town for children to grow up and feel safe.
Boulder City is a small, yet thriving, town. There’s a good wholesome family vibe everywhere you go throughout Boulder City; however, that also means everyone’s always up in your business. There’s also very little to do in Boulder City, and most the time you have to travel to its neighboring towns to get out and do something.
I loved growing up in Boulder City. It's a small community with lots to do and Las Vegas is only 30 minutes away. Since it is a small community, but growing rapidly, everybody knows everybody! The schools are all near each other along with the city pool and recreational center. All of the kids grow up from preschool to high school and graduate together 12 years later. It is a very safe town to live in and was once referred to as the safest town in the United States! Because of this, many families wanted to move here which made real estate prices increase but not completely unaffordable.
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When I first moved to Boulder City, I did not know anyone. I had moved from a big city, so the atmosphere of the small town was quite different. However, it was easy to make connections, and the fact that everyone knows each other can be really helpful. There's even a Facebook group for the residents! My neighbors are kind and my brother has friends to play with. The school is small but the teachers are nice. All in all, it has been a great experience living here, and I hope to return some time after graduating college.
I was raised in this use to be amazing town but then City Council changed everything built more homes, cops will stop you going 1 mph very true my friends have told me. Cops use to be awesome but the older ones retired. Now the new cops harrass you because they are bored. The da morris will not look at the true story or evidence and will bring the most worst penalties. The town has truly gotten so bad that I am moving my family out of the town. Even with no hoas the city will harrass you send you letters in the mail saying no stuff on side of the house. Truly sad how cops and city Council have ruined the once awesome town.
This is Boulder City Nevada, it is pretty nice, and there is very little crime, or bad things that happen here, because it is mostly chill. Not much else to say though a small town. Only about 15k people live here.
I like that my city is very family oriented and has many fun small gatherings that are special to the town itself.
Boulder City is a small town which is great for those who are wanting to find a place to start a family in. It is a bit away from superstores, but with having nightlife and lively neighboring cities, like Las Vegas, it helps to bring fun into the area. If you look deeper into the city, you'll find that it is an outdoor town with hikes, bike trails, and off riding vehicles around and available. The weather being warmer than most of America makes it a bit too hot for some; however, being in a desert, leaves much of the unwanted humidity away from the area.
Boulder City is a very safe place to live. One can walk anywhere and if one does need to drive somewhere, it takes less than 15 minutes to commute. There are many things one can do such as browsing through the downtown shops, eating at many of the local diners, or simply taking a walk and enjoying all of the greenery. If one is feeling particularly adventurous there are many places to go hiking. One could even take a trip to Lake Mead or Hoover Dam.
Boulder City has great schools. All 4 of our children graduated and two have graduated college. The parks, Lake Mead, Recreation center, bike BMX park, skate park, dog park, and surrounding desert gives all of us fun things to do when we are not working. We own Creative Salon and are blessed with wonderful clients. Most are kind and caring. I know the love I feel for them comes back to me 100 fold. I like that there is no gaming in our small town. The 4th of July and Christmas parades are well attended as is Art in the Park, Spring Jamboree and other fun events. Our Chamber and business owners work well together. Looking forward to celebrating our 3rd Anniversary as a salon, next month.
My experience is amazing, I know everyone and the community is an absolute dream. Its super safe and seems like your average town that will come together for anything. I have no regrets after moving here and it is everything I could have wanted. It is also fifteen minutes away from Las Vegas if there is any need to go into a big city. There are many clubs and organizations that are not hard to become a part of.
Boulder City offers the classic small town experience for those desiring that in proximity to Las Vegas. Whether you want to immerse yourself in living it, or just be able to visit to unwind, it's real. It is so unexpected it feels nostalgic, a sweet pleasure that hinges on the painful realization that towns like this are becoming few and far between. Combine that with the history of the town as it came about in the building of Hoover Dam, and you really have something unique in Boulder City.
My experience with Boulder City Nevada starts with me being 8 years old and moving from the Big City Las Vegas. Boulder City was so different small quaint it was called clean green Boulder City. Everybody knows everybody almost to a fault. So I turned 18 and decided to "spread my wings." I moved around a bit only to learn there is no place like home. I moved back only to have learned I loved this town...
I love the small town feel. Far away enough from Vegas to be out of the craziness but close enough if needing to commute.
Overall, the people that live in Boulder City are not the kind of people I want to spend time with. Yes, there are some good people here, but for the most part the population is close-minded and judgmental. I attended three public schools in Boulder City and at each one I witnessed and/or experienced some form of bullying. People here aren't only bigoted themselves, they're raising their children to be bigots as well. The community as a whole is very religious, and while I have nothing against religion, this community has a problem with people who are different from them. In terms of scenery, this town is gorgeous and the history here is amazing, but my time spent living here has been ruined by interactions with people who preach acceptance yet shame diversity.
Boulder City is a very small community compared to where I used to live. I was raised my entire life in Las Vegas until we moved up here a few years ago. I enjoy how quiet it is and how for the most part everyone seems to know each other and treats each other well. My only complaint is the lack of variety when it comes to stores and shops. For example, there is only one market here and it is always jam packed, and the prices are ridiculously high.
Very small town with a very large drug problem. We used to love living here and felt safe. But over the last couple years there has been a dramatic increase in the drug population. We no longer feel safe, we have reported known drug houses and nothing is done. Many businesses are leaving with the opening of the by pass and we have one grocery store who uses that to its full advantage when it comes to pricing. The majority of the student who attend our schoools are below poverty level and we were granted free lunch. Most people I know who care about their children's education choose to send their kids to henderson charter schools. Our power bills have increased 3 times this year making our cute historical homes to expensive to heat and cool. And don't get me started on the VERY corrupt city council. We are moving down to Henderson.
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Boulder City is a great little town. It's very clean and friendly, and there are a lot of cool things to do. The community is very tight-knit and I love it.
The K-12 schools are close together. Good for family. Lots of parks and sports for the kids. Boulder City has numerous festivals year round. Home of the Famous Christmas house on 5th street, Fourth of July parade, and Christmas parade.
Police are everywhere and very responsive. Most of the crime in this area is drug related. Young adults have nothing to do in this area and the brutal heat tends to keep everyone indoors. I do however feel safe walking the streets.
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