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Boulder is a splendid place to live. It perfectly mixes together a small town vibe and an urban metropolis. There are always things to do because of the young vibrant university atmosphere, and the multitude of outdoor activities. With the various canyons that have world renowned climbing, 100+ miles of hiking trails, fly fishing in the Boulder Creek; it is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise.

There are tons of options for groceries, housing styles, options for schools, and any and all types of restaurants. It's a town that is small enough to bike to just about anywhere you need to go, and also a magnificent amount of bike trails and lanes throughout the city and suburbs.

If you're looking for a forward-thinking town that is inclusive and pushing the boundaries, Boulder is just the town for you!
Boulder is an amazing town in which to attend college. The town is maintained beautifully, there is so much to do, so much wildlife and outdoor activities - I can't say enough wonderful things about Boulder. It seems that people who like to think outside the box tend to congregate in this town as well- and I absolutely love that!
Boulder is a beautiful city. It is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains and gives one the perfect balance between nature and city life. As a woman I feel generally safe here. Boulder is home to the University of Colorado, which is a relatively large university and gives the city a young feel. Boulder is rapidly expanding therefore the cost of living has significantly increased throughout the years. Overall I have been proud to call this place home for the past five years.
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Boulder is extremely unique in the heath aspect. For what I have experienced from living there my whole life I have found it to be very environmentally conscious and everyone is extremely kind. It is very adventurous and have lots of local places to get fresh produce and products and it is overall amazing. Honestly I don't see much that needs to change about it besides whenever there is construction it takes very long to complete causing traffic.
I love how close I am to the mountains, and how beautiful it is here! I feel there are a lot of open minds, and opportunities to grow and learn more bout myself through other people. I would like to see Boulder be more inclusive. I struggle with affordability, and having the financial means to live here. The town is well worth it, but it is still a struggle none the less.
Boulder is a beautiful city nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains with dry, moderate weather year-round and a vibrant college town that always entertains. It is one of the fittest cities in the country, with Olympians jogging the Boulder Creek path and competing in local races.
Boulder is a wonderful place to live. You constantly have access to the outdoors, the people are wonderful, and there is an unlimited amount of activities to participate in. You are in a sort of bubble, but you never feel trapped here. I would live here forever if I had the opportunity.
Boulder, nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, is a beautiful place to live. There are endless hiking and bike trails, including a path along Boulder Creek, which cuts right through the middle of town. The nightlife in Boulder is good and it has some outstanding restaurants as well. Most of the big name chain stores can be found, but they're not in the downtown area, which is nice, as it allows mom and pop shops to remain open. Boulder is an incredibly safe city as well, with the main crimes being things you'd expect in a college town, but even those crimes rarely occur. However, Boulder is not cheap. The cost of living here is pretty high, but that's to be expected for a place that's as safe, friendly, and gorgeous as Boulder is.
An amazing place to live with outstanding views of the mountains. I expect this little city to flourish much more.
Boulder is a beautiful and enriching place to live. As someone who moved on their own from Michigan, I can whole-heartedly say that Boulder has treated me with such care and continues to do so. I adore the vibes that Boulder gives off and the hobbies and active lifestyles here but without a doubt, the cost of living is absurd. If you are considering living here, do your research, save money and BUDGET.
I feel incredibly grateful to have lived in Boulder for so many years. The location, people and opportunities that this city provides present a living experience unlike any other. Nestled at the base of the Flatirons, the opportunities for outdoor activities such as rock climbing, biking and running are enough to excite any outdoor enthusiast. This city also seems to attract, for the most part, very good, wholesome people. On top of that, Boulder is a flourishing community with many organizations and groups available to help get yourself out in the community. I believe that Boulder is one of the best places to live in the country, providing a quality of living that is hard to equal.
I have lived in Boulder for nearly ten years, and have loved every minute of my time here. Boulder is a vibrant city year round--you can walk nearly anywhere and find an event taking place. Festivals, marathons, farmers' markets--anything you can think of--you will find just by exploring. Surrounded by the Flatirons to the West, and country farms to the East, Boulder has hiking trails and footpaths anywhere you look. Boulder is a city to grow into. A city that truly allows you to experience life on a new level.
I love Boulder. I live right by Chautauqua and get to see the mountains every day on my way to work. The people vary, we've had an influx of what I like to call "trust fund hippies" that aren't the nicest, but I love most people here. The public schools are alright, except Boulder high. It's very family friendly, but the hill is for the college students. It's super expensive to live here, but everything else is relatively cheap, and the food is very healthy.
My last four years in Boulder have been extremely eye opening. I grew up only 45 minutes away but it it is a whole new world here. In Boulder there are so many things to experience and always a friendly face to lend a helping hand.
Spray paint decor, a homeless person with dreadlocks on every other corner, bicycling, bright colors, and the jagged foothills that line the west end of the sky: This is Boulder. If anything is gorgeously unusual, you can find it here. The homes are expensive, but the historical district is beautiful enough to make you consider spending your entire savings account. There are activities for everyone. If you like nightlife, Pearl Street offers a variety of bars. There is hiking, bicycling, aerial circus, and rock climbing for the adventurous. The artists can take art classes at the local college, stroll though parks full of sculptures, or spend hours painting along boulder creek. The only disadvantage is that fast food is scare. Numerous Whole Foods and local groceries offer healthy choices for health nuts, vegetarians, vegans, and more!
Boulder is a very beautiful town to live in. Nestled up against the front range of the Rocky Mountains, it is a vibrant town full of healthy, intelligent and motivated citizens. It is clean, safe and very open to different ways of thinking. It is a fairly small town, but wide open at the same time. Tons of open space, individual neighborhoods with their own character, great culture, night life and great people.
Boulder is the center of healthy living in the United States. People have every opportunity to get outdoors and eat healthily. The community is politically minded, well-educated, and well-organized. The lack of diversity and affordable housing in Boulder is problematic but it is an incredibly safe place to go to school or raise children.
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I am a fairly new resident to Boulder having moved from Texas. Boulder is a great town for early risers. Many businesses tend to close early, including a lot of restaurants. Late night options include a hand full of bars and saloons but no real clubs. Particularly, no dance clubs. A lot of bike paths in Boulder if you are into biking or running. Traffic is a little claustrophobic. Most residents have a huge entitlement complex and are not overly friendly, which is what I'm used to in Texas. The mountains are always west. You will hear this every day in Boulder.
Boulder is surrounded by the Flatirons. There are limitless hikes and adventures that can be explored in the mountains. A few downsides there is not much diversity and house pricies are extremely high.
Boulder is a great city. It is right up against the Flatirons with a real emphasis on open spaces and outdoor activities. It's known for it's downtown Pearl St mall and it's many breweries.
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