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Beautiful City with a High Energy and Vibration. People are very different, open and receptive to alternative therapies. The yoga scene is just saturated with studios, so there is a lot of competition and options for practice. Food cost is much higher, but there are quite a bit more organic and other natural food options. Vegan/vegetarian restaurants are more prevalent than other areas. Hiking opportunities are everywhere, especially if you want a good view.
Best city I've lived in so far (I've been traveling since I was 3 years old). Friendly people, great culture (music, dancing) and a really safe place to live in.
Honestly, if you're a very outdoorsy oriented person, you will fall in love with the atmosphere and vibe of Boulder. There are hundreds of locally owned restaurants and bars that you can try, and the people that live here are young, youthful and ready for adventure! The only downside I have is the living expenses in Boulder. Be prepared to spend some hefty cash on rent and parking.
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Boulder is an incredible city to live in if you're an outdoor enthusiast. Adjacent to the Flatirons, this city provides easy access to climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and cycling. Boulder is also home to the University of Colorado and Naropa University. Craft beer and good eats are exceptionally easy to find, and we experience over 300 days of sunshine! My only complaint is the cost of living, which is rather high due to how highly desired it is to reside here.
Boulder is a great city for young and active people. I haven't witnessed much crime during my time in Boulder and the people are very welcoming. Although Boulder is often looked at like a college town, there are plenty of areas that are family friendly as well. I currently live in a neighborhood not close to the University campus, and it seems like the children in my neighborhood have good upbringings and opportunities for success.
Boulder is a great college town. Great for anyone who likes the city but also enjoys being outdoors.
I like the mountains here with all the hiking trails. I would like them to stop building condos here. It has become over populated.
Boulder is a small town full of very affluent individuals with a VERY overpriced real estate market. The cost of living is high and the nightlife is basically comprised of the college students and, thus, is non-existent during the summers.
Good for college students but definitely difficult to be a full time resident when the all the extra resident move back in the fall.
Boulder is very white and homogenous. I would like to see Boulder open a gay bar and devote more city funds to community health and family planning organizations.
Boulder has been a home to me since I moved out here 5 years ago from Chicago. It is a safe place to live, there are endless outdoor activities to experience, it has a beautiful college and landscape, and delicious food that caters to a variety of diets. It's relatively expensive to live here, but that won't stop me from staying! Even if it means working two jobs, I'm determined to live in this beautiful city and enjoy all it has to offer.
The main problem with Boulder is it's lack of diversity; politically, racially and otherwise. What Boulder lacks in dissenting opinions it more than makes up for with great infrastructure, lots of fabulous art and food and an amazing outdoor scene. I grew up here and eventually left for because of the homogenous nature of this town, I'm back because I now have a three year old and know firsthand how good the schools here are in comparison to some of the other places I've lived. All in all Boulder's commitment to public well-being and resource conservation are well worth the sometimes suffocating "Boulderness" of it all.
Love Boulder! As a community centered around CU, it's growing, fresh, and vibrant. People in boulder are health aware and try and lead positive lifestyles, and spend a ton of time outdoors.
Boulder is a lot of fun to live in (I'm 24). There are a lot of bars, brewery's, and distilleries within a cheap Uber ride! There is always something to do from delicious restaurants to hiking up into the mountains. It can be crowded form time to time and has a hand full of stupid drivers who don't pay attention but it's a fun place none-the-less.
Everyone in this interesting town is incredibly unique in their own ways. I have learned a great deal from the people that I have engaged with at CU and in the general area of the town.
very nice and quite city. its very small and very close to the mountains, i love it. and CU Boulder is one of the greatest campuses in the nation.
Boulder is a beautiful community for outdoor lifestyles and healthy living. It is family and dog friendly, and affords the convenience and community of small city living.
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A fabulous place to live with so many outdoor activities! Lots of health minded (and open minded) people.
Boulder is a lively place to live, especially for college students. The restaurant scene is fantastic, hardly any chain joints. There is something to do in Boulder year round! In the summer there is a great flea market and hiking trails are absolutely beautiful. In the fall the leaves create a beautiful backdrop for the town. Boulder is also very close to many ski resort for the winter time.
Boulder has a great outdoor adventure lifestyle. Hiking, biking, rock climbing are available year-round. The views are amazing. Boulder is a bit pricey, and finding housing is a challenge.
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