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I like that Boston has a variety of cultures within its neighborhood because that makes it diverse and interesting to live in. I also enjoy the urban environment, as there is something new being built each day. It's never boring in Boston. From the small, locally-owned buisnesses to the towering skyscrapers in Downtown, there is something that someone can find that they will love.
Boston has the best opportunities open for anyone who wants to become successful. May resources available for the normal citizen of America. One thing I do not admire about Boston is the issue with segregation, and cost of living.
Boston is a great city for college students. The night life is pretty decent for a city especially on the weekends. More importantly there is emphasis on health. Theres numerous top name hospitals and many healthy grocery stores. Many are into running outside, and there are multiple studios where you can work out. Unfortunately, the transportation around here is terrible. Considering it's a major city, the lack of accurate/fast transportation system is disappointing. It takes me 50 minutes to get somewhere I could get to in 20 minutes by car. That's 30 minutes I won't get back.
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It's a very food looking city. You could enjoy a 1walk in beacon hill or just sit near the public garden . I love il toscano a good Italian restaurant.
Boston has such an interesting history! It also is rich in its culture and people, something I value. Boston has good colleges, hospitals, and schools. It will forever hold a place in my heart.
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I love living here. The town is beautiful and the people are friendly. The train system is easy to maneuver.
Boston is a beautiful city. Best colleges in the world. Also best sports teams in the world. From italian amazing cuisine, to the best seafood in all of USA.
My experience in Boston has opened so many doors for me and my family. The school system is remarkably amazing. People in Boston are always willing to help in any kind of situation.
I like Boston because it was the first place I had visited. However, it is mostly special since it is there that I gave birth to my two lovely kids.
Boston has the best of both worlds lifestyle. you can hustle and bustle and also relax without a rush.
Fun lively city with a lot of opportunity to succeed professionally. The night life is very active. Educational opportunities are fantastic as well. With nearly 5 college within a 10 Mile radius, Boston is the perfect place to get an education.
Boston is a great city full of different opportunities. However, in the future I hope for safer neighborhoods for youth and more diversity.
There are so many great things in Boston. The food, the entertainment, the education and even the history are all amazing!
Boston is beautiful, with lots of greenery, a few large parks and gigantic buildings towering into the sky. I love seeing the contrast of a human dominated skyline with nature covering a lot of ground level areas. I wouldn't change anything about Boston, it's technologically sophisticated, artful in every location and just feels alive.
I currently live in Boston and I must say that is one of the best places to live in the US. I love that Boston is very diverse and family friendly place. I also love that there are so many things to do with family and also just for adults looking for something to do. We have the best sports teams in the US.
Boston is a great city on the east coast. There is a great nightlife with many different places to go to. My favorite place to go to is the Boston Common, where it feels like the heart of the city with a touch of green.
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Easily accessible, good commute.
Good schools and hospitals.

I would like to see more affordable housing.
I have now been living in Boston for a little over a year and continually find that Boston has a lot to offer despite its small size. The education scene is like no other city and with great educational institutions, comes great intellectual and culture diversity. In addition, the history is rich in this city, and its locals are very proud of that. Overall, Boston is a great city to be a student or young professional.
I am from Greater Boston. Boston has everything you could ever want: City, beaches, mountains, lakes,rivers, and suburbs all within small distances of one another! There is a lot of money and jobs in Boston and some of the best hospitals, schools and colleges in the world! Here you get all the four seasons, it's beautiful in New England especially in the fall! Boston is also home to the Pats, the Sox, the Celtics and the Bruins!
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