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I love everything about Boston from the sports teams that play for Boston all the way to my neighborhood. I lived in Boston for seventeen years and got to know a lot of people including ones that watched me grow up right before their eyes they helped me out a lot so I call them family. Boston is a very family friendly place especially in my neighborhood where everyone knows each other on first name basis even nick names! I will forever live in Boston because of its atmosphere filled with friendly, family oriented joyful place to grow up and help other young ones grow!

#Go Pats #Go Red Sox #Go Bruins #Go Celtics #Go New England Revolution
Boston is so cool! There's something to do in every corner! I go to school at Emmanuel College in Boston and there are tons of opportunities to grow here.
It's a beautiful city for up-and-coming adults, with amazing scenery, genuine people, a good atmosphere, and many things to do. Unfortunately, the weather can be quite brutal during the winter, but it definitely makes up for it during the spring and summer. There is no end to the museums, parks, restaurants, and points of interest.
Boston is an amazing city, especially for young adults and young families. With so many outstanding colleges in a short radius, the student population is thriving and employment is always offered. I would highly reccommend Boston to anyone looking for a change. The caliber of people here is unlike any other.
Beautiful city with rich history attracts many tourists. Many popular colleges like Harvard and MIT are located there . It has art , food , music and night life like a big city. Parks with swan boats is one of my lifetime of a experience . If you want to eat , sleep and enjoy nature at its best then boston is the place ! South of boston has its own charm with beaches and arts. Shopping has been great in boston from vintage shops to chic store windows.Boston has all the aspects of a big city including living , sports , shopping , art with heart of a small city . I consider boston a paradise !
Boston is an amazing city with cold weather and a warm history. Every street has a different vibe and memory.
I love Boston. It's a very historical city with the Paul Revere trail , this is where the Boston Tea Party happened. It is also home to the Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox , the Boston Bruins and the New England Patriots.
I love Boston. I've lived in Allston, Brighton, South End and currently in Seaport. The neighborhoods differ a lot. Each has it's own charm. I love Boston for being a very friendly diverse town that is walkable. A lot of small and large businesses are opening. Great variety of things to do. The people and community is what it makes a great place to live.
I live 30min from Boston. Their are multiple opportunities for entertainment and work as well as college experiences. What a great opportunity to see concerts, sports venues or even just walk around and site see.
Boston is a great city to explore, so much history and culture. The city is always busy but the suburbs are quite. It's very diverse in general and the locals are very fast paced. We live in Medford which is 10 minutes away from the city. We have best of everything. Close to the city, and airport plus a good school system.
Living in Boston I have noticed changes to many of the inner city neighborhoods. Many of the neighborhoods are being riddled with more apartments and stores. Although this creates more places for people to live it is not providing youth a place to go and be safe. I believe that the money should be invested in youth and community centers in these neighborhoods. If there were more of these around then it would decrease many of the problems surrounding our youth today. I do not disagree on some of the changes in these areas I just believe they should be tailored more towards youth empowerment and engagement.
I love Boston, it is super easy to live in and has a fun scene as a young adult. Many young professionals live in this city for a reason.
Boston is an amazing and diverse city. There is a sense of community here in Boston that is like no other.
Boston is a very beautiful and lively city. It is small yet there is so much activities going on. My favorite part of Boston is how close people in neighborhoods are. Everyone is diverse and there is so much love here. The public transportation definitely helps a lot especially for tourists or foreigners who visit the city. I especially enjoy the amazing food spots and events that happen in Boston. I love this city so much.
I grew up in suburban areas and it has always been a bucket list item of mine to live in a city. I have only been living in Boston for about six months, and already I love how living in here can feel like my suburban home and a full fledged city at the same time. Everything is closer, quicker, more connected. And thanks to all the colleges and universities around, there's always something to do, and there are so many resources just a bus ride away! The icing on the cake: at the end of the day I can go home to a quiet part of town down a street lined with trees and children's' toys, and feel like I'm going home-sweet-home.
History galore! Great activities for the young and single as well as family. A wonderful place for higher education. Competitive job offers.
A great place to live for diversity, but it's not the most inviting. The schools are awesome, but the wages don't equal out the price for housing or rent on top of food and a social life.
I've grown up around Boston my whole life. It really is a great city with so much history. There are so many places in Boston that I haven't seen or been to or done, like the Duck Boat tour. (They say if you're a true Bostonian, you've never done the Duck Boat tour. It's pretty true.) The food scene here in Boston is definitely booming. Ramen shops and crawfish spots are popping up everywhere. It use to be that I would have to travel to California to find some great ramen. Boston has great sports teams. The fans truly support Boston teams, even when they don't play so well, we're still the best teams in the leagues.
My experience is Boston was interesting and exciting. I love all the people out and about. I like that a lot of people walk to their destinations and that so many different cultures live together in harmony! It's what make Boston so great. The only thing I would like to change is what I would like change about the world. I would like for the hate and violence to stop.
Boston has been my home for many years. Though its housing prices are high, its charm will capture your heart. The city is small so you can walk to almost anywhere and really get to know the areas, both the tourist traps and the parts the locals love. It has great museums, from the Museum of Fine Arts to the New England Aquarium. There is always something to do with your day. The commuter rail is attached to many towns nearby giving you access to the beautiful seaside towns like Gloucester and Salem. The food has always been delicious, especially if you know where to look. In Allston there is delicious food cheap, from tacos to Chinese to vegan food. In Back Bay there are beautiful restaurants with views of the city and charming waitstaff. What I love about Boston is that there is always something for everyone. It can be small, but it is mighty. Now if only the rent weren't so high.
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