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I like that there is a lot to do in Boston and that it is a safe place to live in. There are lots of colleges in the area and it is full of young people.
There is a lot of good and bad things about Boston. There is a lot of diversity . What love about Boston is the transportation system you never too far from a bus stop or train station. I also love the parks and landmarks. You the Boston commons, Franklin Park. Great places where you can exercise. My favorite thing about Boston is the food. You have great dining options downtown, Fenway, and the north end.
I am currently a college student in Boston and I love it so much. There is so much to do, and amazing places to explore.
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Boston is a historic area with art, culture, culinary, sports, and great opportunities each day. It is a home where you can become whoever you want to be it is a city that has fallen on hardships but will always be there to have each others backs. This city is my home and I am extremely lucky to be a Bostonian.
I personally love Boston because its in the city. I remember going on vacation for the weekend to a smaller town in Massachusetts and it was very different compared to Boston. I realized that I loved being in the city.
One thing about Boston is its really easy to get around with the MBTA. The public transportation is very reliable. There is also a large variety of things of recreational things to do including the Boston Calling Music Festival.
I was born and raised in Boston and still currently live in Boston. I really like Boston because it has areas like Downtown Boston with many store, fast and healthy food places, and things to do like going to the Commons to relax and an AMC to watch movies.
Boston is a very fun city with nonstop activities. Its rich historical background provides the opportunity for tourists to take endless tours and absorb all its events. Boston is also home to many museums, such as the Museum of Science or the Museum of Fine Arts, places where one is able to destress and admire beauty at a low cost. The city is beautiful, with a mix of amazing historic buildings and huge glamorous skyscrapers. Just amazing!
Most of the public schools, with the exception of the three exam schools, are rather lacking. Also, everything is so expensive.
Boston is a super great city, with plenty to do and see. Great city for student to be in; it's a safe and clean city.
I was born and raised in the city of Boston. The city has always been expensive but as time goes on it is getting increasingly more expensive. So expensive to the point people can barely find housing that is affordable. The economy here seems to be doing very well, hence the cost of living. So there are plenty of opportunities here for success. I hope in the future the city can put in place a set of reforms in the school system to incorporate basic busness lessons and money management skills for students. I believe this would greatly benefift the people as well as the city itself. Teaching the masses these life skills on managing money would increase the opportunities for the low income families to aquire and increase their wealth. More affordable housing would be great as well. Most new apartment buildings being built are too expensive for many people to afford.
I am in Boston for university. Hence, Boston is a great city for college students as it is composed of multiple colleges. However, the overall city could use more diversity in people of color and LGBT+ people. The city remains expensive to live in and the public transportation could run more consistently. Nevertheless, I enjoy my time in Boston.
I commute to school in Boston, there are many good colleges. The commute is often long, public transportation is not good.
So many things to do in and around the city. Between sports games to unique food spots Boston has it all. Go to the north end for some killer Italian food and then take a walk around to learn some history about our country as well.
Boston is such an amazing city, full of so much history, plenty to do for families, singles and those who just want to enjoy a new city.
Overall great experience. Easy to live in. Quickly able to find a job and great minimum wage. Lovely views from apartments as well as parks.
In the Summer of 2019, the city of Boston is becoming more dangerous, as many city natives are loosing their lives to gun violence. While this doesn't apply to city as a whole, it is still something that is present in the city, and has yet to be addressed by city officials.

While safety is a concern in some areas of Boston, there are also many pros such as the education. While public schools in the city are striving, they are also creating programs with the great colleges of Massachusetts in order for students to have a better chance and a better chance to get accepted iinto desirable colleges.
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The city is beautiful. If you love history, culture, or good food there is something for you pretty much every weekend of the year. It's a city full of museums, parks, art festivals, music festivals (because of the music college), and lots of kid-friendly activities.
Boston is such a beautiful. Its on the smaller side but there are so many things to explore. My favorite place is Copley Square seeing all of the food trucks and walking down Newbury Street on a sunny day is just such a great experience
Boston is filled with opportunities career-wise and fun-wise, you can never be bored and there is a rich history
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