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It is fun city to live and work in. It is a great place great place to meet people and there is always something to do any day of the week.
Great city very inclusive.... Great places to eat all over. The locals are very polite. Driving is a nightmare during the day pubic transportation is mostly reliable. Beautiful sights to see lots of shopping cam be done at Back Bay, the prudential, and Copley Square. In the evenings the North End by Fenuil Hall a wide variety of activities for the family to see. The city of Boston is like a cleaner version of New York City.
Boston is a great city to live in. Lots of colleges to choose from and cleaner air and lots of things to do.
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M experience in Boston is that it is a good place to live receive. It is a place where you can find essentially everything that you ultimately need in life. The things that I would like to see change about Boston are the way that people treat each other. it seems that there is still a separation among blacks and whites and even minorities amongst one another. I would like for us to become more inclusive.
I love living here! It was exciting that I moved here for school and theres so much to still do here!
I really enjoy the diversity of the city. There are many things to do in every part of the city. I wish the commute can be more efficient for every one.
I have lived in the Boston area for a number of years. The Boston area is fairly clean and nice. However it is quite expensive to live in that is why I live in Winthrop. Winthrop is a small town 20 minutes from Boston. There is a lot to do in Boston from sight seeing, shopping, museums, nightlife, and great restaurants to eat at. I am an architecture/design student and love the modern architecture of the city as well as the older architecture as well. The only bad thing I would have to say about Boston is that it is cold here.
Great city, very diverse. There are many public schools in the city to choose from, along with great colleges to attend. Lots of job opportunities as well
An incredible city filled with culture, higher learning and nature. A great place to live for those interested in urban life, and also a wonderful place to visit on vacation.
I like Boston, MA because it has a great grounds for free living, great jobs for making a lot of money and the school systems offer the best education. It's the city of opportunity.
I have been born and raised in Boston. The city lacks diversity and cost of living has gone through the roof.
I have been living in Boston for almost four years, the first I notice about Boston was the variety of people you can find everywhere form different cultures. Boston is a great place to make new friends specially when it comes with food. when I want to go out with my friends we always think about exotic restaurants ans new places to meet. also no matter how cold it is we are always looking for new experiences in Boston.
I love the change of seasons throughout the year and the historical culture integrated into the Boston city.
Boston is the perfect urban city in the East Coast. Although the pace of life is hustle and bustle, it's calmer than the stereotypical New York. Transportation to get in and out of the city is easy to learn and easy to use.
I love Boston. I have lived her most of my life and I have seen this city change for the better over the last 20-30 years. Its not perfect, but its pretty great!
I absolutely love Boston. The weather here is amazing! Besides the change in the moods, (sometimes upper 80's, next day snow). It is the best city to live in and I recommend anyone to live here as well. I love Boston.
I have been living in this city my entire life and I cannot picture myself living anywhere else. There is so much to do and it has been rated the #1 city in the nation this year with good reasons.
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I love the hustle and bustle of Boston. When I moved here, I was dazzled by it. I feel in love with the opportunities and diversity that you could only find here. However, after living in Roxbury for a year, you understand that the city living isn't glamorous. It's noisy, stressful, and swift. You have to adapt to keep up. I still love it here, but there is a certain side to city living that isn't for everyone.
Great city with lots to do. The people there are more passionate and excitable than anyone I've ever met. It's an amazing city with an amazing atmosphere.
Young but transient population (students) helps keep things lively but still a strong, traditional undercurrent. Boston would do well to forget its competition with New York; it does plenty of things well but will always fall a bit shy of the biggest cities in the US.
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