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Boston is boring if you don't have money. Living in a low-income community there is constant violence and sadness surrounding us. However, in the ritzier part, it is definitely beautiful and exciting. There are a lot of things
to do for everyone if you have the time because its a busy city and we have a great transit system.
Boston is filled with rich historic sites with some of the Top University's and Best Hospital's in the nation.
Boston is a very nice city to live in, except in the winter time. Other than that there are places where it is dangerous but that is also for most cities.
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Public transportation is easy to find in Boston. Although everything goes into the city before being redirected out, it beats being stuck in traffic. In my neighbor there is free street parking and a lot of places to eat out.
I love Boston! I have live in several different cities band Boston really is the best. There is tons to do and see even after living here for 5 years.
Boston is just an okay city. There's a lot of history, and museums and parks, but that's all the charm it has. The weather here is mildly warm in the summer. But the problem is that people here are rude. I know it's a city, but some cities do a way better job than Boston. Seriously, people need to stop honking their horns just because other people change lanes in traffic. And they need to be polite to other pedestrians. If someone's in your way, an 'Excuse me' would be nice.
Very expensive city to be a student in. However, the trade off is convenience with good public transit and accessibility to many different resources.
boston is a city with alot of history, good restraunts hotels,and hospitals! just don't come here here thinking you're going to see a tea party!
Tons of young professionals; great bars and restaurant scene. Easy to be active in Boston. Close to the mountains and beaches. Great sports scene.
Boston has the potential to be an amazing city. The streets bumble with young adults and students from around the world. However, because of painfully high rent, subpar public transportation, and how unmodern the city is to maintain historical architecture, many leave to other states that offer better opportunities.
Boston is a beautiful and historically significant city. The weather is not the most welcoming in the winter, but I have found that there is plenty of indoor activities to do when family visits. There is a minimal night life here. Most food places close before 10pm, and pubs close by 2am at the latest. It is a quiet city at night. Personally, I have really enjoyed being a student in Boston, but find challenges with finances due to how expensive the city is.
It's home. I'm used to it. We have the best hospitals and schools. It's a safe city. We have a great city to explore filled with rich history. Come visit n ask for FREDDY FAMOUS.
Boston is a decent city to live in. It is acknowledged as a great sports city with lots of historic landmarks.
Boston is amazing! There is great nightlife, great museums, and great sports! I will never move from this amazing city.
Boston is the one of the greatest cities in the US. There is plenty to do in this wonderful city. There is the freedom trail, the site Boston tea party. Quincy Market has a lot of good local restaurants to eat at.
I wish the public schools would be better run with better resources. Gentrification is pushing out low income families and it's hard watching the culture and fabric of the different neighborhoods disappear.
Living in the Fenway area is amazing. There is everything around that you could possibly want or need. The night scene is great on the weekends and I have always felt safe.
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Boston is a city that's centered around colleges, hospitals, and businesses. There's always something to do and check out. Unfortunately, the city's nightlife is young because most things close really early.
Excellent City. Very good public transport system. Great Universities with students from across the world.
I recently moved to Boston for university, and I love it here. I'm from the south, so the climate here, both in terms of temperature and personalities, was a transition for me. However, I love how close I am to everything and everyone, and feel like I'm just a piece in a beautiful puzzle.
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