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Boston is a small town outside of Buffalo with a population of about 6,000. I have lived here nearly all my life and I plan to never leave. It is one of those towns where everyone is very friendly and kind. You never have to worry about feeling unsafe in Boston. If I could change one thing about Boston it would be to make the night life a little more interesting.
You always see cops around town whether your driving in the town or on the back roads. Usually I don't hear too much about robberies or stuff like that. There is some vandalism you see but most houses and buildings are kept pretty nice.
The atmosphere in this area is friendly. There is fresh air and beautiful views of the landscape. There's always something to do no matter what season, whether its skiing and snowmobiling or driving 20 minutes to the beach in the summer.
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there has only been family in my neighborhood that has moved out in the 18yrs that I have lived here. We are in the Country so the homes are a few acres apart from each other. Everyone has pets and we look out for one another.
there is no notable crime in my area
I like living in the country, I enjoy being outdoors. It is worth the drive to get somewhere.
In the small town of Colden, many residence have been here their entire lives. Unfortunately, many residence do not know each other and I don't feel are very community minded. In the greater Buffalo area, I think their is more a sense of community and an involvement for the betterment of their neighbors.
There are some "Big Box" stores in the area that provide a wide variety of goods. Small, unique shops as well as mom-and-pop establishments bring an eclectic flavor to consumers' shopping experience.
A hidden gem is the feeling of many Western New Yorkers. Although it makes headlines mainly for it's winter storms, the Erie county terrain is beautiful in all 4 seasons. From Niagara Falls in the north to the Ski resorts int he south, the Buffalo region has much to offer. I am originally from a small town, Cazenovia, NY and WNY is very much like ti. I truly love this area and would still choose to live here if I had to do it over.

WNY is also ripe for the growing. A service industry would boust the economy with job creation. I eagerly anticipate this for Buffalo's future.
Western New York is a friendly area filled with people of a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and beliefs.
It is very snowy in the winter and the roads are not always plowed. This made everything a lot more difficult in the winter. The pot holes in the spring are also damaging to cars if they don't know they're there. The summer, spring and fall aren't bad though because it isn't as hot as it could be nor as cold as it could be during those seasons.
There is one event called the Eden Corn Festival that brings people to our town but other then that it is mostly a non-tourist town.
I would say our town is like any other. There are people who are overweight and there are people who are healthy. I don't think it necessarily depends on the town. It is also a farm community so many families are blue collar and working hard which can help contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
There isn't really any public transportation but if you live right in town everything is very close. People do tend to speed but that is a problem everywhere. There isn't really any congestion traffic-wise but the potholes are almost ridiculous after winter. It is June and many of them still aren't fixed. It is safe for pedestrians to walk because there are sidewalks and there isn't ever that much traffic.
It is a very white community. There is nothing wrong with this but it makes some people racist towards other ethinicities. Although this is a small population of people. They were just never exposed to anything else in their life.
Everything is surrounded by woods. There are also state parks nearby and local parks extremely close. We are very close to Lake Erie. Which is especially nice in the summer.
It's a small town so there isn't much crime. Like everywhere you have high school students drinking but there has never been any harm from that. I haven't heard of anyone getting mugged in my town. The only problem is drunk driving; because it is a small town people think they can drive the couple of miles home. I don't think the police realize how often it occurs. Probably because most people get away with it somehow. And it's never the underage people who are doing it. It is the older adults thinking they are experienced and can handle themselves.
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Like within every town there is the "good and bad" sides. My town is no different but we don't have really any abandoned houses. Instead we just have lower income families whose housing isn't as good as others. There aren't any homeless people so it's nice to have that. Most houses are very middle class but also very nice. It's just that in town there isn't a huge discrepancy between housing. It's not as if we have some low income families and some millionaire families.
Overall my town is a great place to live. It is quiet and small but there are bigger towns nearby. I see the town carrying on the same way it has because even though there are only a few jobs in town so many people go to work elsewhere but still choose to live in this small town.
There are different options in my town from chinese, pizza, and tim hortons. I really like the chinese food in my town. There isn't much of a night life besides some bars that are mostly for adults. However, given the size of our town it is amazing we have so many choices.
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