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There are many things to do in Bossier City. From gambling on the boats, to nightlife, as well as fun family events there is always something to keep you busy.
Bossier City is a fantastic place to kive and raise a family. Filled withmany great people, great schools and many new and exciting businesses. I moved to Bossier City from Miami several years ago,and I have never looked back. I would definitley recommend to anybody looking for a home, to live in Bossier City. The traffic is a but annoying and sometimes too excessive. But, overall it is the best place to live.
Small enough to avoid headaches of a big city, but big enough to find employment opportunities. The schools are high quality, and the crime rate is low. The city police have far more of a presence than in neighboring Shreveport.
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I like Bossier City because I feel safe. Bossier also has good schools. The only thing I can complain about is that too much is being built and it's causing road congestion.
The city has grown tremendously over the past few years, and it is continuing to make accommodations accordingly. Bossier is a happy medium between southern living and urban/ modern amenities. The city isn't so quaint that you pass it in one exit on the I-220, nor is it big enough to be known without it's sister city of Shreveport.
In a sense, the town is a suburban extension of Shreveport and lends its hand at being a secluded neighbor of sorts. However, despite how "cute" the town may be, it is still a struggle to live comfortably as a younger person. There aren't many things to do for the younger generations and the city pretty much shuts down after 9pm .
Although it has potential, it is not quite there yet-- forever hiding in the shadow of its sister, Shreveport.
Bossier is a wonderfully mediocre town. We have the Louisiana Boardwalk, and a few fishing spots along the Red River. That's about it. There are very few things to see and do in Bossier City, so most people migrate to Shreveport which is much bigger and right across the river. After living here for a while, anyone is certain to get bored.
Bossier City is continuing to grow and I see a lot of good things in the future for Bossier City. Bossier's school's are better than Shreveport. It can be a deciding factor when people look to come to the area.
Bossier City is one of the most chillest cities to live in! Something I would improve on is the amount of things to do or activities because it is very limited.
I have lived in Bossier City my whole life. Bossier City is a small and safe town and everything is so close by never have to drive far. Bossier could improve the public schools in area; some of bossier schools need to be remodeled.
Bossier City has a lot of nice people and pretty much everything you could need. If you look for activities, festivals, and things like that, you will find it. You just have to do some searching first. The schools could definitely be better in Bossier. One of them is rated a 5 and the others are not better. In South Bossier elementary schools are split into K-3 and 4-5. In North and Central Bossier things are as they normally are. I do not recommend living in Central Bossier, it is dangerous and not very nice. North Bossier has a lot to do and is a good place to raise a family. South Bossier doesn't have as much things to do, but it is very close to Shreveport, which has a lot of things to do.
Bossier is technically pronounced as it is spelled, but here, people pronounce it as (Bo-sher)
its a good town... the infrastructure could be better but its getting there. schools are ok. and the local restaurants are delicious.
I like how everything is close by from eateries to casinos. Very good small town feel. Lots of things to do and places to explore.
Bossier City overall is very interesting. There are not very many job opportunities and when there are they don't pay that well. The houses and affordability are good if you have a full time job. Although there are some things to do with families it mainly consists of going to the movies or the alligator park. There are more adult things to do than family activities.
In Bossier City there is plenty to do for everyone in the family. There is the downtown area for nightlife where you can find all kinds of clubs and even business places that are cultural or are very important in a business aspect. There are parks and restaurants structured specifically for the enjoyment of kids and younger adults.
Overall Bossier City is nice place to live. Small but still plenty to do and see, its also relatively safe. I love the time I have spent living here!
Bossier city is a cultural and inviting environment! The thing's I like about bossier city are the people, weather, and the comfort! The people in bossier are just overall charming and have a lot of southern hospitality. The weather is just great you get a mixture of all the season's. Being comfortable is an important factor of where you live, feeling safe and homey is an amazing feeling. The perfect description of bossier is comfortable!
Bossier city is a great place to be! They have a lot of different public schools in the area, this is one thing I think they need work on. Almost every neighborhood has a different school district. I think if the city only had one school for each grade it would be bigger and better!
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Overall, I love living in Bossier! There is always something to do whether it's a themed activity like the yearly Holiday in Dixie Carnival in April, the Brew Festival in October, or any of the various parties and parades revolving around Mardi Gras in February and March. The community is friendly and engaging.

The housing is more affordable than the rest of the country. I can't speak about the grade schools but the local colleges, LSU Shreveport, Bossier Parish Community College, and Northwestern State University are fantastic and I'd recommend any one of them.
Not enough to do. Roads are very old and need to be repaired. Malls are empty. Reckless drivers everywhere.
Its a small safe town with great entertainment parks. I have been living here for three years now and so far have experienced no problems. Job oppurtunities are great and especially public schools are the most recommended ones. My siblings go to Apollo and its the best school of the city. The neighboirhood I live in have a lit of diversity and a part from that its a friendly neighbourhood. Children play outside after school and I see people jogging in the evenings. Bossier police is also very helpful. Its is a great city because everything os close by and especially the testing center. That is the reason I am giving it 5 stars. oh and did i mention the night life well during events you can see the fire works which is the best view ever because downtown is near by so all the resturants are close by too.
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