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Overall, I love living in Bossier! There is always something to do whether it's a themed activity like the yearly Holiday in Dixie Carnival in April, the Brew Festival in October, or any of the various parties and parades revolving around Mardi Gras in February and March. The community is friendly and engaging.

The housing is more affordable than the rest of the country. I can't speak about the grade schools but the local colleges, LSU Shreveport, Bossier Parish Community College, and Northwestern State University are fantastic and I'd recommend any one of them.
Not enough to do. Roads are very old and need to be repaired. Malls are empty. Reckless drivers everywhere.
Its a small safe town with great entertainment parks. I have been living here for three years now and so far have experienced no problems. Job oppurtunities are great and especially public schools are the most recommended ones. My siblings go to Apollo and its the best school of the city. The neighboirhood I live in have a lit of diversity and a part from that its a friendly neighbourhood. Children play outside after school and I see people jogging in the evenings. Bossier police is also very helpful. Its is a great city because everything os close by and especially the testing center. That is the reason I am giving it 5 stars. oh and did i mention the night life well during events you can see the fire works which is the best view ever because downtown is near by so all the resturants are close by too.
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Bossier City is home to a variety of citizens, many of which belong to the Air Force base in town. Safety is a key part of Bossier, as well as the incredible school system, which allows families to feel comfortable. It's constantly growing, with new local businesses sprouting up all around town and the establishment of large companies that help Bossier evolve and adapt to an ever changing country.
The people here are friendly and will always offer a helping hand when needed. The change I would like to see is more industry brought into the area. We have enough restaurants and retail stores.
SO boring. Nothing to do after 9 pm. Majority of the people who are here work for the Air Force. 0/10 recommend.
I would like more fancy restaurants to come to the area. I feel that my options are limited when I want to go to a nice place to eat.
North Bossier City is a good place to live.Crime rate is lower than Shreveport.Not a lot of kid friendly things to do , but close to places that do such as Dallas, Arkansas.
I have lived here all of my life. Sure there are plenty of nursing opportunities due to there being many hospitals in the area, but there isn't much to do.
My experience in Bossier City has been one of many enjoyable and memorable years. There are always things to improve on anywhere you go, but for the most part this city is friendly and comfortable. Easy going and continues to grow.
Bossier is a wonderful place to live with your family. Everyone is very friendly, and there are always activities and events happening in the city.
They need to fix the roads. The traffic is especially bad along the highways and on Airline Drive. And there needs to be more opportunities for young people to work/find affordable homes. Most people ages 20+ are terrified of the law here, they use brute force if not listened to exactly. Maybe extra police training and such would help. Community events and a center for younger children would be nice.
Bossier has a lot of food, and a lot of generic places to go shopping. There’s not that much diversity with things to do.
I live here,and have since 1972..its changed a lot,and while it is safer the the city across the river?..crime happens here to even if it seems rare..i gave it a 5 rating because 3 would be rude,and 5 would be just saying
I have lived in Bossier City for six years and enjoyed it for the most part. Bossier City is not too big or too small, for me. I do wish that it had more things to do or different places to eat.
Bossier City is a great place to live! You are close to everything. Stores, surrounding towns, restaurants etc. Bossier City is currently growing like crazy!
The combination of Shreveport/Bossier City makes for a perfect duo. Both cities together offer many different restaurants and outdoor activities. One thing I think that could be better is as the two cities are beginning to grow and add more and more we really need to work on the improving the roadways.
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The city itself is very lovely. People are friendly, and there are plenty of opportunities for fun, specially since Shreveport is just next to it.
I would improve roads and infrastructure in general.
i love the schools in south bossier and that there is less traffic than there is in shreveport and north bossier. i think that they need to add more stop lights to help with the traffic in south barksdale blvd.
My family moved here back in the mid 70's, been here ever since. I do enjoy living in Bossier City because of work, shopping, medical facilities, BAFB, everything including FREE parking, everything is so convienent, most of the people are nice and friendly. Nice place to retire.
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