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During my short time here I have been all over the town of Bossier City. As a home health nurse I see many of the neighborhoods and meet many of the people. For the public education, I can not give an opinion on due to my child is not yet of school age. I am how ever in the community taking care of family members. I have seen such love for family here. It warms my heart to see people trying so hard to give the best care possible for their loved ones with what little they have. Most of the buildings and housing are not in the best of shape. As for the night life, it is sad. Not everyone wants to go gamble their hard earned money away.
I love Bossier City! I moved here back in August of 2012. The people here are so nice and have a sense of being free. There are many things to do and so many places to go. We have art museums, monthly art walks, Mardi Gras parades, and plenty of events to keep your heart content. I love walking down the Louisiana Boardwalk at night and seeing the bridges over the Red River lit up in different colors. It gives me chill bumps every time. It proves that we are the Land of the Free and we can be anywhere and anything we want to be.
Bossier city, though not as big as it's sister city, Shreveport, is a great place to raise a family. The public schools are top notch and the neighborhoods are family friendly. Having grown up in Bossier City, I have watched the city change from year to year and find that the changes they make to the city only improve it's already appealing nature.
I love living in Bossier City. The crime rate is low and the schools are great! Especially in south Bossier (SOBO).
Bossier city is a great place to live you your family. They have decent food and better roads than the joining towns and cities around the area. Great police force and mostly friendly people.
This is the BEST place to live and raise a family! Bossier has some of the best schools and the local people here are AMAZING! We are a city built around Barksdale Air Force Base and there are many amenities this area has to offer. We have a local hockey team, The Shreveport-Mudbugs. We have tons of great places to eat and shop. Bossier City really is the best!
Bossier has great schools and is growing just as big as it's sister city, Shreveport. Lovely neighborhoods and low crime rate.
I love how friendly the people are and how clean it is. However, I would love to see more street lights because when I'm driving at night it's difficult to see what's in-front of me and the traffic is awful because of it.
I love living in Bossier City, the climate is warm most of the year. The only thing I do not like is the taste of the water. I use bottled water or a water filter to fix that. The town has plenty of shopping, and lot of restaurants.
Bossier City, LA is a wonderful place to live. It has ever growing community and businesses. I like the way the people are friendly and always helpful. The easy access from major interstates is a economical gold mine for the city. The many casinos located here and Shreveport, the revenues for both cities is ever booming.
The town is friendly but you have to get to know people. Military base brings the diversity. Very conservative. Best place to create relationships is in the many churches and denominations. Neighboring city has opera, symphony, ballet, and many theatre groups.
I Sadae McHenry,grew up in BossierCity,Louisiana most of my life. The city is people friendly and the crime rate is extremely low.I love the school systems in Bossier ,the teacher take pride in teaching. The neighborhood that we live in was were quite and well keep. I don't have to worry about my kids playing outside with friends.
My children love it and they hate that we are about to relocate. The cost of living is great. The nightlife is wonderful the have karaoke and casinos. I myself don't gamble!
Looking for a place to stay is hard because no one really moves. It's very healthy living mentality.Physically there are numerous numbers of fast food chains. Bossier City is a very divers neighborhood. Overall I think Bossier is a great place to live.
Great convenient location and great school. Harsh law enforcement- will give you a ticket for any and everything. Overall a great city
Small and growing city which shares the Red River with Shreveport across the river. Nice people but not much to do other than go to the mall or the boardwalk.
when i first moved in there was car break ins right in the parking lot
i wouldn't live here another year. want better community.
Highly visible police/quick response time.
Non stimulating environment. Disgusting residents.
On base for the safety
I like living here due to having sense of security and being able to have easy access to everything on base. However there are things that I would change if I could but I do not have that power.
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