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I have lived in Bossier City for six years and enjoyed it for the most part. Bossier City is not too big or too small, for me. I do wish that it had more things to do or different places to eat.
Bossier City is a great place to live! You are close to everything. Stores, surrounding towns, restaurants etc. Bossier City is currently growing like crazy!
The combination of Shreveport/Bossier City makes for a perfect duo. Both cities together offer many different restaurants and outdoor activities. One thing I think that could be better is as the two cities are beginning to grow and add more and more we really need to work on the improving the roadways.
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The city itself is very lovely. People are friendly, and there are plenty of opportunities for fun, specially since Shreveport is just next to it.
I would improve roads and infrastructure in general.
i love the schools in south bossier and that there is less traffic than there is in shreveport and north bossier. i think that they need to add more stop lights to help with the traffic in south barksdale blvd.
My family moved here back in the mid 70's, been here ever since. I do enjoy living in Bossier City because of work, shopping, medical facilities, BAFB, everything including FREE parking, everything is so convienent, most of the people are nice and friendly. Nice place to retire.
I love living in Bossier City. It is quiet with a touch of city living. There are great schools in located in North and South Bossier if you have children.
I have been living in South Bossier City (also called "SOBO") since I was born (35 years ago). Thinking back to my childhood, I remember cow pastures and just a few subdivisions. We are home to Barksdale Air Force Base and that was about the biggest “attraction” to our area during my childhood. Fast forward to 2017 and I hardly recognize my city as it has changed so much since then! There are so many new attractions, parks, and subdivisions in the area. The Louisiana Boardwalk is a great place to shop, eat and catch a movie! Not to mention nearby Shreveport offers many attractions including the State Fair of Louisiana and many festivals at Festival Plaza, just to name a few. Additionally, South Bossier is home to one of the best school systems in the area! My old high school (Parkway) has been rebuilt and boasts a beautiful (multi-million dollar) campus! Honestly, I am jealous I didn’t get to attend my high school years there! The city is a great place to call home.
I enjoy some of the fairs and festivals throughout the year, but overall the people are extremely unpleasant and there is not much to do for entertainment besides gambling.
This city is very cordial and has a wonderful country-like vibe. It's been a perfect haven for me when it comes to working, attending school, and partying. As far as change goes, I wish we had more people here to experience this life.
A lot of different businesses a little different then Shreveport Louisiana. Great restaurants and night life!!
Bossier City is a great place to live! It has all of the amenities of a larger town, without having to feel like you live in a huge city! Highlights include the Barksdale Air Force Base, which puts on a large air show each year, and the Red River, which hosts many activities and includes walking trails and boat rides. You also can't forget The Boardwalk, an outdoor shopping and dining experience located directly on the Red River.
I am from New York so Bossier City is a big difference for me . Its more quiet and calm. I really like the southern food and how close the stores are from my house.
I grew up in West Monroe, LA but after getting out of the Navy my family lived here so I moved to Bossier City. I have enjoyed living here for the past 4 years where I feel safe and secure and there are many fun things to experience and I love living close to my hometown and larger cities like Dallas and Houston.
bossier is a great own to live in! I love the neighborhood I am in. I feel safe and my neighbors are friendly. I can go out and walk my dogs at any time of day and I feel comfortable having my little cousins over to ride their bikes on my street.
Bossier is a very small town with not a lot of job opportunities and the people are not very friendly. We are only here because we are based at Barksdale AFB.
Bossier is an up and coming city that has been non-stop growing for a couple years now. We have to Red River that flows in between us and Shreveport and is great for fishing or water sports. We have the biggest attraction of gambling with multiple casinos that are not in neighboring towns. We have a great outdoor shopping center called "The Boardwalk" that was just remodeled and has added new stores. In the near future we will be building an aquarium which I am very excited about. The only thing we are missing is a zoo.
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Bossier City has it's good parts and it's bad. It has some of the best elementary, middle, and high schools. It has a lot of after school programs. Shreveport is just across the river and is packed with nightlife activities.
I have never lived in the city before, but I moved here to attend college and I absolutely love it! Bossier is a very peaceful place to live.
During my short time here I have been all over the town of Bossier City. As a home health nurse I see many of the neighborhoods and meet many of the people. For the public education, I can not give an opinion on due to my child is not yet of school age. I am how ever in the community taking care of family members. I have seen such love for family here. It warms my heart to see people trying so hard to give the best care possible for their loved ones with what little they have. Most of the buildings and housing are not in the best of shape. As for the night life, it is sad. Not everyone wants to go gamble their hard earned money away.
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