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I have lived in Boscawen for the majority of my life. While the town lacks diversity, the people that live here are all connected in one way or another. For example, the lady that works behind the counter at a local gas station used to be my bus driver in kindergarten. My grandfather talks about all the residents as if they were his childhood friend. Most of the people in the area recognize my last name, as my family has all grown up and lived in this town. The only issue I really have with the town is that it seriously lacks diversity. If there was more diversity, it would allow all of the residents to be more open minded and well rounded.
Very little crime beyond the occasional drunk driver
Not many amenities without traveling, but very peaceful
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The police do there job as best they possibly can. Very often I see officers sitting on the side of the road watching to ensure that people are following the speed limits especially with New England weather in the winter. I have been pulled over before by an officer I did not know because the person who my car was registered under had an expired license. When the Officer pulled me over he was extremely understanding, especially because I was not the one with the expired license, and told me I was all set to continue driving to school. It's the way they treat the people in the town that earns them such a good reputation. I remember my neighbors had a burglary in their home and they had talked to my mom about what the police did when they arrived and how they handled the situation. They felt safe. I can honestly say in my 18 years in Boscawen I have never felt scared or in danger on the streets because the town is so well taken care of.
I love exactly where I live. In Boscawen, because it is such a small town, you quickly meet the majority of the people that reside here. While yes, there are always those few that stay to themselves, most are very friendly even if it is the first time you've ever spoken to them. All of the business's I know of are owned by people who live in the town or at least close by because they enjoy being here. The kids in the neighborhood love going to Bradley's Pizza as their main hangout even though it is one of the oldest, outdated restaurants in the area. However, that is why we love it. The food is amazing and the people that serve and make the food are the kindest you could ever meet. I would love to stay close to this town if not live in it when I move out on my own, that is why I am choosing colleges close to the area. I see this town only improving because as long as I have been here, which is my entire life, it has only gotten better.
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