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Not a fantastic town but its a small town so i would watch my step. There is no night life like dallas, you learn everyone and everyone knows you yes family friendly they watch your back if they are your friends.
There is a super Wal-mart now. We have a Kentucky Fried Chicken. There is a pretty decent sized park. There is a lake about twenty minutes away if you like fishing or getting on a boat, it is small but a real good rainy season can bring it up quite a bit. There is refinery work here but not much of anything else. To get different work you'll have to drive to Amarillo which is about fifty miles from here. There is a movie theater and thats about it. If you like going and doing things you will be sad here. If you don't have Netflix there are a few Redbox Kiosk here.
I enjoyed my experience on the website. I would like to change how detailed the question are. Overall experience was great.
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Borger is a decent place to grow up or raise a family. The crime rate is low and the community is friendly. However, activities and entertainment options are very limited. All that is here is a movie theater and a bowling alley. The high school in Borger is not the best.
Borger is your typical small town. The town has a college that I can attend and all the amenities my family an I enjoy using. There is a skate ring, movie theater and a couple of bars for us adults to enjoy as well. I have only lived here for several months. It is quiet, and honestly a little smelly due to two power plants that are close to town. I would like for the two plants to find a better way to not make the town so smelly. Other then that, I really enjoy my time here in Borger Texas.
I have lived in Borger for 5 years. They have great schools and programs for children. I have attended Frank Phillips College here and they really got me off to a great start in my education. I will be transferring to WT with no student loans.
Always windy and dry. Trash everywhere basically a huge trash can. Minimal greenery unless in rich neighborhood where they can afford 300 dollar water bills. There is a movie theater, and a cool little museum.
It is average. People will stay as long as they have a good job. The gas and fertilizer plants will keep people here permanently.
The cost of living is lower than in bigger cities. It is not easy to find cheap places around here because of the contractors that are here working at the local plants. Depending on what part of town you're in will have obvious abandoned houses. In the poorer areas, there are several.
You definitely cannot leave your cars unlocked while in your own driveway. Nothing is safe unless it is locked up. It isn't like it used to be when your property was yours and people left it alone.
It is a decent town to grow up and raise children. The schools are small enough that you know everyone.
There is a service called Panhandle Transit. You have to call and make a reservation. There is a taxi run by one man in town. He does not drive around, so if you need him you have to call. If you don't have a car, you ride your bike or walk.
The lake is drying up. There is plenty of camping grounds now that the lake is so low. It still has enough water in it to take your boat out, but not many at a time.
We have had devastating fires in the past few years. Tornados are not uncommon. The wind is horrible here. Not much rain.
There are few options to choose from for the nightlife here. Bennigan's and The Plaza are the only big restaurants here in town. There are a few bars but nothing to write home about.
There is plenty of work if you are wanting construction jobs. The hospital is small and is hard to get a job in every department. Not a lot of turnaround in the hospital. Plenty of jobs in the local Walmart and convenience stores.
You can get most of everything you need here as long as you're not too picky.
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Huber Park is fun for the family to be.
Public services are very organized.
Police are very nice and understanding.
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