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One of the best things is that the crime rate is low. I feel very safe there. One thing that could be changed is the amount of houses they are building. Its getting overcrowded.
Bordentown is a very nice area filled with historic landmarks and excellent people. Would recommend going down to the beach if you own a boat. Only down side is the driving as the roads are pretty small and majority of the parking is parallel parking.
Small town. Very close knit community. Many local activities held for families and kids - 5K, Halloween parade, Cranberry Fest. Excellent school system.
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Bordentown is a nice area close to plenty of areas to shop. It is close to Philadelphia and not to far away from the train station if you want to go to NYC.
Bordentown Township is a quiet area with a family-friendly environment. I would like to see more community events or activities to take part in.
I love living in bordentown. I moved here from the shore, and it is different in every way. You have an adorable little city center with a lot of historic charm, and then there are also areas with a lot of farm land close by. You get the best of both worlds. All of the restaurants in town are amazing, with such friendly people. You have beautiful views with the Delaware river close by, and tons of different transportation to different areas in New Jersey, very convenient. Bordentown has such a community atmosphere, they are constantly having different events in town for people to check out, I never really had that growing up. But is turning into one of my favorite things about this area!
Great place to live, great schools, friendly people, good restaurants, diversity, have any good neighborhoods,
safe neighborhoods, a lot of restaurants, a few lakes for fishing,
It is a nice are that i feel safe in. I wish that it had more helpful stores nearby, and they could clean up the old stores a little bit.
There's not much that goes on around me. My neighborhood is a very peaceful place.
The people are nice to eachother. It's a very friendly neighborhood.
Our police department makes every effort to help the community, they are always driving around the different neighborhoods making sure no one is speeding around kids and they are quick to help. Our police officers also are very friendly and always offer a helping hand. Also when the police are not around the community always helps each other out and makes sure we are all safe.
My town of Bordentown, New Jersey is a close community where people know who you are and we all get together and support each other. One thing that really shows everyone who we are is when we all got together and donated money towards food, clothing, and a hotel room for a homeless man that walks around our area. Everyone saw this man and wanted to help and we provided housing for him that is still good for months ahead. We care about one another and we look out for each other, when someone is in need or suffers a loss we are there for them and provide a shoulder for them to cry on. We never leave someone behind and we are always looking to get better. Bordentown is a great place to grow and learn how to be the best person you can be!
Safe neighborhoods - people look out for each other
Too many children moving in for school system
There are things to do when the kids are younger, but not so much when they are teenagers.
Town is quite friendly and down to earth. However, school rankings are way below other surrounding towns.
Over all this is a great place to live. This is a quiet friendly neighborhood.
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Bordentown is very nice and quiet town. My neighbors are all nice and welcoming
There is a lot of history in Bordentown and are many traditions, especially in the summer and fall. The location is extremely conveniently located with access to many other towns with fun activities. However, recently drugs have become a more prominent part of this town and that is not something I want in the town in which I live. As is expected with a small town, people are very involved in the business of their friends and neighbors, which is an aspect of small towns I do not particularly enjoy.
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