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Bordentown is a safe community with a thriving town full of restaurants, shops, and a variety of services. People living in Bordentown are typically very friendly and dedicated to the city.
Bordentown consists of the township and city. The township is on the north side of 130 and city on south side of 130. It is a great small town to raise a family. The residents of Bordentown are wonderful and are a big family that has each other's back. We have wonderful restaurants in the city and various events planned during the year that bring the community together - cranberry fest, halloween parade, christmas tree lighting, 5ks....
It has a nice selection of restaurants but not a lot of public transportation. When the weather is nice you can take your boat out on the river.
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There is a mix of some newer housing and historic housing. Many buildings in the town are 100+ years old and buying one will likely require some home repairs and improvement projects. All areas of Bordentown City seem equally friendly.
There are many local events at the park, library, and community center. Some people are very involved and others are not. Everyone is cordial and most people greet each other when passing on the street.
I have never been aware of any trouble of theft, vandalism, or violence. Walking around at night feels perfectly safe. The police regularly patrol the streets and community lots and are friendly and keep a positive presence at local events.
The community grows while maintaining integrity.
Overall not a high level of crime in this area, although my dad's car was stolen.
Job outlook is relatively mediocre. Most job opportunities are in fast food or sales.
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