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I like the Suburban feel. Also it is close to the Delaware border so it is easy to commute between the two states to avoid PA sales tax. Overall a safe, accessible, family town.
i would not choose to live in this area i would perfer the quiet life of the country its so busy in this area everyone goes at a fast pace
Neighbors are friendly and always willing to help out one another.
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Typical suburban homes, not exactly cookie-cutter, but not far from.
In my area of the town, there is not much crime, I feel generally safe most times.
The weather is pretty consistent, cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Bizarre storms occur maybe once a year, but typically not frequently.
The only job I've held in this area is not in my town, but the town over. I've held the job for 5 years.
Retail stores in this area are often few and seem repetitive. What i would like to see is more of the typical town center shopping networks where there are streets of stores that can be walked through, not always a drive from store-to-store experience.
Its not bad as long as you stay away from certain areas.
I go out as much as I can, but the best parks are a little farther away.
I don't know how I feel about living here.
The weather is actually not too bad.
I never go out around here, its not worth it.
I would never find a job I actually like around here.
Nothing new.. same old, same old.
We have a good variety of businesses. It is typically in walking area. Although the grocery store is far in regards to walking distance, we have drug stores near by that provide essentials.
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