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People of Boothbay Town are good people and always ready to help you. There are jobs and security. People would randomly ask how you doing and make sure you ok.
In this town there is not too much crime. Mostly Drug busts. The police are very visible you could find one easily anywhere.
There are very few good qualities about this area. Sure there is a good sense of community but the majority of this area are in poverty. There is a huge drug and alcohol problem in this area and not enough jobs for anyone. The wealthy are buying out everything in town making it impossible for the less fortunate to afford more than a single room apartment and eventually everyone who has low income will be forced to move. This area will be made up of summer homes and country clubs. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years from now this town won't even be open in the winter.
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I would say the safety of the town is alright. The police aren't always reliable, and many of the officers are known to engage in substance abuse as well - not on the job of course.
My community is very small. And while that can be comforting, I don't enjoy the constant rumors and gossip. Drugs and alcohol are very common in this area. The bar scene has no limits, including parents and tough adults. There is nothing to do is this tiny town so people generally turn to substance abuse. It is a problem. If this does not improve, the town will only get worse. I would not choose to live here again.
This area is absolutely beautiful. It has the best of all worlds, the ocean, the hiking trails, small mountains nearby for hiking, lakes for kayaking and canoeing, fishing, hunting, etc. I couldn't pick a better place to live nature wise! This area is stunning especially when it comes to the ocean, our largest attraction!
There are definitely things that keep our police officers busy, but the area as a whole is extremely safe. I have lived in this area for almost 20 years and I have never been directly effected by any crime at all. If anything does happen its fairly minor and I may here a 2 minute or less statement on the local news, most often that doesn't even happen.
I am lucky to live in an area where the worst we have gotten (knock on wood) are bad winter blizzards. I live in Maine... I can handle a blizzard! Every season is beautiful, bringing truly the best weather I can see (based on national news).
There are very few opportunities for professional jobs in this area. Most of them surround the health care industry, education, carpentry, or fishing, and 99% of them don't pay to a level that is deserved. The majority of jobs around this area are minimum wage jobs below the livable wage average.
The town is very much centered around the fishing industry. Most of our menus feature seafood, especially during the summer time when tourists are looking forward to tasting fresh Maine seafood. Overall the food is great, I just wish there was more variety.
There are mostly mom-and-pop places that mainly serve the tourists that come to the area each summer. We are a very tourist centered town. There is one large construction company that builds multimillion dollar homes. If we want to access chain restaurants, the most popular places are 45 min to 1 hour away.
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