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Even though it's a quiet little town, it seems like there's always something going on to do. Everyone knows everyone.
The weather here is your basic mid south weather. My yard is a flood zone for about 3 days after it rains. Flash floods seem to be a big thing around here.
We have the fa ll festival. That's about it. There's lots of college football and softball games but those aren't particularly considered 'community events'.
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The houses here are all rented out by individuals. So maintenance isn't something that happens often. There are a few houses here that are.abandoned, but most houses have new residents the very next day. I pay 725 a month, water and power included. That's about average. My landlord has about 25 other properties all around the same price. He's not known for maintenance or yard work. Lawnmowers are always being stolen, so unless you have a garage you don't mow your grass
The parks and forests here are great. Any open fields are always full of trash and almost always an abandoned couch. Pollution as far as cars isn't to bad. Noise pollution is a problem with jerks revving engines at every stop sigh and loud music. Mold seems to be a house problem for everyone here in town.
Factories or Wal-Mart. Pick one. I've had two quit two full time jobs because of the awful men I've had to work with. Most people live in income based apartments living off food stamps and monthly checks. It doesn't make for a nice atmosphere. The mom and pop shops are slowly closing down.
There was a murder down the street last week. Groups of kids from different apartments playing in the streets. Cops are everywhere but they never seem to be where they are needed. My neighbor called the cops on me because I didn't park the way she likes I MY driveway (she pulls into my yard because she doesn't know how to pull out into the street). They were quick to respond. But when I called them about getting a fender-intended at a gas station I the middle of town, it took a good 45 minutes for a cop to pull up. All my neighbors sell pills and I've had to file a police report due to a case of stalking. I don't feel safe I this town.
There are two gyms I town. The mega-chain zone, and your smaller chain, adrenaline fitness. I'm pretty sure there is a town fitness center but I've been living here over a year and still haven't seen it. We have a nice disc golf course that I play 4+ days a week. It's getting other people interested in the sport. But the older veneration is a bigger generation.
Mom and pop shops are getting shut out by the bigger, more dollar menu type stores. Cashiers don't worry about being pleasant or friendly. Those that do get shot down real quick. I've had to quit two jobs in Booneville already due to sexual harassment.
The sense of community is lost. People here are not trusting or friendly, and for good reason. If I had to describe the people of the town I could sum it up in three words 'socks and flip-flops'. You have guys constantly yelling at women and revving up engines. And the women here range from fresh out of church to extremely trashy. I despise going out to get groceries.
I wish there was more or representatives would do. I pass a cop on every road and yet I am always hearing of break-ins and muggings. The hospital is nice, but understaffed. Actually, everywhere is understaffed. Except the police station. I wish the town had some proper funding so it could clean up some of the mess they helped create.
The rent is high in Booneville. People don't trust other people. And for a good reason. Last week there was a murder down the street. It's going downhill fast because of drugs and crime. You will have one street of nice houses, then a row of trailers, and then apartments everywhere. The town is practically rented out by Chris Fuller.
The whole town is a fast food resturant. McDonald's, Wendy's, 3 Subways. They have one awesome Chinese restaurant.
Rent is high because it's a college town. The general atmosphere is college kids in pajamas at your local Wal-Mart. If you like food, there is a restaurant on every street. As far as entertainment, food is it. If I could do it again I would not choose to live here. The city park is the greatest, but you can't walk your dog past nine because cops will run you out. Not a bad place to live when school is out.
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