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Boone is a beautiful place with tons of hikes ranging from easy to difficult. You can visit downtown and shop at several boutiques and antique stores. Eat whatever you're in the mood for; restaurants range from sushi to mexican to burgers and anything in between. There are plenty of breweries such as Appalachian Mountain Brewery, that you can visit. Boone has a little something for everyone.
Boone is one of my favourite places in the world. The first thing anyone will notice about it is the beautiful mountain environment surrounding the small town. There are countless places to visit and explore in the mountains, and the views of the mountains from Boone are great. The town itself is a neat little place; the main street - King Street - is full of interesting shops and places to eat. Appalachian State University's campus takes up a large portion of the town, but it's campus is welcome for people to visit and walk around on. On the other side of the campus there are plenty of places to shop and eat before leaving the city limits. I absolutely love Boone.
Boone is a college town. One thing Boone does have is a lot of students throughout the year and many of tourist as well. However, the views are absolutely beautiful and there are plenty of nearby adventures to be had.
Many of the "Boonies" are concerned with the environment. Boone restaurants usually have vegetarian options and many places are pet friendly. The downtown area is full of cute shops. Campus is beautiful. I do not plan on staying here forever, but I would recommend it to anyone.
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Boone is a very friendly southern town, with a lot of small business and environmental-friendly ventures. The town is built around the college, Appalachian State University, and students and locals work hard to keep tensions low. The town is incredibly safe, and there are many opportunities for recreation, especially outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and biking. The town is situated high in the Appalachian Mountains, and it experiences all four seasons. There is a local colloquialism - if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. It is one of the few places in North Carolina and the U.S. in general that experiences a climate similar to that found in the mountain ranges of Canada. The cost of living is high, since the town relies on its revenue from the college, but the scenery of the area is breathtaking.
Boone, NC, has something for all walks of life and all ages! The mountain fresh air, sunshine, snow, hills, valleys, hiking trails, name it! There are amazing local eateries, parks, boutiques, swimming holes, athletic events, and bands!
Beautiful area, but very hard to meet people as a young adult. Not many opportunities for young adults.
I love Boone! It's amazing especially if you love the outdoors. So much to do and enjoy. Highly recommend
I love living in Boone. The people are great, there plenty of things to do around town, and you always have a gorgeous view of the mountains!
Very kind and friendly people with a beautiful mountain view, just 20 minutes away from the Blue Ridge Parkway
Boone, NC has very friendly people, and an old-fashioned laid back lifestyle. There are many local restaurants and very few major chains. Come see all we have to offer as it is a fun year round place with cool temperatures in the summer and skiing in the winter.
I love it here. I grew up here, as did my mother. I also am going to university here. The outdoors are the place to be here located in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Boone is an amazing small town, but not for long as it is growing quickly. If you love outdoor activities this is an amazing place to rock climb, mountain bike and go for hikes.
The enviroment is beautiful, and the free public transit is a godsend that I could not live without. However, the housing is extremely expensive due to the influx of students demanding luxury housing which makes it hard to find low-income housing in town for those who cannot afford 600+ dollars in rent per month. There are wonderful food bank programs so it is nice to never worry about going hungry. The town itself is extremely safe. I have never felt endangered, even walking at night.
I love that Boone is a small town and has everything you need within a 5 mile radius. Everything about Boone is beautiful! There's nothing like a drive down the blue ridge parkway during the peak of Fall! I don't ever want this place to change
Boone is a small town in the Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina. It houses 18,000 students plus 18,000 year-round residents. I have enjoyed the past 4 years living in Boone particularly the great hiking, skiing, and scenic views on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Boone, from wondrous forests with rustling leaves to lush rolling hills, adventure, is waiting; in the vast, natural trails. A quick ride to the awe-inspiring Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall foilage and adventurous ski slopes are waiting. Boone is a beautiful expedition, hidden, lurking across a mountain chain, yet Blowing Rock is only 20 minutes away. However, in all my travels Boone is the only other place, besides home, where I feel completely comfortable. Boone is the sacred place where life is flawless, my family surrounds me, sickness seems to disappear, disappointment never occurs, and at that moment, time appears to freeze in perfection- true blessedness.
I love Boone because of the atmosphere and people living here. The town is very dog friendly and most are allowed in many of the shops in Boone. Boone is also very friendly in general. As a college town there is a wide variety of people living here from many different backgrounds. Also there are many different opportunities to be outside in the Boone area.
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I like Boone and have enjoyed living their. it is rich in culture and the people throughout the environment are great. Though there are those that tend to be bothersome you get those just about anywhere ]. the artistic part of the town are rich and beautiful and are enjoyable for all to see. the fact that it is a college town is easily recognizable yet you are always welcomed with an open hand to grab hold of. The traffic is not that great, but hey its a small town what can you do about it.
Boone is such a lovely place to live. The weather is beautiful, the residents are nice, the shop owners are helpful, and the scenery is the absolute best. I would recommend living here!
I am currently in Boone to attend college. I love it here because everyone is so nice and friendly. There is always something to do with the mountains, rivers and falls all around.
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