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We actually just had a great example take place. Early this year (March-May), we did have a couple houses in the area that were broken in too. The local police were very prompt in dealing with the issues. They started regular patrols (at different times) and offered to drive by houses that weren't regularly occupied - we had them do this when we went on a vacation. Since the thieves have been caught (or at least I am assuming they've been caught as there have been no issues since and there hasn't been any talk of it either) the police have continued a semi-regular patrol and our area has been quite safe I feel.
I am very happy to live here and would definitely choose the area again. I love that it is centrally located to multiple large cities but is still private and out in the country. I love the rolling hills and fall colors. The people are great too. Though we tend to go about our own daily lives we are always there for each other if something were ever to happen. My only complaints would be the fact that because we are centrally located we aren't super close to anything making it have to be a planned trip in town instead of a quick five minute run over to the store or to an activity.
It's still a small town where not many crimes take place, relatively decent folks.
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I wouldn't choose to live where I am if my parents didn't. I would prefer further in the country.
It's a clean area and seems very safe.
Beautiful and scenic area. It is quiet and peaceful, the drive is a bit longer to the store but it is worth it due to the area.
Mostly nice rural area, but growing a little too fast.
It's great living here. It's beautiful, calm, and welcoming.
If you want to get around drive your own car.
Very friendly and involved community!
Not updated or following this topic.
We never really have crime going on around here.
We have quite a few dog parks with great walking trails/ paths. Lots of room and off-leash opportunity.
Not everyone is in shape.
You never know what the weather will be like. One day it can be warm and sunny and the next it's snowing.
Fireside Bar and Grill is a great place to stop for dinner. Their food is amazing!
We have a gas station, a couple restaurants, an animal feed store, a bank, a butcher shop, and other places so employment is not too hard to find as a teenager or an adult.
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Fireside Bar and Grill is a fantastic place to eat and is very popular in my area. We don't have any stores though. You have to head to Wentzville to buy house items.
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