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Boone is a nice town in central Iowa. With a population of just over 12,000 I love the small town feel. It is full of friendly people and is great at making others feel welcomed and safe. Boone has great parks and bike paths that make you feel like you are tucked away in the woods while still being in town. My only complaint with the town is the lack of activities. It would be nice to have more events to attend or a Starbucks for all of the coffee lovers here. I've lived in Boone for 18 years and am proud to call it home.
I think the people who live here are all very nice and helpful. Traffic is hardly ever a problem but the roads aren't taken care of; there are many potholes and roads aren't always plowed. There are stores for almost everything you'd need and you're close enough to Ames and Des Moines that if you can't find it in Boone, you can find it in an hour or so.
Crime and safety is much better than the crime you would get in a big city. Police are normally right on it, when there is a issue
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I love living in small, quiet town. For me, it's much better than living in a bustling city where a lot of crime happens and you're not sure about your own safety. I'm not sure if there will much change in this town's future...It seems to be an overall stay the same kind of town.
Safety and crime in this area is not bad. The crime rate is probably about average and the police are always out on patrol and duty. They are just slow at getting to you quickly.
I get involved with many people and work places. It has made an impact on my life by getting involved in the area and I think that is what makes it great.
There is some crime, but it is not that dangerous to live in this area.
I like living in this area. Boone is not necessarily my favorite, but Ames is right there and there are plenty of opportunities and it is a nice environment.
I've enjoyed living in Boone. It has a nice downtown area and a nice history to it. A lot of the public facilities were donated to the city by important figures in the past. If I had to choose to live here again, I would probably do it.
To be honest, Ledges is really the only really cool place near Boone. The train is not that interesting and the museum is not great either. Boone is a friendly place to live, but there isn't very much to do there.
Boone is a very safe place. The West side of Boone has some issues with drugs, but that is about it. Drugs are the only thing that you really hear about from Boone. The police here are very friendly, and you can see them driving around throughout the day.
Most of the severe storms seem to just go around Boone. You hear on the news about these massive storms that are going to wreak havoc on most of Central Iowa, but they nearly always go around us. We'll get a bit of the rain or snow, but that's it. We only get the occasional thunderstorm, and they're rarely incredibly dangerous. Also, I can't remember any tornadoes in the 12 years that I've lived in Boone.

The only thing that we worry about is some flooding. But even that isn't much of a danger. Unless you live out of town or near Ledges park.
I think that Boone is okay in terms of employment opportunities. There are a few car dealerships, schools, chain businesses, and locally owned stores that may hire you. However, it's certainly not excellent.
I've never been to a bar, since I'm not of legal age, so I can't say anything about those. However, the HyVee is open 24/7 and you can pick up food there. Or you can go to McDonalds.

The three best places to eat in Boone are (in order):

1. La Carreta

2. New China

3. Colorado Grill

There's a newer place now called the Boone Depot that I've heard is very good, but I haven't been there yet.
In terms of small businesses, Boone has around a dozen, maybe two, to choose from. I've been to many of them, but I can't say they are exceptionally great. The new book store that was built a couple years ago is pretty cool, but I can't remember the name of it. I can't say that I'm drawn to shop downtown. I usually go to Ames or to the local Super Walmart.

There are a couple restaurants that are great though. New China is a locally owned Chinese restaurant that is a favorite, along with the AMAZING La Carreta. La Carreta is my number one favorite restaurant in Boone. The service there is amazing and I can go there knowing they will have amazing food. The owner recognizes me too, and often will tease me a bit about me not liking sour cream.
Tornadoes and flooding in the spring
Not many choices or much variety whatsoever. I have a hard time finding good food.
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Many people do not take care of their homes or their lawn.
There is plenty officers, but they respond slowly.
Not a lot of jobs for high schoolers or young people.
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