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I was born and raised in Bonney Lake. This was an amazing town to grow up in. It has always been a safe community as well. We have a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier as you come up the 410 hill from Sumner. There are many options here as far as stores and restaurants. We are rapidly growing, so the options are expanding. Although it may be expanding, we still have a lot of nature to enjoy. It's always nice driving home and seeing the deer in the fields. I moved to Texas for 3 years and I greatly missed my home town. You can take the girl out of Bonney Lake, but this will always be home and I wouldn't change anything about that.
If you’re looking for a town with a rural feel but still want easy access to your favorite stores and restaurants, Bonney Lake might be the right place for you. Not only is this fast-growing community a great place for families, it’s also home to excellent schools, multiple lakes and fun annual events that bring the whole community together.

And a Bonney Lake summer wouldn’t be complete without taking part in family activities during Bonney Lake Days, including a fun run, parade, pancake breakfast and even a skateboarding competition. Making sure crime doesn’t ruin the fun, the Bonney Lake Police are helping the town keep robberies down to just six in 2012 and maintaining a violent crime rate almost three times lower than the rest of the state.
Bonney Lake has an amazing view of the mountain, Its very beautiful. I also love how clean it is in Bonney Lake. It is not a huge city but it is easy to get around during the day. They have everything to off up on the hill.
Bonney lake is a very family oriented location; therefore, if one is living alone, then that person could feel outcasted by the surrounding families. That said, being a family city, it is very safe and easy to drive to places you need to go. However, Bonney Lake is more in the trees and woods but the trees are beginning to be cut down more and more to build houses and businesses. That sucks. The trees used to be homes for animals such as deer and eagles, but now the deer and eagles appear less and less.
Bonney Lake is nice place, very pretty and it feels less like the busy city and suburbs in the area. The people are friendly, there are several lovely parks and a great fenced dog park, as well as decent shopping options.
I recently moved here and I love this small town. I love the view from every corner of Mount Rainier.
I really love the developing being done in this area, especially in the lake tapps metropolitan area. I would like to see nutrition/fitness type business come to this area over the next 5 years.
this area was ranked in the state under top 50 safest places to live, ranking in at number 43. The violent crime rate nearly three times lower than the states average. Going back to 2012 only six robberies were reported, but yet with the population over 17,000 people. I would certainly says this area has substantially gone above and beyond my expectations of safety.
If I could do it all over again, both my family and I would choose this area every single time. As a family moving from a very sunny state to a now extremely rainy state there has been a exceptional amount of change mainly on weather. Although the atmosphere our neighbors have created for my family and I our phenomenal and I would most certainly stay in this area. When simply walking to the park everyone says hello to us as well as good morning, truly such kind souls.
I feel safe in this area. There are crimes however, but in my house we have a alarm system, which makes me feel safer.
I think Bonney Lake is a great place, I did to choose to live here since this is where I was raised, but I would love to live here if I did choose. The atmosphere is loving and we really have a great tight community.
There have been various reports and articles about drug busts and murders or suicides or shootings in the town. Police are around but it takes awhile for response to show.
It's a very tight-knit community, everyone knows each other. Some neighborhoods are worse than others. You have the choice of schooling between elementary, middle and high school. (High school needs waiver, and depends on boundaries). There are not a lot of activities to do, however in the summer time, at the public park, they like to hold events that range from children related to the whole community. I personally would not come back because I would like to find something new to discover.
Not a lot to do
Its a great place to live
My overall experience in this area has been pretty good. However, I have noticed an uprising in the amount of crime in my community. When I was younger, I felt safe walking around my neighborhood. As time went by, I have felt increasingly unsafe going places by myself in my community. All this being said, my immediate neighbors have always been lovely. Also, this area of Washington is so beautiful, and I love waking up to the view of the mountain every day. There are plenty of places to do things both indoors and out, and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
It's a fairly good community, but given how many people live here, more people should be involved.
There are a few gyms to choose from and there are school tracks to go run around. New medical buildings in the past few years and a lot of young people are generally healthy.
There are some parks in the Bonney Lake area, but to get into real national parks and forest, you have to drive about half an hour or so east.
There are public buses that come through town, but I hardly ever see them. We have a great park and ride. Congestion is always a problem, especially at rush hour. The city is making improvements for bicyclists by putting in bike lanes along 410.
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