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There is a very diverse population and nobody is afraid to make their opinions known. There are very few strangers, you mostly see the same familiar faces throughout the town. Most are friendly and will make an interest in you.
Bonne Terre is a small Missouri town that offers a 1 billion gallon underground lake for an attraction. You will only find two gas stations open after midnight. All other establishments close between 9 and 10, execpt for the weekend stores may stay open until midnight.
We have food and drink places of a wide variety and cuisine.
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The overall job outlook would be good if we could get small businesses to line our downtown area. I would estimate that about 50% of the populations works in the area of St. Louis. Most work in government or at the State Prison located in Bonne Terre.
At one time we were the lead mining capital of the world. We are working very hard to turn things around--we are the best kept secret in Missouri for families. We have the Space Museum; Bonne Terre Mines (diving and boat tours) streets lined with beautiful Victorian homes, we have one of five oldest library, many parks, and great summer activities for kids of all ages. Our greatest weaknesses lie in the lack of retail stores, the nearest stores are 8 miles away; St. Louis is about 1 hour,
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