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Schools are terrible. Not very diverse, mostly Hispanic population. Real estate and cost of living very high.
Bonita Springs is a small town in Florida. Despite the size there is a lot of things that go on here. For example, one of our parks hold events frequently and there is something for everyone. You also won't have to drive far for what you need. There are many stores to make sure you have everything.
Bonita Springs is a quite little town in Suthwest Florida. It's a short drive to the beach and other family friendly places. The cost of living is a little higher then other city's in the area, but the constant sunshine and warm weather make up for it. It's also a short drive to FGCU and FSW. There are plenty of shops and great local restaurants to choose from.
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The town is small but its getting better. Schools, Parks and nature preserves are being added. Many companies have been moving to this south west florida area and over all you can see an improvement. Ten years ago I would have given the area a 4 out of 10 but now I'd lean towards 7 out of 10. Things have changed dramatically and still are. One peeve of mine has been the roads but while some are new and wonderful we have some still under construction. Though it has been a hassle in the end it has worked out for the best. I see things getting better but in time. My are is under construction.
There have been crimes in near by cities, such as Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres, but the police have contained the crime and responded properly. The crime rate in Bonita Springs isn't bad. There are occasional uprisings, but that is normal for cities. The police respond properly and things get taken care of.
I would recommend this area to anyone! There is plenty to do for teenagers, middle aged and the elderly. I have lived in this area my whole life and I am glad to say that I still enjoy living here. The weather gets a little warm at times and the traffic gets a little crazy at times, but it's an overall nice area to live in.
I like to see police around the neighborhood to help people who need help. There are some crazy drivers or weird people walking around during the night. Hopefully it gets better the safety.
I feel very safe in the neighborhood however, a lot of the houses are selling and new people are moving in so the atmosphere is changing.
The overall experience in this neighborhood is quite pleasant. The neighbors are very friendly and welcoming.
It is very close to the beaches and close to the shopping malls.
Quiet and safe and beautiful
The Beach is clean and beautiful
Beautiful weather most of the time.
Everything from sushi to steak places. Outback is my favorite and Sushi Thai.
A popular store around the area is Publix. As for variety that are not too many to choose from when it comes to a retail store. One I could think of the top of my head is Bealls Outlet. Usually If I have to shop for apparel I tend to go to Naples or Estero, which is not so bad since it is not that far. There are a variety of mom and pop shops in the area which is nice to have such as Ice cream shops, pharmacies and a natural grocery food shop.
Depending on where your reside, it might be great or okay. There are a ton of communities in the area that are very nice and seem like a great place to reside in. Most of the neighborhoods that I have seen around the area do not seem to be disruptive or disturbing. I have not seen that many vacant lots or properties.
Job employment in the area is okay depending on what types of jobs you are looking for. Most of the employment I have seen are in fast food restaurants and grocery stores, but there have been shopping centers opening up with new stores and more job opportunities.
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There have been deaths but that was in past myabe 3 years ago or more. The safety here is ok, we don't have neighborhoods watch. Some people are friendl, some aren't. People do drink and have parties here mostly every weekend.
We all have different style. Some of the residents live in trailors, and some live in houses.
Bonita is a small town. Jobs available are min. wage
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