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I lived in Bonita for 4 years and it is generally a comfortable and safe area to live in. There are many schools local to the area, and many resources close by such as parks, an animal shelter, a mall, and grocery stores. I feel that this area is ideal for families, especially with younger kids. It is easy to adapt to the area and get around (close to various highways).
The Bonita area is a very great neighborhood. Wholesome, and very family oriented. It consists largely of older home structures, but is very quaint and quiet. The location is very close to a network of schools between k-12 as well as a community college and pre schools. Great accessibility to the freeway, yet far enough away to not be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. One particular concern, however, is vehicle safety. Many cars that drive through the area have a tendency to go over the speed limit and is quite a hazard to the large population of children within the area. One particular change that I would like to see, particularly in my neighborhood, is the addition of speed bumps along the street. To encourage to drive more consciously.
Bonita is an equestrian friendly community. People are friendly, and health-conscious. There is a great part for walking or bike-riding. As long as you are willing to wait until rush hour is over, the commute is reasonable.
Not much to worry about in this community.
I feel much safer in the area of Bonita then most of the other places I have been living in the past few years.
I have just recently moved to Bonita, California. I am a Christian and a survivor of Human Trafficking. The program I am in will aloud me to continue my education, help with therapy for the trauma I have been though and grow in my walk with Christ. The area that I will in is a beautiful home with wonderful surroundings.
Is this area perfect? No, but no area is perfect. At some point, you will run across a friend who had his mailbox vandalized or a theft but I never worry about it in our neighborhood.
Quaint area with horses and nice neighborhood homes and schools. The weather is perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. Lots of businesses close by for convenience but not right on top of you. The home value continues to improve because the HOA stays on top of the homeowners to assure compliance. The future for the area is hopefully to remain the same with quiet green belts, open areas so more houses are not built and quality people to run our schools.
The rate of crime is low in most areas of the city. Police are present but their presence isn't overwhelming and hawkish.
The San Diego area has much to offer. The weather is as wonderful as the sense of community. I love living here; however, the high cost of living is cause for concern.
San Diego is seriously so beautiful and it has the best Mexican food. what more could one ask for?
It's the best place to live in the city, but feel as if you live in a small town.
This area is great for families with its different k-12 schools.
Its great that we have consistent weather for the most part.
There are not a lot of bars or places to go out in Bonita.
Depending on the age of the person the jobs differ from dentist to store owner.
There sis not much variety of businesses and a lot are owned by the elderly.
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